Tuesday , 20 September 2022

Affilate University

Courses on marketing

Today’s TOP 15 are the best courses in general marketing, as well as in its individual aspects. In this guide, you will find techniques of content marketing, digital and classic ...

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Successful pre-landing for Nutra

Pre-landing is an essential part of an affiliate advertising campaign, which helps to filter out bots and effectively “warm up the audience.”  The most popular website promotion ideas Personal blogs ...

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SEO in 2022, what it is

Search engine optimization has always been in the stage of permanent development. Search engine algorithms are constantly being improved, which provokes optimizers to take appropriate measures. Google is a mysterious ...

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Pinterest TV for ads

We’ve already talked about Pinterest’s ad capabilities. And also about the permanent evolution of the service, expanding the functionality of a potential advertiser and increasing convenience for customers. And Pinterest ...

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Tiktok Ad Targeting

Let’s continue our series of articles about TikTok. This platform never ceases to amaze, each developer conference presents us with new tools for creating effective ad campaigns, increasing the potential ...

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