Thursday , 7 October 2021
Leadbit ad.account in mediavenus system

Leadbit ad.account in mediavenus system

Good news for those who work with Leadbit & MediVenus!?

Leadbit now have an agency account in MediaVenus platform.

For those who don’t know, Mediavenus is a Native Ad Platform

So from now on you can easily transfer your money from LeadBit account straight to Mediavenus account, awesome right?

Transfer funds 101:

  1. Go to your profile settings in LeadBit Network
  2. Go to Payment Details
  3. You’ll see MediaVenus as an option

MediaVenus – native ad platform with unique feature to optimize shown ads for a websites.

MediaVenus can offer you:

  • Wide range of GEOs like Europe, Asia and Latin America
  • Support that speak on more than 16 languages
  • 400 million impressions daily
  • You can chose between CPC or CPM model.
  • Huge targeting possibilities: GEO, OS, Browser, Gender, Phone Carrier & etc.
  • Different verticals for you to try: mainstream, adult, 1-clickflow & etc.
  • An access for a WhiteList to a different platforms, ability to create your own blacklists.

So if you work with Leadbit & Mediavenus it’s time to optimize your time and make everything work better. Also this is a good time to try new platform if you haven’t done it yet.

Author: Elmira Nikiforova
Social media and digital marketing professional with over 5 years experience working at Leadbit. I love comedy and dream of visiting 100 countries of the world.

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