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Affiliate Summit East 2017, New York City. Review

August 9th, 2017 Leadbit NEWS, Top News


Affiliate Summit East based in New York City last week is one of the biggest affiliate conferences on the planet, where you can meet your current affiliates and find full of new business connections. It was a blast and the contacts we have made are priceless. Let us tell you if you are thinking of attending the next one – do not hesitate!

So let’s take a look at what makes Affiliate Summit awesome!


We were at the place one day before the event, so we easily found the time to visit the main street of New York City – Broadway. In the evening we had an impression that it was a day! So many illuminations and advertisements as well as the tourists in the street. Very exciting!


So the conference took place in one of the most famous hotels in the world – Marriott Hotel. Some floors of the skyscraper were occupied by large exhibitor’s halls, booths, and networking zones. The attendees were just walking around, talking each other and enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the event.



The main advantage of attending Affiliate Summit, like most of the conferences, is networking and meeting people and companies that can hopefully grow your business and take it to the next level.

Affiliate Summit has a mobile app to help facilitate this during the conference. This is where the companies schedule the meetings and discuss the opportunities to work together. This way our first day was planned till the evening. We had a lot of conversations with our friends that we already have worked with as well as with new affiliates. It was good to talk about affiliate marketing and got some deals right at the event.



The most important thing for us is that the conference unites the different kinds of affiliate companies, such as ad network, advertisers, publishers, affiliate programs, media agencies, traffic trackers and other useful services. It was our pleasure to find new partners ready to provide Leadbit affiliates with the exclusive discounts and bonuses. The entire list of our trusted partners you can find at Leadbit special Bonus Page.

After networking day, of course, it was party time. We enjoyed the great rooftop party that took place at the skyscraper. The awesome view of the city at night was opened for us. Just amazing! After this one we joined the second party that was also very cheerful. We’ve noticed that these kind of events were more fruitful than the conference itself due to the unofficial atmosphere and free alcohol, of course.



The second day of the conference started very actively, despite the fatigue and hard jetlag. The venue opened the additional floor, arranged the meeting rooms for a comfortable discussion of conditions of cooperation.There were also some sessions during the day you can attend.

The parties of this day were well planned, executed, and organized. The biggest show! Ludacris the star of “The Fast and Furious” was at the party. It’s really cool if you want to go to parties with celebrities.



The third day was shortened. The main program was scheduled to end at 2 PM, then the closing events and celebrating of a successful business event. After the event, we decided to visit famous sight seeings that impress with their scale and beauty. One of them is Rockefeller Center with the best viewing point where you can see the whole city from Empire State Building to Central Park. Central Park is a special green zone of New York, as almost the entire city built up, it just compensates the lack of greenery on the streets.

So the venue of Affiliate Summit East is quite logical and justified. New York is the global financial and economic center, and we were happy to be there.

The evening of the same day we had to return home to our sweet office.


Special thanks

We would like to say special thanks to the team who made this conference happen and make it really useful:

It was a big pleasure to have a wonderful networking and party time with you!

In conclusion: the event was a success. The goal was achieved. We had full of meetings with new companies which we will start working soon. We received more positive feedback and desire to start working with previously unknown model COD. It’s cool that we manage to put the idea that this is a more profitable model of earnings (compared to trials) where the customers no need anything except for his name and phone number. No CC required!

Looking forward to the next event in Prague, where we will have our own booth. Let’s schedule the meetings at Skype – leadbit24!

Автор: Leadbit Team