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Prepare tasty cookies and a cup of tea… Let’s start the journey into the most interesting vertical!

Audience and GEO

The gambling for the user is 2-in-1 thing which combines the pleasure and the useful aspect. Firstly, there is a game element. Secondly, the user can take big MONEY.

Gambling is all about excitement and thirst for winning. If a venturous person presses the button, then the desire to win will wake up inside of him. Your goal is to hit the target audience. In this case, you will take a huge profit!

Let’s imagine the portrait of the target audience

Men (at the age 25-35) with the following interests: entertainment, online games, etc. In general, these are people who like bonuses, promotions. Or even they want to cheat the casino.

Advise: you need to study the behavior of users at each GEO, which you are going to promote (the most popular sites, trends, etc.)

Perspective GEO for gambling: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Australia, Spain, England. Otherwise, the developed countries with a stable connection speed (users can download the apps without problems). In addition, the audience in these countries has virtual wallets. This aspect makes the deposit replenishment easier. BUT! Don’t forget to check the list of GEO offers, because casinos are not available in some countries.

About payment

  • RevShare (revenue sharing)- if you promote offers through this model, you will get a percentage of the profit of the casino/game.
  • CPL (cost per lead) – you will get the payment for lead/registration.
    #IMPORTANTMOMENT: advertiser analyses your traffic. The registration isn’t a really important moment for him. The advertiser is interested in the period of the user’s life. If the advertiser considers your traffic untargeted, it will be rejected.
  • CPA (cost per action) – you will get the payment for the deposit.

What is the goal for the advertiser? A solvent user who regularly makes deposits, plays, etc.

Let’s talk about traffic

The best period to make tests is for 1 week, in the amount of 50 deposits and next week to watch the traffic flow.


  • Don’t promote offers on the audience under 18
  • Don’t give fraud traffic – it’s easy to catch


If you correctly set the target audience, then almost all banners will be good. The main thing is to be careful with the restrictions and focus on pre-landings.

What you can use in creatives:

  • Call-to-action
  • “Take destiny in own hands”

Don’t promise impossible things (earn XXXXXXXX $ without effort daily)

ADVICE: Keep a balance between the limitations of ad networks, CPA network, and the target audience.


  • History-in-history. For example, a person won at a casino, but you need to veil it into another story that is associated with winning. The main goal is to show that winning is not the main topic. This case is a native ad.
  • Schemes and training courses on how to trick the casino, etc.

If you can collect emails of the target audience on the pre-lands, it will help you to make your traffic more quality. Because you will be able to send newsletters to this database, heat up interest and stimulate regular deposits.

Traffic sources

All sources of traffic are OK where you can find the target audience. Use banners, pop-unders, push notifications and other formats to get good volumes of high-quality traffic.

MAKE TESTS! Run tests with several banners (4-5) with different messages and emotion for all sources.

We advise the following traffic sources:

  • Context
  • Teasers
  • Social networks
  • SEO

Of course, you will have to clo@king. If you pass the moderation, then you will get high-quality traffic because the ad will be shown directly on targeted requests.

If you collect the right target audience and run campaigns on Instagram, it will be amazing. A successful life, money, luxury after winning are really motivating things.

Moreover, there is a solvent and young audience that is the target audience for you. Good video creatives will be more successful.

Create high-quality creatives, switch off unprofitable campaigns, put redirects on inappropriate traffic, optimize performance and get high-quality traffic as a final result.

And of course, all materials should look legally (ESPECIALLY payment).

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