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    October 20th, 2017

    How to choose the source of traffic if your focus is native ad? How to start working with advertising networks beneficially? Today we are glad to inform you that the …


    October 16th, 2017

    Bulgaria – the state in the Eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula at the Black Sea shore. The national economy is stable, there is some growth of foreign investment threatens …

  • How To Promote in Hungary – Local Audience Guide

    October 9th, 2017

    Hungary is one of the leading countries in Eastern Europe, the state with fastest growing economies. Its main partner is Germany that’s why we can be quite sure about their …

  • Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party – Autumn Edition Expirience

    October 5th, 2017

      Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party Autumn Edition – how it was? On September 28-29th there was the great event in the affiliate marketing industry – Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017, …


    September 21st, 2017

      Here we have the Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party again! Conference which was held for the first time in Spring 2017 and got a crazy feedback from affiliates and …

  • How to avoid banned by Facebook?

    August 30th, 2017

      How to avoid banned by Facebook? Unfortunately, the most obvious fact about Facebook is ban for any wrong decision, any wrong move. FB is crazy in terms of blocking …

  • Meet Leadbit Team at The European Summit 2017!

    August 29th, 2017

      Hi guys! We are growing in business and ready to discuss any opportunities to grow together! On September, 14th #Leadbit Team is going to attend The European Summit held …

  • Meet Leadbit Team at WebmasterAccess 2017!

    August 29th, 2017

      Hey guys, are you going to attend WebmasterAccess 2017 held in Amsterdam on September 8-11? #Leadbit team is also doing. It’s our first time on this conference, but we …

  • Cash-on-Delivery model – how to pump your profit?

    August 24th, 2017

      What is Cash on Delivery? Hi there! Today we would like to discuss an interesting theme – Cash on Delivery. Why it’s important, how it works and what’s the …

  • Affiliate Summit East 2017, New York City. Review

    August 9th, 2017

      Affiliate Summit East based in New York City last week is one of the biggest affiliate conferences on the planet, where you can meet your current affiliates and find …

Top offers

October 1st, 2017 Top offers

Top offers of the week

Home improvement
geo payout EPC CR
Fuel Free CZ – a f
cz $13 0.14 1
Fuel Free PL – a f
pl $14 0.06 0.44
Electricity Saving
vn $12 0.01 0.07
geo payout EPC CR
Mamont TH – penis
th $13 0.04 0.29
vn $12 0.03 0.25
Maxisize DE – peni
de $25 0.16 0.64
Beauty products
geo payout EPC CR
Bust Size VN – bre
vn $12 0.22 1.43
Hair Megaspray ES
es $20 0.14 0.85
Hair Megaspray IT
it $23 0.05 0.29
Health products
geo payout EPC CR
Bactefort VN – ant
vn $12 0.1 0.62
Hondrocream LT – a
lt $10 1.2 11.91
Hondrocream HR – a
hr $12 0.65 4.67

Top offers of the week

Offer Category Geo payout EPC
Glamour World – ID 1497
1-Click Flow in $0.63 0
Idea – Six Pack ID 1319
1-Click Flow in $0.65 0
Vodafone Mini Mo ID 1334
1-Click Flow in $0.48 0
iPhone 7 / AU ID 1475
Sweepstakes au $3.15 0.02
Adult BDSM TIM / ID 1316
1-Click Flow br $0.55 0

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