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Gambling Guide – how to promote online casino and betting affiliate programs

“Cards, money, two smoking barrels…” No, this is not a story about the iconic film of Guy Ritchie, but a detailed guide on how to earn money on gambling affiliate programs legally and with minimal risks. And I’ll start with the numbers.

Guide to earning money on online casino affiliate programs
Guide to earning money on online casino affiliate programs

The total turnover in gambling in 2020 reached 2.262 trillion dollars. At the same time, the total revenue in the industry exceeded 400 billion: about 360 billion dollars for companies operating offline, and about 65 billion online. At the same time, online turnover is growing by 10-15% annually. The annual revenue of one of the largest companies for the year exceeds 767 million pounds.

Income in the online gambling industry
Income in the online gambling industry

There is also something to add. Payment per client: from 15 to 100 dollars for Tier2 countries (Runet, CIS countries, India, Eastern Europe) and 100-200$ for burge (Tier 1: USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, etc.). At the same time, the price of attracting one client is on average 1-3 dollars for Runet 10-15 for burge. ROI (profitability) can reach up to 1000% for experienced marketers. But even beginners manage to make more than 100% without any problems.

Statistics of gambling income in the world in recent years, billions of dollars
Statistics of gambling income in the world in recent years, billions of dollars

Intrigued? Here is a short guide for those who are not into the subject.

Gambling is everything that concerns such games as: online casinos, roulette, slot machines, unusual games for money such as miners, thimbles. This also includes sports betting, sweepstakes (betting), as the activity is also imbued with the spirit of excitement. Mainly, the review focuses on online casinos and slots. The approaches to attracting customers are slightly different, so is the target audience. Nevertheless, there is a common thing – to tickle your nerves or get rich quickly.

Gambling and Casino Affiliate Marketing – How it works

Earning money on online casino affiliate programs along with adult affiliate programs is the simplest and most profitable vertical in affiliate marketing. It is relatively easy to attract customers, according to some GEOs (with proper targeting settings), 5-15 clicks or 200-300 impressions are enough to get a conversion (paid customer), depending on which method is more relevant for the advertising grid. This is not an absolute, but only an average indicator among the participants of the LeadBit CPA network. It is real to make the better results…

Gambling Affiliate Marketing Programs - review
Gambling Affiliate Marketing Programs – review

Last, but not the least argument in favor of gambling is the low price of error. Vertical is suitable for a novice marketer and webmaster who faces affiliate marketing for the first time. However, experienced specialists prefer not to change the gold mine with a yield of 1000% for more complex niches. Here, the quality of offers is not as critical as, for example, in merchandise and luxury niches – because of clumsy banners and landing pages, traffic will drop, but not fall to zero. Small entry price. In case of the affiliate marketing (promotion through paid advertising), you can start with a hundred bucks, even $ 30-50 is enough, and even $ 20 for niche tests. If something does not work out, the losses will be small.

Simplified (for those who are new to the topic) scheme of working in gambling affiliate marketing:

  • register in the affiliate program website;
  • find suitable offers from affiliate programs;
  • prepare creatives: advertising banners and landing pages;
  • register on the sites of advertising networks;
  • launch ads with affiliate links to the advertiser’s website;
  • get a profit due to the difference between the cost of advertising and the amount of payment for the client.

It seems to be simple. But if you work thoughtlessly, it is easy to go into the red. Therefore, there are more and more questions. Where is it better to buy advertising, which offers are better, who should the ads be directed to, when should they be launched? This guide will put everything in its place and help you start making money on gambling.

Video Gow to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing in Gambling

How to choose where to find casino and bookmaker offers

We select offers from partner programs for a specific GEO. The tempting option is to choose the one with the biggest payment per customer. But this is not a guarantee of a large income. You need to take into account the requirements for traffic quality – the fewer requirements, the better. And the popularity of a particular platform in the region. For example, in England and Ireland, it is best to enter the offers of local bookmakers (bet365, William Hill). In Italy, Canada – large casinos with a wide range of slots, such as LEOVEGAS. In Runet – Vulkan, an online reincarnation of popular gaming clubs in the 90s-2000s.

Payment methods in gambling:

  • RevShare – lifetime income as a percentage of the profit from the client;
  • CPL – payment for the lead: registration of the user on the site;
  • CPA – payment per action: deposit.
According to the editorial department of the LeadBit blog, the best option in gambling is to pay for a deposit. There are transparent rules, large payouts. Traffic is less likely to be rejected, as opposed to paying for registration.

Most gambling firms prefer to work with partners through CPA networks, such as LeadBit. This is also more convenient for an affiliate marketing specialist. Check the partner programs and add reliable companies that:

  • they do not deceive customers and pay out the gain – such offers have a higher conversion rate, working with them will not lower the reputation of your site;
  • do not cheat partners and pay a commission – so you are sure that you are not working in vain.
An offer example
An offer example

TOP 3 gambling affiliate programs according to LeadBit in 2021:

  • LEOVEGAS – pays 150 for each deposit from players from Canada (the minimum deposit is only $10);
  • One Casino – payments up to $14.5 for registration of users from the EU and Canada. Additional condition – first deposit (FDT) from 9%;
  • PariMatch – up to 65$ per deposit from the Russian Federation.

Target audience for gambling and targeting features

Now the main question is who shall we invite? It is not just the level of earnings that depends on the correct identification of the potential audience, but the opportunity to get at least something. Everything is very ambiguous here. The TA portrait is a variable value. First, people’s interests change. Here are some examples.

In the early 2000s, the main clients of gaming clubs in Eastern Europe and the CIS were teenagers and young people under 30, mostly men. 20 years later, the audience has changed: from 20 to 50 years. Although most of them are the same young people from the aughties.

In developing poor countries, the main target audience is young people, most often men. In the US, the picture is the opposite. EVERYONE plays, but the bias is towards 50+, while maintaining parity between men and women.

Advertising networks accurately identify site visitors and allow you to choose who to show your banners to (targeting). The effectiveness of advertising directly depends on the parameters entered. Basic settings: age, gender, device (PC or mobile), OS, browser, country (GEO).

The portrait of the target user will be divided into several categories:


There are different types of players:

  • regular players-they are not playing for the first time, they are looking for new bonuses, promotions, slots or betters who professionally earn money on bets. They make repeated deposits, often make large amounts;
  • random – people who have nothing to do or who decided to come in out of curiosity. The probability of repeated depots is relatively low. Although the first deposit can be quite large.
Ideally, you should attract both categories. At the same time, for most affiliate programs, it is enough that there are only 20-30% of regular players.

But the ideal conditions are when the budget is not limited and there is no threat of a ban from advertising networks.

Therefore, we focus on regular players (about 70% of the budget). The main arguments for them are a guarantee of payment, bonuses, various contests, competitions or lotteries with cool prizes, from an iPhone to a convertible.

Do not forget about newcomers (about 20-30% of the effort) – among them, there is a high probability of attracting a player who has not yet registered in an online casino or a VIP client. The arguments are here: bright design, beautiful slots, special effects and the opportunity to try to play for free (no deposit and deposit bonus).


Yes, there are wealthy and low-income players. The main motive of the first – the game for fun, the opportunity to evaluate luck. Winning is not so important. The main criteria are: secure payments, easy registration, and a variety of games.

For the low-income players, the main motive is the opportunity to earn money. These still exist (although we all have a smouldering thought: what if we get lucky!). Here, in the first place, gifts, bonuses and beautiful stories about the lucky ones who won a million, earned for a BMW. Although, it is pointless to bet on such people. Such traffic is often rejected by affiliate programs.


This is an important indicator for launching ads or publishing reviews on a blog.

The best time to launch ad campaigns:

  • Spring-summer. The peak of activity is Friday from 16.00 to 22.00 (local time in the shed GEO). On weekends, holidays, activity is weak, most have outdoor recreation, trips, walks. Activity increases smoothly from Monday to Friday. In addition to the evening time, you can make tests for the time from 9.00 to 12.00 (not all office employees work diligently);
  • Winter-autumn. The main activity is in the evening, after work, from 18.00 to 22.00 (local time). Peak starts Friday evening and lasts all weekend.


In different geos, the portrait of the CA is different. This applies to age, gender distribution, motives, preferred online casinos.

Countries where gamblers spend their money the most
Countries where gamblers spend their money the most


In the CIS countries, the most gambling audience is in Russia, about 95% of all Runet gamblers. Million-plus cities, first of all Moscow, St. Petersburg, make the TOP. With the right targeting in the Russian Federation, it is possible to get registration from 2-3 clicks, whereas a deposit can be achieved only from 10-15 clicks.

Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus also have a good conversion rate (up to 5-10%). The conversion rate is 1-2% in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Armenia.

The main target audience in the CIS is men from 25 to 45 years old, with a stable income, who decided to relax after work over a game and a bottle of beer. Related interests: dating, dating, entertainment, social networks, online games. Average income. There are both people who play for fun, and with the desire to get rich quickly.

In the CIS, it is more convenient to work with payment for deposits. Focus on RU-traffic – 70-80% of the budget. Mobile in-app traffic is perfectly converted. Up to 70% of VIP players come from it. More often via iOS.


Asians are very, even too much, adventurous to be ignored. There are both Tier 1 countries (Korea, Japan) and Tier 2 (India, Vietnam, Thailand, China). But there are many subtleties. First of all, they are very different from Europeans. There are other advertising approaches, their own social networks and, of course, the language. The second factor is the strict regulation of the Internet.

You should start from India, Thailand and Vietnam. Facebook Instagram is a place where you can launch creatives in English, work through standard ad networks (for example, Propeller Ads, MG), and social networks (Facebook, Instagram). If you manage to win them , you can enter more complex markets. The motives for the TA are the same as in the CIS: the hope to win, the desire to get rich quickly or to stick somewhere, to touch the Western lifestyle.

In Japan, Korea, China, the argument is the ability to play from home, without restrictions, with a small initial budget, no need to go to another city. You can win real money (in Japan, metal balls fall out of the slot machines). The main thing here is the availability of the game itself. Show a Japanese a machine gun, and he sticks in it.

America and Europe

Among the Tier 1 countries, the most gambling nations spend on average from $ 550 (Canada, Finland) to$ 1300 per month (Australia). In the USA, Germany – about $ 900. Here we can distinguish two groups with similar approaches to work:

  • English-speaking GEO: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. The niches are profitable. In Australia and Canada, there is high freedom for gambling establishments, up to 70% of the population gamble at least 1-2 times a year. But the audience is very demanding, as is the very high competition. The bid for paid advertising periodically flies into space;
  • EU countries. First of all: Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, Poland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic. The mentality of the Europeans is similar. If you manage to work out one GEO, you can use similar bundles for others.
Age groups of players in Tier 1 countries
Age groups of players in Tier 1 countries

The portrait of the player in Tier 1 is similar everywhere. These are either young people: 20-25, well, 30 years old at most, who are looking for entertainment. Mostly men. Minors are not allowed to play, it is strictly controlled. We make sure not to get banned. The second category is people over 45-50 years old and up to the limit. Among the elderly, 60-65% of the players are women. In recent years, they have been actively moving from land-based clubs to online casinos.

The main urge is fun, bright emotions, adrenaline. A possible win is a nice bonus, but not an end in itself. (Although the desire to hit the jackpot is not canceled.) Such players check licenses, monitor security. Attract new slots, cool special effects. The trial game goes great.

Tip! It is better to start with low-cost GEO – Tier2 countries. Here, the price of advertising (bid) is 5-10 times lower, sometimes the gap is larger. You can log in with a small budget to sort it out. If it doesn’t work out the first time, the losses will be minimal.

How to promote betting and casino offers

Let’s summarize the information from the previous section and form several schemes for promoting gambling partners:


The most popular version of creatives. It works in Bourges, in Asia, and in Runet. Few people will refuse to spin the roulette wheel for free. For example, prelanding with a mini-game, by scrolling it, you can win a bonus on your first deposit or free spins for replenishment.

This method has a relatively high conversion rate, so you don’t need to analyze it for a long time. If you don’t know where to start, bonuses are the right option.

Pre-landing page with bonuses
Pre-landing page with bonuses

Casino gambling schemes

In developed countries, no one will believe that the casino can be beaten. But in Tier 2 countries… the idea is to show enticing advertising teasers with messages about casino hacking. Then the prelanding with the story that the programmers / former employee hacked / revealed the algorithms of the casino and it can be beaten. Next-a description of the secret loophole and the history of enriching people, reviews.

The disadvantage of this scheme is that you need to carefully select the audience – not everyone believes in such fables. But if you set up targeting correctly, you can get a conversion rate of 20-30%. Solid online casinos do not accept such traffic – carefully study the requirements of the offer.

Jackpots, promotions

A simple and harmless scheme that works with different GEOs. The essence is an advertisement with a promotion about the Jackpot. In the bundle, you can add a pre-landing page in the form of news from a popular media outlet with congratulations to the winner. Or a landing page with a description of the promotion. The conversion rate on the first deposits is high. The number of repeat depots may be low. If the affiliate program has a KPI requirement, we use it carefully.

Review of the functionality, news about the appearance of new slots, emphasis on legality

These methods are suitable for a paying audience from TIER2 countries (VIP clients) and gamblers from Bourges (Tier 1). Link: banner + landing page with detailed reviews, emphasis on legality and honesty. The scheme is simple, harmless and with high-quality traffic. But the conversion rate is not high, especially in Tier 2 countries.

Creatives for gambling

This is the basis of affiliate marketing. Here, quality is not as important as in other verticals (although gradually the audience becomes more demanding). It is more important to comply with the requirements of advertising platforms, so as not to get banned. Almost everywhere the promise of fast money is banned, we exclude such phrases, as: “free deposit”, ” earnings on the Internet”, and other similar promises.

As creatives, you can use:

  • banners of different sizes in the format gif, html5, png.
  • demos of game slots – you can request them from an affiliate program or parse them from competitors via SPY services;
  • pop-unders, click-unders – pop-up banners that overlap the content of the site (use carefully, they have a low conversion rate);
  • landing pages and pre-landing pages – these are single-page layout sites that are used to push the client;
  • video ads, if you plan to run ads via YouTube or in-app.
The emotions of winning and the demonstration of slots with winning combinations are fascinating and give an excellent conversion rate
The emotions of winning and the demonstration of slots with winning combinations are fascinating and give an excellent conversion rate

In gambling, there are different techniques: a demonstration of money or things that can be bought (villas, luxury cars), a video with the emotion of winning, a demo with a winning combination. You can add a mini-game, with the offer to spin the wheel of fortune for free.

You cannot do without enticing slogans. Here are some examples to be used:

  • 5OOO Australia users win every day! –
  • the new best app in … (Australia, USA, Germany, Ukraine, Russia);
  • bonus 100% for players from …;
  • lancez la roue pour recevoir des chances gratuites!”;
  • “What are you waiting for? Pick up bonuses!”;
  • “Try Your Luck! 125 free spins – worth $ 100”;
  • This game has conquered the Runet – one hundred lucky winners have already taken prizes worth $ 100,000.
Examples of creatives-the demonstration of money works perfectly, even in the Bourge countries
Examples of creatives-the demonstration of money works perfectly, even in the Bourge countries

Where can I get creatives?

The easiest way is to use the promo materials provided by the affiliate program. Although ready-made banners and landing pages are periodically updated, there is a 146% chance that other marketers will use them. Therefore, it is better to use your own. We use this approach:

We look at the proposed creos – we use a spy service and spy on what competitors scroll through – we edit a little and make our own banners.

Popular SPY services:

  • AdSpy;
  • WhatRunsWhere;
  • Adplexity;
  • AdBeat;
  • AdVault;
  • Publer;


This is how the interface of the spy-service looks like
This is how the interface of the spy-service looks like

Working with spy tools is simple: choose a niche, age, gender, GEO, language, device type, and other settings-we get a list of creatives. Most people have the option to download promo files to their PC. But the vast majority of tools are paid.

I do not recommend using other people’s creatives without any changes. First, they have already partially worked out the audience, the conversion rate will be lower than that of the author. Secondly, you can always improve something.
Many programs have ready-made banner templates of different sizes, which simplifies the work.

Popular tools for working with creatives:

  • photo editors for PC: Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint (bitmap), Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks, GIMP (vector graphics);
  • IMGonline – a set of online tools for working with creatives – you can convert formats, compress, put watermarks, add effects;
  • Pixlr-online raster graphics editor, similar to Photoshop;
  • Canva is not an editor, but rather a collection of images and ideas. The free version has more than 250 templates, up to a million images;
  • free photo banks: Depositphotos, pixabay, etc.;
  • Pinterest is a social network where you can always get new ideas. Find hundreds of similar creatives.

Landing pages for gambling

For those who don’t know, Landing Page is a one-page website dedicated to a specific promotion or product. It is usually used in conjunction with banners according to this scheme:

Ad (banner, video) – pre-landing and landing page – advertiser’s website.

Don’t worry, landing pages are easier to work with than regular banners:

  • they are less often seen by users, and advertising blindness does not affect them. You can copy designs from competitors (easy to find using SPY-services) – in theory, they should be the same for a particular service
  • you can take ready-made landing pages from the partner program and do not worry at all;

The landing page contains information about the promotion and a call to action. You can create it using the template samples offered by the online casino affiliate programs. If you want unique creatives to reach a different audience, you can create a landing page in 5-10 minutes using online design builders. The most popular are: GetResponse, Tilda, Wix,, HubSpot, LeadPages, Lander, Bloxy, Kameleon.

It is better to choose the version with the A/B testing option (you can run several landing page options at the same time) and immediately subscribe to the paid plan. It is inexpensive ($4-5 per month), but has advanced features.

If you are familiar with setting up a web server, you can buy VDS hosting and install Joomla or WordPress on it. So you can run an unlimited number of landing pages, paying only a monthly rent (from $5).

Landing page example
Landing page example

Learn more about creating a landing page here. And here we write about mobile landing pages.

Pre-landing pages

These are one-page pages similar to landing pages. From the name, it is clear that in the affiliate marketing chain they are located before the Landing Page. Pre-landing is especially popular in the gambling niche. With skillful use of the transit method, you can increase the conversion rate by 2-3 (200-300%) times.

Pre-landing pages are usually used in conjunction with landing pages and they have several tasks:

  • to tell people more about the promotion, give the information that does not fit on the landing page, close all questions so that the user does not go to search on the Internet;
  • to warm up interest – to kindle the desire not to search further, but to immediately click on the link;
  • to cut off non-targeted users and improve the quality of traffic.

In contrast to the Landing Page templates, there are different types of pre-landing pages. In gambling, this can be a page with a question about the age to get rid of underage traffic (for it, a ban is possible), a mini-game with the wheel of fortune, where various bonuses fall out (on deposit, free spins, freebet).

Pre-landing page with a mini-game
Pre-landing page with a mini-game

Pre-landing pages with success stories still do work. The page can be disguised as a reputable site, such as the BBC, Forbes. You can write news about winning the Jackpot with an interview of the lucky winner and screenshots of the check with the winnings.  This will add credibility, make you believe that casino 1 really gives you wins and 2 pays out winnings.

Another popular option is to describe casino gambling schemes or methods of earning money on bets. The second option is more relevant, there are almost no naive fools who believe in the possibility of outplaying the casino. Although there are a lot of poorly processed GEOs where this will work. For example in the rapidly developing countries of Africa: Nigeria, Angola, South Africa.

To make a pre-landing page work, use the right structure and triggers that involve basic emotions (fear, greed, bewilderment, anger). Here it will not be possible to do everything on unhook – people have to believe. Don’t use calls like “buy” – this will alienate the timid user.

The basic principles of the landing page: easy language, no lies. It should look like this: The news that somewhere you can win a lot of money for free. And you try to figure out where to do it. There is a link from one of the users at the bottom. For example, … information about how to beat a casino was leaked to the network, hundreds of people went crazy with such luck and began to quit their jobs. Business owners are panicking. Hurry up before the loophole is closed.”

Or another variation in the format of news with an incident:“… In the city (any one, the nearest for the TA: Moscow, Baku, Minsk, New York, Harare, Freetown, Kherson or Torzhok) on the way to the bank, a car was robbed. The criminals escaped before the police arrived. An hour later, according to the orientation, a man was detained, carrying a sports bag full of money.

The man did not resist and said that the money had been won in an online casino for the past two weeks and was taking it to the bank. Not involved in the incident. And it’s good that I didn’t have time to go to the bank…”

Pre-landing page with a success story
Pre-landing page with a success story

Sample structure of text pre-landing pages:

  • the plot is the news about the win, the sensation, the story of an unhappy person who is wasting his life at work. A reader should have an idea: wow, I really can relate to this story;
  • a wonderful solution to the problem: I found a secret scheme, a bug in the casino software, hacked it myself or “a friend of mine told me about a loophole”;
  • description of the scheme of enrichment/earnings (there are many examples on the Internet). Some people actually earn money on bets;
  • you can see the reviews below.

To create pre-landing pages, we use online ad constructors. You can find secrets and instructions on how to design pre-landing pages here.

Traffic sources for casino offers and bookmakers

To start with, let me tell you that traffic equals attracted users. They behave differently: they can ignore the banner, click on it, but then leave, register in the hope of bonuses, but quickly leave the site without replenishing the account or making a deposit of a couple of dollars. Our target is high-quality traffic, those users who will play and top up their account.

Each partner program (in general, all of them) has certain requirements for the quality of traffic. You need to rely on them when choosing advertising sources. Without problems, white methods of promotion are accepted everywhere: advertising in blogs, on entertainment portals, and on social networks. Online casinos do not disdain users attracted to pirate online cinemas (for example, for 1xbet – the main channel of attraction), porn sites, dating sites.

As a rule, fraud or garbage traffic – any fraudulent traffic-is prohibited in gambling.

For example:

  • fake registrations with a minimum deposit-when paying for a deposit, the payout from the affiliate program (can be $100) is often more than the minimum deposit amount (from $2 to $10).
  • motivated traffic from the boxes, where the user receives a reward for a certain action;
  • traffic with motivation to make a minimum deposit;
  • attracting underage users;
  • traffic from sites about earning money on the Internet, working at home;
  • mislid-users have received promises of what is not.

Free sources of traffic

The first thing that comes to mind is creating your own website. This can be a blog about sports betting, gambling, or an entertainment portal. You can review several services or insert banners on pages dedicated to online games, movies, and actors.

Other methods for promoting affiliate programs:

  • via a video blog on YouTube, Tik Tok;
  • create a community in Instagram, Facebook;
  • leave promo codes with an affiliate link on thematic forums.

In theory, the work is simple. We promote our community or video blog. We launch interesting discussions, post promo codes or a reference link. On the forums, we select popular branches, for example, about bonuses, or where to get them. We join the discussion and after a few posts (not immediately) leave the partner promo code.

In reality, to promote a blog or even just a group – it takes a lot of time: from a few months for a community up to 1-2 years for a blog, or a YouTube channel. The most difficult task – your resource should include useful, very valuable information. Therefore, most partners prefer to work through paid advertising (affiliate marketing).

If you already have a well-promoted blog or group with a suitable topic, it can bring up to $200-300 per month from every thousand subscribers.

You can find more information about free sources of traffic here.

Paid advertising is a quick way to work out your audience. The scale is not limited, you can attract 100 or 100,000 leads in a couple of days, it all depends on the budget. Naturally, if there are good creatives and the targeting is set up correctly. Here, the balance between the price (the one that would satisfy the marketer ) and the quality of traffic (as required by the affiliate program) is important.

Important! Be sure to monitor the performance of the advertising campaign. If necessary, we change the creatives and target settings.

Paid traffic, which make the best conversion:

Contextual, search advertising

The most expensive one. On average, cost per click for Tier is 230-50 cents, whereas for Tier 1 the cost is about $2-4 per click . But it can be $ 20. The price is cosmic, so it is not used frequently. But here you can find high rollers (gamblers who play big), which significantly improve the KPI and can turn into a source of constant income when working on RevShare. From the context and search, with correctly entered keys, on average, one VIP per 300-500 FD (first deposit). The best context for gambling is the Yandex Advertising Network, although you can always test Bing, Google. Search advertising: Yandex for Runet (the Russian Federation, Belarus), for the rest of GEO – Google Ads, Bing Ads.


Ad blocks with shocking headlines in the style of the yellow press. A lot of cheap traffic, mainly from online cinemas, adult sites (porn, BDSM). The price is a few cents per click for a burge, but it can be 0.1-0.2 cents. Popular exchange platforms:

  • Kadam – a lot of traffic from porn sites and sites for BDSM fans;
  • network – traffic from online cinema;
  • MarketGid – traffic under any GEO, sites with different content: news, entertainment, film portals.

Social networks

First of all, Facebook, Instagram (one ads manager for two networks). The traffic here is the best in terms of quality. There’s a lot of it, just fill up, it’s easy to get leads. But Facebook Ads is not very good about gambling advertising. In many geos, it is banned, where it is allowed – strict moderation, almost everything is prohibited. So cloak, farm or buy accounts – be ready that moderators are likely to block them regularly. If you try very hard, all the efforts will pay off many times.

In-app ads

Advertising in mobile apps can bring high-rollers. But here the working patterns are constantly changing. It is difficult for a beginner to work: the high cost of advertising, it is not easy to identify a pattern. Traffic from two similar applications can differ dramatically: one will bring a conversion rate of 10-15%, and the second-0. popular networks: MG, PropellerAds, CLICKADILLA, Google Ads.

When purchasing traffic through advertising networks, it is important to track the indicators on the first day and for 3-5 days. We look at the CR from the click to the registration and from the registration to the deposit, the number and size of the first deposits, how many confirmed e-mails. If the initial forecasts come true for the quality of traffic after 4-5 days, after two weeks and a month, we look at the global indicators of the advertising campaign: the rate of players, the percentage of rejected conversions, the ratio of first and second deposits, we estimate the payback (ROI).

Hybrid traffic attraction schemes

Hybrid doesn’t mean illegal. Quite the opposite. You work through your website or public social network. But instead of manual SEO promotion, you attract potential target audience through advertising.

You can use the following models:

  • Launch a channel dedicated to a specific casino or gambling in general. Post multiple conversion posts with a referral link. Promote your ads to the public. Add your subscribers ‘ contacts to the database. For those who do not convert immediately, you can try to influence through new promotions;
  • Create a website, fill it with content, attract an audience through advertising – work in white: get acquainted with the target audience, collect contacts by subscribing to news or through promotions (for example, when subscribing to the newsletter of promo codes).

Some users are converted directly through the public or blog. But the CR will be lower than if you promote the ad directly. What should we do? That’s right – influence on the audience through an email newsletter.

Advantages of the hybrid method:

  • get a targeted user base that you can work with or resell;
  • when promoting an offer through a newsletter, you are not limited by the rules of advertising grids, no moderators. You can write anything, use the most sophisticated methods of promotion.

For example, via e-mail, you can invite the user to join a closed group in Telegram, which the special services or casino employees do not keep under supervision, and there you post different schemes of gambling.

Example of a Russian Telegram-channel with gambling schemes
Example of a Russian Telegram-channel with gambling schemes

What financial investments are needed?

If you use free methods of promotion (through a blog, YouTube, social networks), the investment is time and effort. To promote through advertising (affiliate marketing), you can not do without investment:

  • purchase of advertising. Many exchanges have a minimum deposit of $ 100. This is enough to launch a campaign for Tier 2.$30-50 is enough for tests;
  • online landing page builder – free one LP, paid rate-from$2;
  • spy services – from $ 26 / month;
  • trackers-from $ 26 / month;
  • cloaking – from$25 / month;
  • photo editors – you don’t have to hack Photoshop, there are many cool free analogues and banks of images with free access.

Total: you need at least $ 174. Although in the first months, you only need money for advertising $ 100. Most services have a demo mode for 2-14 days with free functionality.

How much you can earn – gambling case study

In affiliate marketing, the amount of earnings is vague. Therefore, instead of meaningless calculations, I will give an example of an advertising campaign of one marketer.

49+ thousand dollars for contextual ads

Contextual and search advertising in gambling are expensive, but with the right setup, they give a huge profit. Scheme features:

  • white domains were created (for example,, which were used to run ads on Google as official casino mirrors;
  • to pass moderation, cloaking was used (the moderator sees a fake site), so it was necesary to create hundreds of accounts that lived from 15-20 minutes to several days;
  • GEO: Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia;
  • total expenditures on advertising – $53,650;
  • earnings – $ 102,880.
Example of ads
Example of ads

Net profit for six months: 49230$.


Despite the hype around Casino affiliate programs, gambling remains a profitable niche. New geos are added, where the Internet has become available (Africa, Asia), in Bourges, many players from offline go online. There are new gambling sites with affiliate programs.

It is relatively easy to work in gambling – this is a good vertical for a beginner to start: a webmaster or a marketer. If something doesn’t work out, if you don’t know which affiliate program to choose or the creative doesn’t come in, write to us, our managers will help you.

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