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Target audience

Target audience for gambling offers

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Why do you need to hit the bulls-eye in the case of the target audience? You can create the most suitable advertising campaign based on the characteristics and needs of the target audience. It will bring a big profit for you.
Consumer touchpoints should be as effective as possible.

Today we want to discuss the audience for gambling offers and advise the hottest offers to promote.

Growth rates

World income
World income from games

According to experts, world income from games will be 152.1$ million in 2019 (an increase of 9.6% compared to 2018). Almost half of the global income arrives from China and the United States.

Growth rates 2019
Growth rates

The industry is gaining momentum, so it’s time to get a deep understanding of the vertical and find approaches to get profit.

Let’s start with the general steps that you need to use:

  • Observe Audience Behavior. You need to highlight the information about the audience: GEO, age, interests. Next, identify the needs. What you can use for this: researches about GEO, trends in statistics, etc.
  • Build some hypotheses for the campaigns you want to test
  • Run the tests and see what works best and optimize campaigns
Don’t forget to segment your target audience and test different creatives.

Let’s analyze the segments of the target audience that are suitable for gambling offers. There are two sides: people playing in a casino for pleasure, and people who are trying to make money.

Of course, you need to promote offers with different approaches to these groups. You must have everything ok with licenses – it’s important for the first group and the extra bonus for the second group.
Lead’s lifespan more relevant for the advertiser than the lead itself. So pay attention that people with a shortage of money aren’t your target audience.

Portrait of an average player

The perfect portrait
The perfect portrait of the target audience

Middle-income men (24 to 45 years old) working. This segment of the audience has money for gambling, which makes it a gold mine for affiliates.

If you draw the perfect portrait of the target audience, then this is a man who likes to relax after work, playing a casino and other online games (maybe even in the company of a beer). He is also interested in dating (buy the way, test our exclusive offer), social networks, various types of entertainment.

He may have motivation due to gambling addiction, or this is one of the ways he gets money. Keep in mind the mental side: the desire to prove to yourself or someone else that he can “make money from casino” according to his strategy.

If we consider the percentage distribution of the target audience by age, then it will look like this:

  • 18-25 – 10%
  • 25-40 – 70%
  • 40-75 – 20%

Think about what a person will do during the day. Imagine the period that he will spend on online games.

The main element of your audience is young people from 25 to 40 years old who have regular income and work. You can roughly build his daily routine based on this and use it later in the campaign.

Set time frames for showing ads (don’t forget about the timezone). Also, the man needs to get home after work ~1.5 hours in the subway. What will he do? Of course, play games on the phone. Therefore, you need to do adaptive landings, also, don’t forget about the download speed.

Psychological trick: a person likes to be on the TOP. He can do it by “beating” the casino in his mind. Post something like instructions (or video instructions) on how to beat the casino with a 100% probability, real stories, etc.

A careful study of the portrait of the target audience will help you get profit, so don’t treat it biased 😉

Hot gambling offers, as we promised:

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