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Gambling vertical

Short Guide: How to start in gambling vertical

Online gaming industry generates billions of dollars in revenue every year due to its very large audience. And now you have a chance to increase the income and try the new niche. You can do it without any difficulties, we’ll explain what gambling vertical is and how to start earning on it.

First of all, let us clarify what this mysterious word “Gambling” means.

Gambling vertical is vast and includes many segments, such as slots, casinos, and sports betting — all of which seems to be regulated in different ways.

The audience of gambling is really huge! The point is that the user don’t need to put a lot of effort to win. This kind of games is not linked to strategy or a strong mental stress. It’s just a pleasant way of spending time with some gains. Just one click and the game is on- people are highly interested in this simple entertainment. Therefore, in case you target the right audience the conversion rates are enormous as well as the payouts.

Audience settings:

  • Male, 25-35 years, or 40-75
  • Interests: leisure, entertainment, gambling and so on.

Mostly, these are emotionally unstable people who are easily distracted by bright bonuses and promotions. So give them the illusion of the ability to cheat a casino or try the luck in betting.

Models of interaction

  • RevShare – % of the advertiser’s profit. If you work on revshare model, you get a % of the profit of the casino/games. BUT! Advertiser may also charge you a % of the WINNINGS of the user. We don’t sure about this model but the decision is yours.
  • CPL – cost per lead or registration. Everything is simple, the user registered – you received the payment. The average market payouts vary from $1 to $6. BUT! The advertisers analyze the traffic all the time and they are interested in regular deposit. So if the advertiser thinks your traffic is not targeted, it will be rejected.
  • CPA – payment for the Deposit. It’s pretty simple, too. Once the first deposit is made, the profit is yours. Payouts vary from $15 to $300. The main advantage of this model is that the leads are not holding by advertiser. The network takes all the responsibilities for the quality and volume of traffic. As a rule, fraud and incentive traffic will be rejected.

What the advertisers do as they analyze our traffic

The ultimate goal of any advertiser is effective, regularly playing or making bets user who is older than 24 years. Therefore, in order to assess the quality traffic there are general guidelines:

  • CR of sign ups
  • Activity
  • Retention rate
  • Behavior on the site
  • % confirmation e-mail;
  • The forecast for time of return of traffic (when the campaign will be released in +ROI%);

Traffic payback of 12-8 months is not the most good and usually charged at low rates. Payback of 7-4 months is considered to be of a better quality and it’s paid by the higher rates. And for a very good and active traffic with the payback period of 1-2 weeks, you can get the cosmic payments.

We remind you that all fraud will be rejected as well as incentive traffic. The much more profitable way to earning is to find a high-quality source, design relevant assets focused on the target audience and get the quality traffic. In this case, you can get $100 for the 1st deposit. It’s better than the dubious traffic with low rates.

Most likely, if your campaigns are improved the volume of traffic will decrease because you have to hit a narrower target. But take a look at the numbers: 1 Deposit = $100, you get the same as 3 deposit of low quality with the rate of $30.

The quality of the traffic. What influences this

Everyone who works with gambling offers should understand that the quality of your leads is very important for advertisers. They are extremely sensitive to check of traffic.

First, desktop is better than mobile

It is logical that make a deposit from PC ? yes, it is much easier and more convenient, so more people will make it. If an advertiser is able to transfer mobile traffic into desktop, – great no problem. If not, then the sum of mobile deposits will be less than the desktop ones.

Sales funnel advertiser – this is exactly what was written above plus the e-mails stimulating traffic to make deposits or bets regularly.

And also: the audience age, its interests, GEOs

What exactly you SHOULD NOT do:

  • No teenagers
  • No fraud

You can take 1 week for test traffic in a volume of 50 deposits and another 1 week to watch the upward movement.


Working with gambling niche you can use any sources that you will be able to find an audience on the basis of the portrait in this article. So there will be no special tips, just use the usual sources:

  • Ad networks
  • Facebook
  • Separate placement – Instagram

Creatives or Assets

Any ideas are welcoming here. All you need is to find the hot audience. Then all the creatives will work well. On your ads, you just need to abide by several limitations and not to do things that will attract 100% junk leads. Special attention here should be given to the prelanders.

What are the most profitable insights on the prelanders

News stories about how a man won in a casino. But that’s all you need to disguise in a different story, indirectly related or induced by win. So the prize was not the main topic but mentioned in passing.

All kinds of schemes, training courses on how to cheat the casino, hitting the jackpot or to predict the outcome of the match are also good working.

For those who want to test a new vertical, we have the great campaigns:

  • Gambling: Gratorama EU
  • GEOs: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Italy
  • Payout: up to $104
  • CPA Deposit – min $10

Acceptable traffic types: Mobile, Display, Social

  • Betting: MostBet RU
  • GEO: Russia
  • Payout: up to $10
  • CPA Deposit – min 50 rubles
  • Acceptable traffic types: all the types except Incentive traffic

Hoping this short guide was useful for you and you are already spoiling for a fight.

If Yes, set up your ad campaigns right now! If you have questions, feel free to email us at or Skype leadbit24.

Welcome to the gambling niche! 🙂

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