best adult affiliate programs for webcam

Best adult affiliate programs for webcam

The adult industry and webcams in particular is one of the fastest growing markets. Just look at the number of online queries about individuals that are famous in this area. Belle Delphine, for instance, gets more queries and hits that actual pop stars, and as long as people are interested in other attractive people, be they of their own or the opposite sex, the situation is unlikely to change.

Nevertheless, we have all faced the recurring problem of finding a convenient and reliable affiliate program with suitable payout models. Webmasters often make mistakes when choosing webcam affiliate programs and waste their time on hardly the best candidates. That’s why we want to share our experience about the best practices aimed at achieving maximum profit.

In this article we’ll be looking at the most popular, and more importantly, proven webcam offers.

What are WebCam affiliate programs

There are three possible areas of focus when it comes to webcam chats affiliate programs.

  • The first is finding clients who will chat in these, well, chats. The client signs up, makes donations, you get a part of the profit. Usually from 15 to 30%.
  • The second – finding the models. The profit depends on the success of the girls. The income is about the same – 10-30%. Though many don’t find this area of work attractive or oppose it for ethical reasons.
  • The third is finding referral webmasters. Click-throughs and subsequent registrations will earn you 5-15%.

These are the average figures for the market. They slightly vary depending on which affiliate program you chose.

Why this area is profitable

The client’s solvency in the adult sphere is stable. These people, like avid gamblers, turn into regular visitors. They are interested in specific chats and often spend many tokens to satisfy their interests. For some girls this area presents a quick and fairly easy income. Therefore, the influx of webcam models is also constant. As the pressure from regulators on the adult sphere decreases, the market grows, becoming legal in new regions.

In some places it even turns into a completely legitimate business complete with large studios that pay taxes to the budgets of their countries. Therefore, by cooperating with such entities you don’t risk getting entangled in anything shady.

Now let’s look at a specific case study from one of our partners as an example:

  • Traffic source: ExoClick
  • Offer: [WEB] Bongacams / US, SE, GB
  • Flow: User Registration via Email> Conversion (SOI)
  • GEO: USA
  • Period of traffic rerouting: from July 26, 2019 to August 08, 2020.
  • Expenses: $1744.
  • Revenue: $2497.4
  • Net income: $753
  • ROI: 43%

Video About Why You Should Start Working With Webcam Affiliates

Webcam Payment Models, their differences and which one to choose

There are 4 major payment methods depending on the chosen model that can be used by affiliates.

  • CPA – cost-per-acquisition. For example, for each time a client visits the website, creates a paid account or purchases a subscription.
  • RevShare is a model in which you receive a percentage of the direct income. Usually it’s a part of the funds from made deposits.
  • CPL – cost-per-lead. Fast and easy income for the affiliate marketer.
    • DOI – for each form or questionnaire the client filled out or each time he confirmed data accuracy via email.
    • SOI – for each user that filled out a form on the site. High conversion rate for offers. . Suitable for testing on a small budget. You can easily check the performance of an offer through landing pages and creatives and to assess the effectiveness of the service and profit level.
  • CPS – cost-per-sale. For example, for each purchased premium account on a webcam website. In the extended version it’s possible to get an additional percent off the other purchases of the same client.

In the case of the webcam industry we are looking at the “3 pillars” – SOI, DOI and CPA. Each webmaster makes their choice based on the differences in payout features. For example, SOI is more easily converted and at the same time isn’t inferior to DOI in terms of payout. Another profitable option is affiliate programs where clients pay for a deposit. Such programs attract clients with money so there aren’t any issues with making a profit.

Some of the methods have a guaranteed payout. For example, if the client pays when creating or moving accounts. The interest on tokens is also profitable. A certain number or them will be given to the models as payment regardless. Though the precise size of such payment may vary significantly.

Review from LeadBit “The best sources for Adult traffic“.

Top Webcam affiliate programs

The best webcam offers for guaranteed profits:


Landing page for Bongacams
Landing page for Bongacams

The most visited webcam site in the world. Bonga was created in 2012 and is based in the Netherlands, it operates completely legally. It was one of the first in the adult industry to switch its website to secure HTTPS. According to the ALEXA rating from February 2020, the website occupied the 24th place, and in some countries it was in the top ten most popular sites. Affiliate programs – Bongacash and Bongamodels. With the Hot Mode option enabled, PPS payments can be increased by 50%. Top webmasters earn up to $ 2,000 per day.

  • Landing
  • Conversion type – The conversion flow is triggered when the user fills out the questionnaire and sends it. So, basically, when the user creates an account.
  • Hold – 15 дней.
  • Prohibited traffic source: chats, email, spam, proxy and VPN, bots, social media, as well as Incent and chatter traffic and brand building.


Landing page for MYFUNDATES
Landing page for MYFUNDATES

The site’s distinguishing feature is its focus on MILF/DILF. It’s a sort of cross between a webcam chat and a dating site. You should take into account the site’s visitors’ age group when selecting an audience that will bring you profit. Most often, these are the regulars from large dating sites and thematic forums. In other words, self-made people who have money..

  • Main payout model – CPA.
  • Flow – user data in the form of logins, passwords and emails.
  • Payout – from $6.21.
  • For desktop or mobile devices (excluding Blackberry).
  • Not allowed – users under 18 years of age, spam, email traffic.
  • Allowed traffic source – doorways, adult forums, banners, teasers, private channels, pop-ups and clickunders.
  • Hold – up to 35 days.



The website positions itself as a virtual social network for chatting about mature topics, including couples and transgenders. The site has various offers like special bundles for members, cashback, bonus programs, gift cards. The service is free by default which attracts users. The latter traditionally pay only for tokens for private chats and joining a group chat in certain modes.

  • Landing page address –
  • Registration in the affiliate program is carried out through
  • SOI/FR.
  • TIER1 and TIER2 countries.
  • Withdrawal, depending on the offer – $ 1.91 – 3.83.
  • Prohibited traffic source: social media, spam, email, as well as VPN/proxy and brand bidding.
  • Hold – 15 days.


Main landing page for IMLIVE
Main landing page for IMLIVE

The platform has been operating for over 19 years. More than 80,000 models from 20 different countries are engaged on the site. Works through the affiliate system. . Webmasters are offered a Full API that allows them to embed live chats directly into the site. The White label generator is offered. You can work through applications, drive traffic from Google and Facebook without any risks.

  • Landing
  • Payouts – from $2.55.
  • Multi-Geo.
  • All types of devices.
  • Prohibited traffic source: email and text message spam, misleading, incentive traffic.
  • Hold – 35 days.



STRIPCHAT – up to 5000 people simultaneously online. Supports VR, many categories and excellent affiliate conditions.

  • Website
  • Payout model – DOI.
  • Multi-GEO
  • Withdrawal from $4.
  • Hold – 30 дней.
  • Supports mobile devices, tablets and PCs.
  • Prohibited traffic source: incentive traffic.
case from one of our webmasters
STRIPCHAT offer case from one of our webmasters


PORN CAMS ONLINE landing page
PORN CAMS ONLINE affiliate program landing page

A large website affiliated with Bongacash. Supports all devices, including Blackberry. You can attract customers both from the Russian-speaking part of the Internet and from TIER1 countries.

  • Website
  • Conversion type – members’ registration on the website.
  • Withdrawal – from $3.98.
  • Prohibited traffic source: bots, fraud and incentive traffic.
  • Confirmation of leads once a week.

How to make money off WebCam affiliate programs

First thing’s first – identify your target audience. Needless to mention that 95% of said audience are male. You can look for them in all sorts of places. Dating sites or social media where you are permiеted to leave a link that leads to the chat’s webpage.

But you should be careful when using Facebook or Google as these companies have very strict rules concerning adult content and may ban the accounts you’re using. There are many options on how to attract customers:

  • Advertising on sites with adult content.
  • In-App advertising in mobile applications.
  • Banners and other advertisements that lead to landing pages with thematic design. other advertising. Pre-landing pages as a motivating factor. On these pages you can list the benefits for the client.

Now let’s figure out in which countries it’s better to operate a webcam affiliate program. Naturally, the most profitable are TIER1 countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK and rich EU countries. The pros are obvious, however in this region you will encounter heavy competition.

That’s why TIER2 countries deserve some attention. Yes, they are less profitable, but the population, and most importantly, the target audience, is much bigger. Competition here isn’t as stiff and the market is constantly growing. There are several regions worth paying attention to.

  • CIS countries – Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
  • Latin America – Argentina and Brazil.
  • Asia – India, Egypt, the UAE, Pakistan and Turkey.

These are all countries where the masses find the adult industry extremely appealing. Asia is a story in its own right. For example, the combined population of Indonesia, China and India make up almost half of all people on the planet.

How to choose a Webcam offer

Stop spending hours studying various affiliate programs, looking through hundreds of reviews and comments, after which people often pour all their money into advertising campaigns. Leadbit offers a more convenient solution:

  • Choosing an offer with convenient conditions.
  • The ability to find an offer for a specific region, if you know how to work with the local target audience.
  • Constant contact with the manager. Consulting on key issues. You can ask for a consultation around the clock. All contacts are listed on the website.
  • Real numbers instead of promises. At the very start you will already know what payments the affiliate program will offer you, what ROI can be expected from a specific Webcam affiliate, in a specific region, with a specific source.
  • An easy to use personal account full of features.

How much can you earn off of WebCam affiliate programs

The level of earnings depends on the work scheme you choose. In other words, depending on how passive you want your income to be. Naturally, the most paid for line of work is finding models for the chat rooms. But that’s tedious, arduous and in some countries not entirely legal.

It is also worth keeping in mind the popularity of the webcam website itself. For example, Chaturbate has a very good conversion rate and several types of payouts – for each attracted client you can get up to $100, a percentage of what they spend.

On the web it’s easy to find examples of people earning $2000 of a $1200 ad investment.These are quite real numbers that are easy to find and verify. Traditionally, for this area, the best impact on conversion rates are pop-ups and ads via instant messages (IM ads). If you have your own website (blog, tube, forum), then you can attach a live cams section to it.

Review of other affiliate programs with the best conversion according to LeadBit.

In conclusion

Experience shows that skepticism towards adult affiliate programs is unfounded. You can easily find statistics on the adult sphere in general and video chats in particular to understand that this market sector continues to grow and develop. And by covering the markets of TIER2 countries with a combined population of more than 3 billion people, it allows skilled webmasters to achieve a new level of income.

Your possible earnings depend on the model you choose. The easiest option is to receive a fixed profit for each new client who you got to fill out the form. But it is much more efficient to work on several levels at once profiting from referrals and members’ website activity, from attracting models and studios and other ways. You can learn more about them after registering.

If webcam affiliates are not suitable for you, read our review “Dating affiliate programs – which are the best offers“.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is this legal?
Depends on the particular country’s jurisdiction and your ways of making money. For instance, attracting models to chat rooms isn’t legal everywhere. But the process of directing traffic and making money off it itself isn’t a criminal activity in many countries of the world.
2. Can I find out about ready-made schemes for making money?
Yes, of course you can. That information is not classified. We talk about it in our blog. Besides, you can always ask your manager for a consultation. They’ll explain what decisions work best for promoting webcam offers.
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