Saturday , 4 December 2021

Social marketing

TikTok Ad Types

The TikTok social network is receiving more and more attention from marketers around the world. Rapid development, evolutionary leaps every season, and the constant new features addition (sometimes even unique) ...

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How to buy TikTok account

The race for the world championship among social networks continues. Facebook Instagram has become the first position of world domination in the social sphere, whereas before Facebook actually had no ...

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Cloaking on Facebook

Facebook algorithms are constantly evolving. This also applies to targeting (Facebook Ads Manager still has the most detailed targeting in the world, more about setting up ads in it in ...

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Guide to Instagram Ads

«Instagram goes to a new level».  Marketing news resources have been full of similar headlines for the past 5 years. And indeed, the social network is constantly breaking records, getting ...

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