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Afiliados Brasil 2017 – the greatest event in Latam!

June 9th, 2017 Leadbit NEWS, Top News

Hello there! Our Leadbit team has just come back from the amazing affiliate event – Afiliados Brasil 2017.

Now we share with you this awesome Brazilian experience. Please find more info below If you are interested in 🙂

Brasil meet us with an amazing warm weather, even though it was winter in here.
We spend only 3 days there, but already looking forward to come back!

These 3 days in Sao Paulo were impressive! We were happy to meet the new opportunities & new contacts as well as those we’ve been already connected with.

Day One

Before the conference has started, we enjoyed the views of Sao Paulo. This buzzing metropolis with its art, music and created an unforgettable impression on us.

Leadbit team at Afiliados Brasil - Day 1

It greeted us with its amazing trees, parks, and friendly citizens. We spend exploring the most beautiful sightseeing of Sao Paulo and enjoyed an amazing Brazilian food. The amazing city of contrast, real urban jungles.


Leadbit team at Afiliados Brasil - Day 1


When it came to the conference, we were lucky to find the location quickly and joined the attendees. Even linguistic barrier couldn’t stop us 🙂

We had the meetings to discuss the main opportunities with different networks and affiliates, also enjoyed the relaxed yet motivational atmosphere of the event. At the end of a day, we enjoyed a few drinks, listened to some live Brazilian music and enjoyed many amazing conversations with people around us.


Thank you guys, our first day was really awesome!


Day Two

Leadbit team at Afiliados Brasil - Day 2

The next day we were happy to continue our journey through the world of affiliate marketing. The welcoming atmosphere made it extremely easy to make new contacts and explore new opportunities.  We managed to visit some lectures, meet people we don’t have time to meet the day before and sums up our time at the Afiliados Brasil 2017. But unfortunately we have to catch a flight, so with heavy hearts, we had to pack up and catch a ride to the airport.

But we will surely get back next year!


Special thanks 

So now we’re here, back in our hometown and wants to thank everyone who participated in Afiliados Brasil 2017 and found time to have a chat with us. Special thanks go to the team who made this conference happen, it was a pleasure visiting such an amazing event – AWIN, Actionpay, Afilio and Monetizze. Guys, you made our days on the even more comfortable and atmospheric.


Afilio Team with Matreshka



We always happy to attend the affiliate event not only in Europe and USA but also in other different countries such as Brasil, Thailand etc. That’s way we decided to discover the new places to connect the industrial people from all over the world. Our first step is Xi’an – heart of ancient China and headquarter for YeahMobi.


Follow this link to find more detailed info. See ya!



Автор: Leadbit Team