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How to avoid banned by Facebook?

August 30th, 2017 Affilate university, Leadbit NEWS, Top News


How to avoid banned by Facebook?

Unfortunately, the most obvious fact about Facebook is ban for any wrong decision, any wrong move. FB is crazy in terms of blocking accounts, however it is one of the best traffic sources at the moment. If FB will suspect your account in something “not white”, you have the risk of losing the account forever. Today we will tell you some insights on how to make the most of Trast to create campaigns in FB, based on the views of our affiliates.

There are 3 real reasons why FB bans accounts

First FB always cares about users, if a user complained about your advertising, FB will do absolutely everything to make your is never shown. FB income allows him to play his game and not to depend on affiliate specialists.

The second reason is FB advertising policy. When you create an account, you should to respect some rules to understand what is good and what is bad. If you run balck offer, your account will be banned.

Generally, there are two options. The first one is to run safe white the offer and have a little income, The other one is run black offer, get serious money, then soon be banned.

The third reason. FB monitors the ad campaigns all over the world, everywhere, for all users. The greatest number of attempts to run black offer comes from third world countries. So in this case, the risk increases.

The main problem today is to create a living account. If your account remains active for 7 days – this is normal. When the account stays alive for two weeks – you turned luck. If the account is not blocked for a month it is a miracle!

FB suspects everything. He suspiciously goes for any of your actions. In most cases, FB will ask you to provide copies of documents or paid bills with your data, by the way this method he borrowed from PayPal.

Nobody knows the full list of information that FB collects about users. But we discovered that FB pays attention to the following points:

• Your current IP address and DNS is installed
• The browser you use
• Time and date set on your device (phone, PC) and the compliance of these data with the data of your IP address
• The languages installed in the browser, OS and FB
• The cache and cookies of web browser
• Your account history

If you have little experience and you only start in FB, we offer a simple plan that will allow you to create multiple accounts, which, in turn, have enough trust to run ads campaigns and not to be blocked.

So how do you increase trust in your account?

1. Age. The older your account is the more confidence will have a FB account. But exactly to simulate some human activity.
2. Social position. The more friends an account has, the more likes and comments – it’s better.
3. Full compliance IP addresses, time zones and languages.
4. The credit card you use. Virtual credit cards may not work at all. By the way, debit cards better than credit. Be sure to confirm your account via PayPal.
5. The amount of money spent on the account.
6. Complete all information on the account. Phone number, email, and so on.

Your account should look like the account of a living person. Unfortunately, if users begin to complain on your advertising, the overall level of trust will decrease until the ban.

What you should not to do:

  • Use blocked FB links
  • Spend huge budgets in the beginning
  • Change the password
  • Run a large number of campaigns at once in the beginning


So, let’s discuss the method itself. What we need to create your own account with a high level of trust? Let’s clarify

  1. First you need to buy a SIM card of any operator in the region in which we live.
  2. Then associate the Google account with the phone number that we have.
  3. Buy pure VDS for each account. Seriously, we use one VDS for a single account. It would be great if your VDS has not been seen previously FB. We need a clean IP address in our region.
  4. If our VDS has been seen of FB – you need a clean proxy.
  5. Now we need to use the VDS+IP address with a proxy and a SIM card, tied to Google
  6. Most importantly, give the accounts to be laid up for a while (2-4 weeks would be ideal).
  7. Never cross accounts between them.
  8. After 2-4 weeks of binning, we can begin to fill in the payment information. Some affiliates run ads immediately, but we prefer to give accounts to lie down for a while.
  9. Now we need to “warm up” our account. We do this in several stages. We are launching some ads campaigns and spend about 20-50$. You can do this multiple times to increase the level of trust from FB.
  10. If nothing bad has happened, you can switch to rage mode and start earning! 🙂


A few tips:

• Try not to link accounts. If one account is blocked, all other accounts will lose some trust from FB.
• Do not worry if your account was banned. Nobody is immune to it, and we can never know when the user complains on our ads.
• You need to run a full production cycle of profit. Every day create 2-5 accounts and you will be provided with profit 365 days in a year!
• Work with FB beneficial. Do not try to make the whole profit in one day. Be patient and, as a consequence, you will succeed! Fortune favours the brave 😉


Автор: Leadbit Team