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    The case with ROI – 225% The offer: Bust Size PT The affiliate network:

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February 1st, 2018 Affilate university, Leadbit NEWS, Top News, Top offers

The case with ROI – 225%

The offer: Bust Size PT

The affiliate network:

The traffic source: Facebook

GEO: Portugal

The time of plum: 3 weeks

The profit: 4270$

The income: 6165$

The outcome: 1895$

Choice of offer

The question of breast enhancement is urgent among the women all the time. It doesn’t matter what season is it and this kind of offers is always popular.

The work with Bust Size PT is my first advertising campaign on Facebook, with its help I have collected the seed capital for my next campaigns.

The first step is to sign in and to choose the offer. I decided to start with Bust Size. I asked the manager for some details about it: how it worked and how many publishers worked with it before but he told me that it’s not the most popular offer they had. It was good news because I exactly knew that “unpopular” offers usually give more than you can imagine.

Choice of source

Where are the biggest payments? Of course, Facebook is the leader here. I didn’t think about traffic source for a long time, the choice of source was quite obvious for me even though it was quite risky. Everybody knows that nothing vantured, nothing gained.

Setting of the campaign

I didn’t have enough money to afford qualitative tracker at that moment. I used CPA-tracker, if you know what I mean.) I was going by the book, only in one GEO. It’s really strange enough that I wasn’t banned but it’s great!

I focused on the quite wide audience – women from 18 to 65 years old. The size of women bust always is a pain and it doesn’t matter how old they are. I bet it all.


This kind of teaser I made for Portugal, do you agree that it’s quite decent? The simple teaser with obvious call to action. Next step is landing page where the user could find detailed information about the magic good and its advantages. Then it was easy to proceed to checkout and they did it that was the main reason of the big number of leads.


To sum up

Firstly, I spent $1895 and it led to 963 users. Quite good for the first campaign on Facebook, isn’t it?

I had 385 approved requests and got $17 for each of them.

Here is some info from FB

The price of click was expensive but ratio was 1 to 30.

Some statistics from Leadbit.

The conclusion – don’t be afraid of work with the offers which aren’t extremely popular among the others. The offers which don’t have any cases and so on can amaze you more.

Just take the offer and increase your profit by yourself!

Test different offers and GEOs, this is your chance to take it all!

Let your pockets become bigger enough!

Good luck!

Автор: Leadbit Team