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How to buy TikTok account

The race for the world championship among social networks continues. Facebook Instagram has become the first position of world domination in the social sphere, whereas before Facebook actually had no competitors. But there is a serious possibility that he will not hold the podium for long either, because another social network is coming on the heels of the leader – TikTok.

Today’s review is dedicated specifically to this platform, and specifically to the possibilities of acquiring accounts in TikTok. After all, for various purposes of interaction with TikTok, you will need a different level of accounts (by subscribers, audience activity), as well as a different number of accounts themselves. Therefore, manual registration and promotion of profiles is not always an effective and logical solution. At a minimum, it requires a long period of time, which is not always in stock.

How to purchase accounts in TikTok, why do it, where can I buy profiles and on what terms – everything is in our review, let’s go.

Why TikTok is the most promising platform at the moment

Yes, at the current stage, this social network is inferior to Instagram in many parameters. But if we delve into analytics, we can notice a curious trend. Namely, the crazy growth rate of TikTok exponentially. And so far, no one can compete with the platform in this parameter. Accordingly, if the situation does not radically change, then in 2-3 years TikTok will become the most popular social network and the most popular application in the world.

Let’s not be unfounded and go through the facts and figures. Officially, TikTok appeared in 2017. And it began to develop at such a pace that already in 2018 it had an audience of 800 million active visitors per month. And already in 2020 it reached the mark of 1 billion. Actually, about the same as Instagram. Only Instagram took more than 8 years to do this, and TikTok managed it in just 4. Twice as fast. And other moments are quite similar in terms of the pace of development.

In 2018, the social network application, although it sharply broke out to the first position for downloading in the App Store, still gave way to leadership on other platforms.

Statistics of TikTok downloads in 2018
Statistics of TikTok downloads in 2018

Well, the start is impressive. But what’s next? And then exactly two years pass, and TikTok just smashes all its competitors to smithereens.

Statistics of TikTok downloads in 2020
Statistics of TikTok downloads in 2020

As you can see, the social network is head and shoulders superior to the nearest analogues. Instagram Facebook and Instagram apps are just getting a new service. Yes, we can say that this is a temporary surge, because the audience that already has Facebook and Instagram apps is just getting a new service. But in fact, the situation has not changed much to this day.

Yes, many marketers agree that TikTok is now at the top of the hype, so in this aspect it is impossible to argue with her. But the marketing value of each subscriber and click on the social network is much less, which is related to the audience. Is it so? Let’s watch. Statistics for 2019 are as follows.

Audience by GEO
Audience by GEO

Obviously, India takes the first place due to the number of people, but the second place is already occupied by the most solvent audience in the world – the USA. There are many TIER 3 countries in the top, but at the same time the main European states are also there. As a result, it cannot be said that the overall level of the audience is much inferior to competitors. Although, there is still a lag behind Instagram. Including by age categories of the audience of the social network.

Audience by age
Audience by age

As we can see, the main array is concentrated around teenagers and young people. The most interesting is the massive group of 29.5% – 20-29 years old. These are already quite solvent people who often make a lot of purchases online, use paid online services, order services.

At the same time, the audience of such age groups is often interested in similar topics. Music, movies, games, entertainment. Yes, some financial offers, reviews of financial exchanges, tourism or household goods – they will not find a response here. But almost the entire audience of cinema visitors is made up of TikTok users. As an example, the latest advertising campaign of the Venom 2 movie (Let There Be Carnage) swept noisily through TikTok. And the result on the face is $357 million in fees until the end of the rental with a budget of $110 million. And the IMDB rating is much lower than the first part, that is, it’s not about the value of the picture, but about marketing. Here is an indicator of the right niche. And if you go to TikTok with a suitable hype offer in the thematic vertical, then success is almost guaranteed.

Needless to say, if Instagram, realizing that it cannot compete with TikTok, rolls out its Reels feed. Which is actually a clone of the TikTok tape. So, we realized that TikTok is really promising, especially in its narrow niches. Now let’s go directly to the topic of buying accounts in TikTok.

Who sells TikTok accounts

Conditionally, sellers can be divided into two parts. Most of them are users. These are both professionals who initially promoted accounts for sale, and amateurs who simply don’t need an account anymore. The second group is special companies that are engaged in the mass sale of accounts. This often refers to authors or fakes. It is worth noting that such companies are in the minority. After all, almost all exchanges are filled with single sellers who are quite good at the task. Therefore, firms simply cannot withstand multiple competition.

Let’s briefly go through the reasons for selling TikTok accounts. And at the same time, we will determine which reason suits us, as a buyer, and which one does not.

  • The owner was not interested in maintaining an account. The ideal option. He says that the channel’s audience is, in principle, satisfied, warmed up for the topic;
  • The channel is losing popularity and subscribers. Accordingly, the blogger’s income is falling, he wants to extract profit from the remnants of popularity. In principle, a suitable reason for us. After all, such accounts usually cost a little cheaper than their popular counterparts, statistics are checked when selling. And for fleeting offers in affiliate marketing, the fact that the account is losing popularity is not too important. After all, this is a protracted process, the drain period will have time to end;
  • The niche is losing popularity. Again, it suits us, because we will still redirect subscribers depending on our goals. And if we believe that the niche corresponds to the offer, it doesn’t matter what point of view the former owner preaches;
  • The owner is professionally engaged in promotion and sale. Subscribers will not trust the blogger too much, because he stamps accounts en masse. But this is not too big a minus for us;
  • TikTok account in the shadow bath. This is very bad, we can say that half of the possibilities are immediately cut off. It is impossible to further promote the account. But if we want to work exclusively with the accumulated audience, then the presence of a shadow ban does not seriously affect the situation. And it is quite possible to buy such a TikTok account. But only for traffic arbitration and a short drain period. Such an account is not suitable for direct monetization;
  • TikTok account hacked. The most unpleasant moment. If you do not purposefully buy fakes, and the owner does not warn you in advance that he is selling hacked TikTok accounts – this is an outright scam;
  • A twisted TikTok account. It can also be attributed to a scam if the owner does not warn about the presence of cheating in advance. Such accounts are used for certain purposes and are much cheaper.

Which TikTok accounts to buy, types and methods of use

Account to account is different. They differ in the number of subscribers, topic and niche, audience activity level, lifetime, content scope, amount of content, and so on. Accordingly, before deciding where to buy a TikTok account, you need to understand for what purposes we are buying it. Let’s go through all the relevant goals at the moment, and also decide which accounts are suitable for them.

To drain traffic to other platforms

This is one of the most relevant ways to monetize a social network in principle. It is known that TikTok’s direct methods of advertising monetization are still inferior to their analogues. But at the same time, subscribers of this social network are quite easily converted into Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers. And these two platforms allow you to earn huge amounts with a promoted account. Instagram is mainly through custom native advertising, YouTube in the form of direct monetization (payment for the service for automatic advertising inserts in the video, if you do not grab the «yellow dollar», of course). And these are not all examples, it is possible to transfer the TikTok audience to other channels, and often to several at once. The main thing, obviously, is to keep the thematic correspondence between the TikTok account and the drain channel. And this is usually easy, because most of the bloggers in TikTok vaguely choose a niche, creating simply trending and humorous content. In this case, it is better to purchase accounts with a large array of subscribers, at least from 50k. Plus, try to keep the theme.

To promote the brand

Why order native advertising from bloggers if you can buy out your favorite account and constantly post ads from it for free? But there are a couple of conditions.

Firstly, to promote the brand, you will need a large audience, in the best case – a millionaire. And at the same time, its price may surprise you unpleasantly, the budget for buying such a TikTok account is exactly higher than for 5-7 advertising integrations from the same millionaires.

Secondly, you need to target the audience very precisely. Therefore, any millionaire that you have found at a budget price will not work. So you will have to focus on the composition of subscribers, and not on the price.

To drain traffic to the offer

That is, for affiliate marketing. There are both positive and negative aspects here. Among the advantages is that you can pour on almost any offers without restrictions. The information is filtered only by the creative, the video itself. But not by the link or by the resource where you send traffic directly through the profile video posts. But when creating a regular advertising campaign, moderators will block the AC by gray verticals during verification. Also, we will add to the pros that there are a lot of suitable offers for the TikTok audience. Gaming, movies and music – all this goes perfectly into TikTok, as well as some narrow categories of merchandise, e-commerce also looks great. Yes, and the same gambling through TikTok is promoted very effectively. Not to mention that the young audience is greedy for adult.

But among the disadvantages, the fact that with gray offers, the account will sooner or later fall under the block, so the investments should pay off up to this point. For white offers, the option is more effective, but even here the affiliates will have to promote the account already. Otherwise, after continuous advertising posts, there will be a rapid outflow of users. And affiliates don’t always like to retrain as bloggers.

Therefore, small accounts, 1-5 thousand subscribers, are usually suitable for draining offers. You don’t have to promote them yourself, they work out their traffic quickly, and as soon as there is a massive outflow of users, they can be resold on the cheap. Read even more about arbitrage at TickTock here.

For gray or multiple ad campaigns

Here we will need so-called empty TikTok accounts. But necessarily manual, autoregs are not suitable. After all, you are unlikely to get an apruv of an advertising campaign from them. And if you work either with hundreds of micro campaigns, or on gray verticals for a short period of draining in anticipation of a ban – you will need a lot of accounts. Just saving time.

Remember that TikTok has a minimum limit on AC, so this tactic is not too popular on this social network.

To cheat subscribers

Again, clearly specialized accounts are needed here – these are autoregs and fakes. The first are automatically registered TikTok accounts by machine (software) method. Fakes are often hacked accounts on which the scammer has changed the basic information or even left it unchanged. Although autoregs are sometimes called fakes, but these are nuances of terminology. Both options are suitable for mass promotion and rapid promotion of a profile or several at once. And already promoted TikTok accounts become the main one for monetization. It is also used mainly for temporary draining, because autoregs and fakes quickly go under the ban, respectively, the rating of the inflated account decreases down to the shadow ban.

For resale

The point is to acquire a promising, but not yet promoted account with subsequent promotion. And then resale for a price twice, three times, ten times higher (depending on the packed audience). A good kind of business, if you understand SMM chips in this social network, you have free access to a lot of interesting content. But here you will have to choose reference, clean accounts with a promising niche for purchase, which have already gained 500-1000 subscribers.

To earn money from advertising

Direct monetization. Ad blocks, native ads, video ad integrations. Basically nothing new. The amount of audience depends on the level of income, as well as the price of the TikTok account. Therefore, you need to choose meticulously, serious earnings start with accounts from 20-30 thousand subscribers. Investments are repulsed with an adequate flow of orders in about 3-4 months. Then it’s only a plus, but TikTok account will have to not only buy, but also maintain. The outflow of users in such a business is not acceptable, each advertiser will require full statistics before ordering. Therefore, you also need to choose an account that you could maintain. And if this is a personal blog, then it is obvious that you will not be able to promote it effectively in the absence of the former owner.

Thematic accounts

Let’s clarify this point a little. When buying TikTok, it will not work to focus on a niche as accurately as when buying Instagram accounts, for example. Indeed, in TikTok, authors often, in principle, do not choose a narrow niche. Yes, there are accounts dedicated exclusively to cinema or music, fashion or style, gaming or anime. There are various financial accounts that analyze the main bundles in the modern market and so on. But this whole array is no more than 45% of the total. Accordingly, most of them do not have a clear specialization. Humor, trends, sexualized content, parody content – these are the main sets. And what is noteworthy, if among accounts from 1 to 10 thousand subscribers strictly niche blogs account for up to 60% of the entire array, then among millionaires there are very few of them, no more than 30%. Yes, and those are conditional.

Therefore, an important tip: focus on the subject when buying a TikTok account, if there are suitable options. But be prepared to work with an account that will not have a strict specialization.

How much do TikTok accounts cost

Pricing for TikTok accounts is variable. Of course, first of all, the cost depends on the characteristics of the account itself. Often accounts from 1k to 10k fit in the range of $100-$500. Accounts with more than 100k subscribers fall into a different price range. Here prices start from $1000 and run into $10,000. Millionaires mostly cost at least $5000-6000, there is no upper limit. The composition of the audience also matters.

Audience-related factors that affect the price of an account:

  • audience activity, what is the viewing level of a single video, the minimum and maximum points, as well as the average number of views per user;
  • the age category of the audience. Obviously, the closer to the maximum solvent range, the more expensive. If the entire audience on the account consists of people from 14 to 16 years old, then it is much more difficult to monetize it. Although, there are their own options. It is not for nothing that YouTube channels aimed exclusively at children gather a huge audience, and the authors receive huge revenues from the service through advertising for parents;
  • account lifetime;
  • the growth rate of the number of subscribers;
  • a specific niche. The subject of all posts, the effectiveness of advertising integrations.

And no less important parameter affecting the cost is a specific exchange. Although, sellers often set their own price list, but the existence of a common market within the site forces them to act with an eye to competitors. Therefore, it will not be possible to go much beyond the limits of the accepted total price. And it turns out that in some stores you can find accounts with 100k+ subscribers for $300, while in others they will cost ten times more. Cheap accounts with a lot of subscribers indicate cheating, bots among the audience. This is still an adequate method if you are going to develop the TikTok account itself in the future. But if you decide to merge this traffic, the efficiency will be extremely low. Who to pour? Bots and fakes?

But it is worth noting that the low price also often indicates the low reliability of the service, the lack of quality guarantees to protect the interests of buyers.

Where to buy TikTok accounts

We have selected the most popular exchanges and markets where you can purchase TikTok accounts. We should immediately note that not one service does not provide 100% quality guarantees. After a low-quality purchase, the seller’s account will be banned, but a refund is usually not implied. Therefore, check the seller’s rating in advance, the number of positive reviews, the age of his profile on the exchange/forum/market. Some of the service is used by serious guarantors, so transactions become relatively safe.

Fameswap Exchange

Main page of the exchange
Main page of the exchange

One of the key players in this market at the moment. The service is characterized by an extremely professional approach, focusing on three main platforms. More precisely, TikTok as a platform was added recently, but the exchange has already acquired a very wide range. At the current stage, there are more than 900 different accounts in the offer. And what’s nice, you won’t have to dig into this variety with a magnifying glass. After all, the site allows you to conveniently sort the catalog items. More than 20 different niches, each of which is full of different offers from sellers. And you can also filter out the product by the number of subscribers to very narrow groups. However, the minimum threshold for searching is 10k subscribers. Accordingly, the exchange is not petty in principle, basically accounts with a serious mass of users on it are implemented here.

At the same time, each author provides his own small account description, applies statistics screenshots, and makes it possible to fully verify the purchase.

Lot example
Lot example

For those who want to directly monetize an account, there is an interesting possibility of sorting the catalog. You can deposit a range of monthly confirmed account income before the sale. Convenient, especially since without good navigation in the catalog, you can really get lost.


  • payment methods. The exchange’s own system based on direct bank transfers is used. At the same time, the exchange itself controls the process, guarantees a clean transaction and a refund in case of any error. It is noteworthy that the money is not transferred to the seller immediately, even if you have already gained access to the account. All passwords and logins are stored by the administration itself, it gives you full access. You check your account, statistics and other parameters. And only after you give your confirmation, the money goes to the seller;
  • prices. Slightly above the average prices on the market. But this is understandable, given the service. Although, an account up to 500k + you may well be able to purchase in the region of $3000;
  • accounts. All the profiles are absolutely alive and without cheating. Cheap fakes and autoregues are not for sale here. GEO – almost any, a huge number of TIER 1 accounts, mainly in the USA;
  • the quality of the service. On 5+. Moderators work quickly, answer any questions, control the transaction process from start to finish. And they even check all the statistics provided by sellers for elements of forgery;
  • address –

Socialtradia Exchange

Main page of the exchange
Main page of the exchange

This exchange is also primarily aimed at the implementation of Instagram accounts, which is not surprising. Until last year, it was the most popular product in the field, and only now Instagram has a strong competitor. But specifically on this site, the sale of TikTok is implemented a little worse than on the previous one. The main problem is that it is difficult to identify separate accounts for TikTok in the catalog, you will have to search through the entire array.

But this is the only minus, there are enough pluses. Perhaps this is one of the most massive databases of accounts with 100k+ subscribers. But there are not so many cheap accounts. At the same time, the service itself works according to a proven scheme, which is quite profitable for the buyer. After acquiring the profile, the administration itself carries out all the work on the withdrawal of passwords, blocking access for the previous owner, closing all loopholes. And only after that passes him the money. And you already get 100% of your and reliable TikTok account. Plus, if there is such a desire, you can draw up an official legal contract for the purchase, all within the law. But it is worth knowing that all these verification manipulations take up to 3 working days. Therefore, you do not receive an account immediately after payment.

By the way, on the stock exchange, you can periodically stumble upon real (and not purely marketing) discounts.

Example of a lot and discounts
Example of a lot and discounts


  • payment methods. Only US dollars are accepted. The service promises secure transactions. You can make the transfer yourself via a bank card, TransferWise or a conditional account (Escrow);
  • prices. Closer to the market average;
  • accounts. All TikTok accounts are pre-checked by the administration for cheating. There are a number of high-quality and expensive accounts, but they are a minority. But there are practically no cheap TIER 3 accounts. Many accounts with subscribers from TIER 2;
  • the quality of the service. We’ll rate it at a solid five, but without a plus. The support service is quite efficient, but definitely not lightning fast. But from a legal point of view, the company works in such a way that «a mosquito will not undermine the nose.» Therefore, moderators take the security of customer funds seriously;
  • address –


The main page of the market
The main page of the market

This market focuses on the most diverse audience. We will immediately clarify that we do not recommend making expensive purchases here. Yes, among the products there are TikTok accounts of millionaires, but you should not buy them. The cost for them is approximately in the market area, but the guarantees of the service are not the most transparent. Yes, there is a check of accounts for compliance with the rules, the truth of statistical data and the ownership of the seller. But this check is automatic, moderators do not perform any manual actions. Therefore, craftsmen will be able to bypass it in principle.

But there are also advantages, and the main one is that you will find a lot of very cheap accounts on the platform. The overall prices for profiles up to 100k are really low here. And for a couple of dollars, you can take some account with 500-1k subscribers, if you search.

Lot example
Lot example

Here is an example of an account with almost 11k subscribers for a budget price. And there are many such offers here.

Yes, cheating is possible, but if you purchase a micro account, then you are protected from it. After all, they usually wind up more serious figures. Therefore, you may well use the layout for the mass purchase of cheap accounts with a couple of thousand subscribers to drain traffic or promote a new brand.

  • payment methods. The specific payment method is chosen by the seller. Someone prefers bank cards, someone prefers bitcoins. Yes, moderators monitor the process, but they do not accept money themselves. Therefore, in the case of a scam, you can only rely on the arbitration of the system after the fact;
  • prices. Extremely low;
  • accounts. Mostly cheap TikTok accounts with 1k-50k subscribers. Many profiles with TIER 3 and TIER 2 GEO.
  • the quality of the service. At the average level.
  • address –

Market4game Exchange

The main page of the market
The main page of the market

An open exchange for buying almost everything related to gaming. The basis is games, profiles of gaming platforms, DLC and Season Pass for games, and so on. But not so long ago, a section with the acquisition of TikTok accounts was opened.

Account sales section
Account sales section

The section is not particularly large, so the choice is limited. And it concentrates mainly around the Asian GEO: China, Korea (South). The administration itself regulates the verification of accounts, monitors the rating of sellers, actively bans them at any suspicion of a scam. At the same time, each seller can optionally use the guarantor of the transaction, which holds the funds for three hours after payment, so in case of fraud, you can return them. But not all lots have this guarantee, so carefully check who you are buying from.

Navigation in the section is missing from the word «absolutely». But in principle, it will not be needed, there are not so many goods yet. But the prices are low.

Product descriptions are mostly very conditional, statistics are not always provided, it is clear that the main audience is not professionals.

Lot example
Lot example

But on this exchange, you can easily dial a couple of dozen very cheap accounts.

  • payment methods. The most various according to your desire. Bank card, WebMoney, PaySafe, Wise, direct financial transfers and others;
  • prices. Reasonable and low;
  • accounts. Most of them are small profiles, there are a few with 100k+, the key part is with Asian GEO, but there are exceptions;
  • the quality of the service. In principle, there are no complaints about the work of moderators, but their role in the transaction is minimal. Therefore, the platform rules themselves may cause doubts;
  • address –

Playerup forum

Main page of the forum
Main page of the forum

A market forum with a combined hodgepodge of various digital goods. From games to accounts in almost any social networks. There is no uniform pricing policy, so the cost can jump from very low to very high.

The administration performs intermediary functions in the transaction at will. To do this, the invoice for the payment of the goods is sent only through the «order» form on the website, and the moderator in the chat personally discusses the nuances with the buyer. But not all transactions go through a guarantor, pay attention to this.

Separately, I would like to note that sellers on the site acquire various regalia depending on the number of successful transactions, reviews, data provided for verification. The seller can have a verified account, a trusted profile, a personal rating on the site and a status. Therefore, it is recommended to buy TikTok only from such sellers.

Lot example
Lot example

The example shows the presence of the seller’s statuses and regalia. At the same time, all negotiations between the seller and the buyer go through contacts that are inserted in the lot. Accordingly, this is usually Telegram, and not the form of communication of the forum itself. But we warn you right away, in no case do not transfer funds using the details that may be sent to you during the dialogue. Only for those that will be specified in the order form.

  • payment methods. Any one declared by the seller;
  • prices. Below market averages;
  • accounts. The range is quite extensive. Almost all GEO, a lot of TIER 3, and there are enough accounts with a large number of subscribers. But there are relatively few millionaires;
  • the quality of the service. The moderators of the forum work perfectly, respond quickly, supervise each transaction under the «guarantor». But the service itself leaves a lot of loopholes for the scam, be careful;
  • address –

How to secure your purchase

Let’s make up some simple rules for all buyers of TikTok accounts (and profiles of other services too).

  • always check the seller’s rating and reviews, the more the better;
  • if the service offers guaranteed deals, use this opportunity even with an increased commission percentage;
  • do not purchase TikTok accounts on unknown resources;
  • check your account before payment;
  • never send money to the seller’s details specified in personal correspondence and without the approval of moderators.

Is it worth buying TikTok accounts

By purchasing a TikTok account, you always expose yourself to minimal risk. The probability of getting a shadow ban on purchased channels is always higher than on those that you personally promoted. Plus, you can always be the victim of a particularly clever scammer. But statistically, this is a rarity.

In addition, if you buy autoregs and fakes, then you can no longer get a shadow ban, but a complete lock. But, such goods do not have a long life span, so the risk is acceptable. Now let’s go to our short list of advantages and disadvantages of buying accounts, identified directly in this review.


  • an instant way to get an audience;
  • the ability to choose a niche, simplified targeting for those who do not have much experience in this aspect;
  • fast return on investment;
  • promotion of gray offers without the risk of losing the main account.


  • increased chance of getting a shadow ban and account blocking;
  • often vague pricing, without monitoring several sites there is a chance to overpay;
  • scam is common in the sphere, it is worth using only trusted and large exchanges.

Video on how to buy TikTok accounts safely


In conclusion, I would like to add that given the growth rate of the platform, if you intend to develop your business using this platform, then you need to buy accounts as early as possible. After all, if TikTok grows at the same rate, then the cost of such goods will also increase. Not by an order of magnitude, but now it is clear that Instagram accounts are 50-80% more expensive than their counterparts in TikTok. But in the near future, it is possible that the prices will be equal.

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