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Best Affiliate Betting Programs

Best Betting Affiliate Programs

The thrill and excitement that accompanies winning a game is multiplied when the reward is in the form of cash. Gambling websites have found a way to leverage this, and with the increasing popularity of betting worldwide, the online betting industry revenue is projected to reach $127.3 billion by 2027. This exponential increase in gambling means that betting affiliates are becoming almost as popular as betting websites too.

Almost every online casino operates an affiliate program that pays affiliates depending on the number of successful referrals. Since the market is saturated with numerous affiliate programs, it may be difficult to locate a suitable offer. Within the last 2 years, our experts at LeadBit have discovered that our webmasters do not always select the best affiliate marketing program. In this article, we’ll be looking at 20+ affiliate programs for betting which have been tested and proven by over 80% of our partners.

How does affiliate betting work

If you own a website, then you must be aware that your website can effectively generate profit for you. Affiliate marketers act as the intermediary between new bettors and betting websites. Once a new player signs up with a special bonus code, or clicks on a referral link, the affiliate is paid for that referral. There are affiliate programs for all categories of betting platforms including sports betting, daily fantasy sports, casino-style games, and even horse racing.

Why affiliate programs are profitable

Within the first half of 2019, Camelot Group, the operator of the National Lottery in the UK generated a revenue share of £1 billion in digital sales, this is testament to how lucrative the sports betting industry is in the world today. Affiliate programs are set up in a way that affiliates could earn from every purchasing customer referred to a betting website. Thanks to gambling affiliate programs, many webmasters and bloggers alike have been able to generate reasonable profit while creating value.

Video on How to Earn From Poker Affiliate Programs

Best Payout Models

There are 4 major payment models that can be used by affiliates:

Revenue Share Commission Plan

RevShare is a long-term payment method that pays an affiliate a certain percentage of the NGR gotten from a referral. As long as the referral is active on the betting platform, affiliates can earn up to 50% of the referral’s NGR. With this payment method, most affiliates would be looking to attract high-quality gamers since your profit depends on the revenue generated by your referral.

Let’s say you refer a new bettor under a 25% Rev Share commission if your new referral loses $1,000, your commission is $250, however, there’s a downside to this, the affiliate marketer can also incur losses after the player wins, so if your new referral wins $100, that’s a loss for the affiliate.

Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) Model

Also called Cost-per-action or CPA. The most popular CPA payment model is to make a deposit. This method may include flexible commission plans for downloads and registrations. For instance, you may earn $50 for every new player that registers and makes a minimum deposit of $10. However, most gambling websites prefer to pay for first-time players who become active on the website, so the downside to this is that, if a new referral leaves the website after the first deposit, the affiliate will not be paid.

Hybrid Model

As the name suggests, the Hybrid method is a unique combination of Revenue Share and CPA methods. This system allows an affiliate to get paid once for player deposits, and additional payments for subsequent deposits made. Also, the hybrid payment model may augment the affiliate fee percentage if the affiliate continually refers quality players to the betting website.

Cost Per Lead (CPL) Model

This system pays the affiliate a fixed amount for every lead that is generated, usually after the sign-up process is complete. Most CPL models It is important to note that the CPL model operates according to specific KPI. There are variations in the terms and agreement, the conversion from newly registered users is usually not less than 10%.

The target audience for betting affiliate programs

A betting affiliate program is rendered ineffective without clarifying who the target audience is.

It is important to note that the solvency of the target audience reduces with age. Usually, the age range for most gamblers is between 25-45 year individuals with average incomes, and bookmakers are usually patronized by low-income earners between the ages of 18-25.

Best creatives/bundles

Ideally, bundles should be specific to each category. The top category of gamers are those who play for the thrill of the game, and not necessarily to make a profit. So it’s easier to attract them using bonuses such as “250 Bonus spins for a deposit” – they may be overrun by freeloaders.

Using fake success stories and click-bait headlines to promote a gambling site is sure to attract one-time visitors who may not be interested in the ad the next time they see it.

You can also post success stories of actual players, highlighting their betting strategy, the goal is to be as subtle as possible, so that it does not outrightly scream ‘Paid Advert’, by doing this, potential referrals are motivated at the thoughts of possibly beating the odds of the betting platform.

The best traffic channels for betting affiliate programs

If your goal is to attract high-quality gamers, then it’s important to create a balance between traffic channels and gaming traffic. We’ll be looking at some of the most effective traffic channels

  • Applications Apps are indirect traffic channels, the actual traffic is gotten from social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where the app is advertised. In addition to being an excellent conversion tool, apps can also serve as a mobile, easily accessible version of a gambling platform. Using Apps as a traffic source also allows you to send push notifications to your players, so it’s almost impossible for players to forget the app.
  • Native Ads: Native Ads are specifically designed to mimic the content and look of the website where they are being displayed. Think of it as camouflage, native ads blend in and are less likely to be spotted as an ad campaign. The information is so subtle that visitors on the website are prone to clicking on the advert. In addition, native ads are not flagged down by ad blockers, making it a particularly valuable traffic channel.
  • Social media: Facebook reserves the right to close down any account that advertises betting directly. The only feasible way to bypass this would be to use multiple accounts simultaneously or use a cesspool to conceal the advert. However, other apps such as Telegram are more receptive. There are 2 ways to do this: First, you can purchase posts from popular channel owners. Second, you can push traffic to the telegram channel from the VK, and then direct the traffic to the landing page of the gambling website.
  • Streaming Platforms such as YouTube that allows affiliates to broadcast some of the games so that it can be accessed by potential referrals. In addition, these videos can be stored on the streaming platform where it can be viewed subsequently even after the live broadcast has ended. You can also include links in the video description. The most important thing is to devise an effective strategy,
  • Push notifications are low-risk and high yield. It can be used as a direct traffic source without any need for cloaking, However, if you’re looking to attract high-quality players, avoid using clickbait headlines such as $1,000 for registration.

Video Overview of Free Traffic Channels

Best countries for affiliate Betting networks

  • TIER 1 countries include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, USA, and the UK. Here the payouts are great, but the high gaming traffic makes the competition extremely stiff. TIER 1 countries predominantly support eSports. Most high-rollers may opt for TIER1 countries.
  • TIER2 countries include Argentina, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, and Ukraine. The gaming traffic is not as high, so the market is less competitive. Instead of ESports, these countries mostly supports casino games or the usual sports betting.

TOP 10 betting affiliate programs with the highest payouts

Each affiliate program is unique in its own way, however, the underlying principle remains the same- your earnings are determined by the profit generated by your referrals. We have ranked 25 reputable leading affiliate programs into 5 distinct categories.


Landing page in 1xbet
Landing page in the 1xbet affiliate program

Since the establishment of 1xBet in 2011, the brand has grown to become one of the most reputable bookmakers worldwide. Players can bet on 50+ sports including football, tennis, table tennis, ice hockey, snooker, as well as live streaming for tournaments such as La Liga, Bundesliga, and Seria A.

There are over 1,000 daily live events. The sportsbook affiliate program is one of the most lucrative worldwide as affiliates can earn up to 40% of the revenue generated by referrals for life. Other benefits include; automatic weekly payment plan, customized promo campaign materials, real-time performance tracking, and personal support assistance.

Video Review of the 1xBet Affiliate Program


This sportsbook and casino was established in 2018. 22Bet Partners is the betting affiliate program that promotes 22Bet sportsbook. Players can bet on 50+ sports including football, soccer, basketball, rugby, tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, rugby, Formula 1, boxing, chess, badminton, eSports and so on. Other betting options include live events and casino games such as table games and slots.

Landing page 22Bet
Landing page in the 22Bet affiliate program

The affiliate program is under the jurisdiction of the government of Curacao and can be accessed by affiliates globally. The program guarantees safety and confidentiality of earnings and personal details, as well as precise rate estimations and payouts.

  • Website:
  • Payout amount: $45
  • Allowed traffic sources: Facebook PPC, Banner networks, Mobile, Doorways, Social networks, PopUnder, email, contextual (not brand requests)
  • Prohibited traffic sources: Rebrokering, Misleading traffic, traffic from fake branded pages, contextual with branded keywords.
  • Hold: 15 days
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days


Landing page MostBet
Landing page in the MostBet affiliate program

This online bookmaker was established in 2008 and is licensed by the Government of Curacao. Players are offered top odds on 15+ sports including crickets, ice hockey, volleyball, boxing, beach volleyball, handball, baseball, table tennis, rugby, futsal, American football, martial arts and darts.

In addition to sports betting, players can also bet on poker, casino games, and other services. The sportsbook affiliate program provides premium media content marketing tools such as banners, customized pre-landing pages and landing pages.

  • Website:
  • Payout amount: $20- Uzbekistan, $23- Kazakhstan, $35- Azerbaijan
  • Allowed traffic source: Social networks, email, Contextual messages, Display.
  • Prohibited traffic source: Motivated Traffic, Fraud traffic
  • Hold: 28 Days
  • Cookie Lifetime: Unknown


Landing page 4RABET
Landing page in the 4RABET affiliate program

Established in 2018, 4RABET is a UK sportsbook that caters primarily to Indian players. Players can bet on a wide range of sports such as crickets, rugby, basketball, ice hockey, snooker, table tennis, football, tennis, futsal, handball, badminton, golf, Greyhound racing, Horse racing, and eSports 4RABET partners is the official affiliate program for 4RABET.

Affiliates have the option of earning commission via CPA networks or working directly with the sportsbook. Webmasters can earn between $20 to $100 for each referral using CPA and up to 50% Rev Share commission.

  • Website:
  • Payout amount: $30
  • Allowed traffic source: Contextual, Mobile, Doorway, Social media, Display
  • Prohibited traffic source: Lead generation using API
  • Hold: N/A

5Plus Bet

Landing page 5Plus Bet
Landing page in the 5Plus Bet affiliate program

The website offers players top odds on 25+ sports including basketball, football, tennis, volleyball, Formula 1, and Badminton amongst others. The website offers live streaming services from top tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, WWE, MMA.

Other betting options include a live casino and virtual sports. Affiliates have a chance to earn 50% Rev Share commission. Some of the benefits of the affiliate program include quality marketing media content and provision of real-time statistics to monitor performance. The sportsbook affiliate program allows affiliates to earn 5% of the revenue generated by sub-affiliates.

  • Website:
  • Payout amount: $45
  • Allowed traffic source: Social networks, Targeted ads, websites, Messangers, Push notifications, Mobile traffic, Context ads, Doorways
  • Prohibited traffic source: Incentive traffic
  • Hold: 15 Days
  • Cookie Lifetime: 30 Days


Landing page 1win
Landing page in the 1win affiliate program

Punters can bet on virtual sports programs such as virtual football, virtual horse racing, virtual Greyhound racing, Instant Velodrome, and virtual tennis. championships including UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and the Premier League.

The website also features casino and slot games. Webmasters can earn up to 60% of the revenue generated by referrals for life. Some of the benefits of enrolling in the sportsbook affiliate program include the weekly payment plan, customized promotional tools.

  • Website:
  • Payout amount: $32- Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrygyzstan, Moldovia, Tajikistan, Turkimenistan. $36- Russia
  • Allowed traffic source: Mobile, emails, Dislay, Social media, Contextual messages
  • Prohibited traffic source: Popunder, Misleading traffic, Brokerage, Teaser advertising, Push notifications, Spam, Branded context messages.
  • Hold: New partners- 14 Days. Verified websites- 7 Days
  • Cookie Lifetime: Unknown


Landing page MelBet
Landing page in the MelBet affiliate program

MelBet Affiliates is the official affiliate program for Melbet Sportsbook and casino. Melbet sportsbook offers top odds for basketball, hockey, football, and tennis. The sportsbook affiliate program offers webmasters up to 40% of the revenue generated by referrals. Some of the benefits of enrolling in the affiliate program include swift weekly payment, real-time stats of performance, top quality promotional tools, and attractive bonuses for players and affiliates.

  • Website:
  • Payout amount: $16
  • Allowed traffic source: Social networks, Contextual messages, emails, Diplay, Mobile
  • Prohibited traffic source: Lead generation using API
  • Hold: 14 Days
  • Cookie Lifetime: 30 Days


Landing page BetCity
Landing page in the BetCity affiliate program

This online sportsbook was established in 2013 and is licensed by the Curacao government. Bettors can gamble on basketball, football, hockey, tennis, esports, live betting, and racebook. The sportsbook affiliate program. The bookmaker affiliate program rewards affiliates using the CPA commission scheme. Promotional tools including real-time statistics, live mode, and detailed reports are made available to affiliates.

  • Website:
  • Payout amount: $40
  • Allowed traffic sources: Telegram, Doorway, Instagram Facebook, Google Play, Push notifications, VK Publics, VK target.
  • Prohibited traffic sources: email, Contextual advertising, Motivated Traffic, Popunder.
  • Cookie Lifetime: Session

Casino X

Landing page Casino X
Landing page in the Casino X affiliate program

Casino X is a Curacao licensed gambling platform which was established in 2012. The sportsbook offers punters a broad collection of sports such as ice hockey, volleyball, and basket ball. Other gambling options include Asian handicap, eSports, Special Bets, and tournaments such as La Liga and Seria A. Players can also enjoy live events and casino games.

New players can enjoy free bet up to €10. The sportsbook affiliate program offers affiliates 20% of the revenue generated by referrals, and this may be as high as 40% depending on the volume of referral traffic.

  • Website:
  • Payout amount: $170
  • Allowed traffic sources: Doorways, Context Ads, emails, Social networks, PopUnder, Games, Apps.
  • Prohibited traffic sources: Incentive traffic, Bot traffic, Misleading traffic
  • Hold: N/A
  • Cookie lifetime: 30 Days

Red Dog Casino

Landing page Red Dog Casino
Landing page in the Red Dog Casino affiliate program

This gambling website was established in 2019 under the jurisdiction of the Curacao government and is accessible to players globally. This is primarily a casino website and there are sportsbook affiliate programs currently. The casino offers a wide variety of games including video poker, slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, reno and bingo. All the gaming content on the website is powered by Real Time Gaming.

Red Dog betting affiliate program is available in Australia, Norway, and Denmark. The website supports a wide variety of fiat currencies as well as BitCoin. Gamblers can enjoy 3 different categories of welcome bonuses which is a great incentive to attract new players.

  • Website:
  • Payout amount: $170
  • Allowed traffic sources: SEO, Facebook, Google, emails
  • Prohibited traffic sources: Misleading traffic, Multiple player accounts,
  • Hold: 2 weeks after the test period
  • Cookie Lifetime: 30 Days

The Best Offers of Bookmakers 2020

Name of Offer GEO Payment method Payout amount
1xbet TIER 1/ TIER 2 CPA $50
22Bet TIER 2 CPA $45
MostBet TIER 2 CPA $20- Uzbekistan, $23- Kazakhstan, $35- Azerbaijan
5+Bet TIER 1/TIER 2 CPA $45
1Win TIER 2 CPA $32- Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrygyzstan, Moldovia, Tajikistan, Turkimenistan. $36- Russia
BetCity TIER 2 CPA $40
MelBet TIER 2 CPL $16
Casino X TIER 2 CPA $170
Red Dog Casino TIER 1 CPA $170

How much can you earn on betting affiliate programs

If you’re looking for a get-rich scheme, then an affiliate program may not be the best option for you. As an affiliate, you’d be required to dedicate a lot of time and effort before you can start earning rewards. However, you can be sure that your hard work would pay off in the end. Here are a few real-life testimonials.

Offer: 4RABET

  • Traffic Source: PPC, SEO, Social, APP, Native, Display (SMA and Email only allowed in CA)
  • Spent: $1,550.60
  • Received: $4, 013.66
  • Profit: $2,463.06
  • ROI: 159%

Offer: MostBet

  • Traffic Source: Mobile, Display, Social media, emails.
  • GEO: Russia
  • Spent: $245.37
  • Received: $1,169.18
  • Profit: $923.81
  • ROI: 376%

Offer: Red Dog Casino

  • Traffic Source: Google, email, SEO, Facebook
  • Spent: $876.07
  • Received: $3,721.91
  • Profit: $2,845.83
  • ROI: 325%


1. Is it possible to earn money without having your own website?
Yes, it is, there are numerous other traffic sources that include social media platforms like Instagram, Telegram, as well as.
2. Is payment guaranteed?
It is not unusual for affiliate programs to close without remitting payment to the affiliates for numerous reasons. We can assure you that none of this can happen with us.
3. Are betting affiliate programs legal?
If betting is prohibited in your country of residence, then it is likely that betting affiliate programs are illegal too. However, if you reside in a restricted country, you can still earn profits as an affiliate by referring players to other countries where online betting is legal.
4. Can I opt for ready-made schemes to earn money?
Yes, you can search for a suitable one on the internet or read through our blog. However, getting an Affiliate manager is the most effective way of getting relevant information.
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