Wednesday , 1 June 2022

Affilate University

SEO in 2022, what it is

Search engine optimization has always been in the stage of permanent development. Search engine algorithms are constantly being improved, which provokes optimizers to take appropriate measures. Google is a mysterious ...

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Pinterest TV for ads

We’ve already talked about Pinterest’s ad capabilities. And also about the permanent evolution of the service, expanding the functionality of a potential advertiser and increasing convenience for customers. And Pinterest ...

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Tiktok Ad Targeting

Let’s continue our series of articles about TikTok. This platform never ceases to amaze, each developer conference presents us with new tools for creating effective ad campaigns, increasing the potential ...

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TikTok Ad full guide

TikTok is turning from a social network exclusively for children and teenagers into a full-fledged platform for all ages. At this stage, the prevalence of generation Z over other age ...

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TikTok Ad Types

The TikTok social network is receiving more and more attention from marketers around the world. Rapid development, evolutionary leaps every season, and the constant new features addition (sometimes even unique) ...

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How to buy TikTok account

The race for the world championship among social networks continues. Facebook Instagram has become the first position of world domination in the social sphere, whereas before Facebook actually had no ...

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