Best converting affiliate offers

Best Converting Affiliate Programs

Every day webmasters fight to increase conversion rates in order to secure profit growth. They can attend events, buy courses and receive training, waste their time and money, but not get the crucial answers they so crave.

We have also encountered similar problems more than once while looking for effective partnership programs. There are lots of offers, well-designed ads with charts and everything, reviews from copywriters. But in reality many of them turned out to be nothing but coal wrapped up in a pretty wrapper.

Studying the experience of our colleagues in 2019-2020, we came to the conclusion that many people fall for these ads and that’s why we decided to share our best practices, answering along the way affiliates’ most pressing questions. Something will be of interest to beginners, and some information will be found worthy by more experienced specialists who want to save time searching for offers with good conversion rates.

Here you will be presented a selection of affiliate programs with good conversion rates through which most of our partners work, with some of them being professionals with many years of experience.

Tips for beginners – useful information at the start

We won’t beat around the bush and will just get right to the point. Conversion rates vary.Moreover, it is necessary to track them at every level of lead generation.

Each payout model has its own conversion rate. Here’s an example:

  • If an affiliate program pays per registration, then having a conversion rate of 1-2% means being perpetually strapped for cash.
  • While the same conversion rate for a model that pays per deposit doesn’t sound so bad.

Sometimes, an affiliate programs offers high conversion rates with CPL or CPA models. But the affiliate themself made mistakes when setting up the ad campaign or did not take into account the specifics of the audience when making creatives. This dooms the campaign from the start.

For example, you drive traffic to an Indian casino offer by making creatives like “1000 free spins”. This is a mistake. Ad Clicks (CTR) will be low. Accordingly, the number of clients that will actually leave a deposit will be small.

Another example using online gambling in India again is the creative “Taxi driver won a million rupees in a casino”. From experience, we can say that such an ad will receive more clicks, and accordingly deposits. A typical beginner’s mistake is that they only track the conversion rates of a paid action, whereas they need to check each stage, locate the errors and fix them.

Another important factor is approval. That is, confirmation of an order application. This is especially important for affiliate programs that move physical goods. It can be creams, fat burners, potency aids, you name it. You bring a client to an offer. Your task is for them to visit the landing page and fill out the application form. Nothing further depends on you. Then an employee of the company selling the product contacts this person. Approval is an order confirmation. You are interested in the number of such confirmations.

What are the pitfalls? For example, price tricks. For example, the landing page shows the cost of $1. But this is the price of one capsule, while the drug is sold only in packs of 10 or more capsules, and the effectiveness is promised only following a 30 day course. By announcing the full cost of the product the seller scares the client off and the deal is off. Accordingly, the affiliate marketer gets nothing.

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How to protect yourself?

  • Study the offer personally. Buy a new SIM card and pretend to be a potential buyer. Make sure the seller is not misleading buyers.
  • Consult an expert. Leadbit provides clients with a personal manager just for situations like this. They will always give you advice or answer any questions you might have.

When choosing an affiliate program it’s important to trust them. But not as important as verifying all their info.

The main principles of a good conversion rates

What factors determine conversion rates in affiliate marketing?

The simpler the offer, the higher the conversion rate

The simpler the offer (the more affordable in terms of money), the higher the probability of making money. For example, binary options, cryptocurrencies, and forex cannot be simple by default. Moreover, the standard option for pre-landing promotion may not work here, and in TIER2 countries, where there are few competent specialists in these areas, you should not expect high conversion rates.

If we talk about product offers, чаще всего – вертикаль nutra, most often the nutra vertical, then it is easier to promote the goods through landing and pre-landing pages. The offers in the, well, offers are essentially simple – “pay a specific amount and solve your problem”, but you need to first establish trust with your target audience. Not everyone will believe that a miracle pill will help you lose 10 kg in a month.

Therefore, it is important to convince a person using pre-landing pages that this really works and only then drive traffic directly to the offer. The conversion rate will depend on many factors, from reputation to traffic sources.

Dating is tricky to set up. The landing page must clearly state what exactly is this website for – dating, one night stands, webcams or something else. For each option, creatives need to be prepared separately. Mistakes can be costly. For example, creatives look like ads for something “18+”, you drive the traffic, and then there’s nothing “adult” on the landing page. The person gets the impression that he stumbled on to a regular dating site and the conversion fails already at the registration stage.

Really simple in gaming (MMO games), gambling (casinos) and betting (bookmakers). Here the pattern couldn’t be more simple – register and win. Doubts can only arise about the possibility of winning, “Will I be able to? Will I get lucky?”. The main thing is to correctly combine the creative and the landing page and these doubts won’t triumph. Bear in mind your target audience when doing this.

Like we mentioned above, if you are driving traffic to countries with a low level of prosperity, then the formula is, of course, “A success story in creatives + Money as a gift on the landing page”. If you decide to promote the offer, for example, to housewives from the Czech Republic, then free spins, free bets, etc. work quite well – “you may not win, but you can try it for free”.

The narrower the niche, the higher the conversion rate

Choose a narrow niche to reduce competition. Let’s take an adult dating affiliate program as an example. There’s stiff competition here. It’s a bit less still if it focuses on LGBT or mature categories. Focusing on a specific region will also cut the competition down a peg. This all applies to other types of programs as well.

Keep looking

In affiliate marketing, new advertisers, services, products appear, which means new market niches. Spend your time monitoring them instead of fighting with rivals in the top areas. When the first affiliate networks for cryptocurrency transactions appeared, their first clients had almost no competitors. This resulted in large profits.

The more traffic, the lower the conversion rate

For some reason, this factor is overlooked by many. The conversion rate must be observed and studied at all stages of the transaction. How to manage this when you drive A LOT of traffic? The honest answer is you can’t. Maintain balance, try using different channels. For example, driving traffic through Facebook in a small European country can work great. You decide to increase traffic flow and accordingly increase your ad budget, but the conversion rate begins to fall. This happens because the audience for your offer in this particular country, at this particular moment in time, has dried up.

Conversion rates of offers during the pandemic

Another very important point to talk about is working during the pandemic. If the city or country is quarantined, then you need to pay attention to those areas that don’t involve actually going outside. Gaming, gambling, betting and practically the entire adult sector. Weight loss products offers have also benefited from the situation, according to our data. Seems that sitting at home, sooner or later, makes people turn to caring for their bodies.

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ТOP 15+ affiliate programs with high conversion rates

Now let’s go directly to the list of affiliate programs with good conversion rates.

ТOP 3 gambling affiliate programs with the best conversion rates

Let’s have a look at the most interesting offers for webmasters and traffic arbitrage specialists interested in slot machines, online casinos and other areas of this segment. The gambling and betting sector is gradually developing even in those countries where relatively recently it was completely banned. That’s why you shouldn’t direct all your attention to TIER1 countries. CIS countries and Eastern Europe need some loving too, and they’re more than happy to compensate you for your attention.


A legal casino operating in the European market. Offers over 3500 different slots, tabletop and card games. It is a blockchain project that accepts over 25 different cryptocurrencies.

888Stars casino
Landing page for the 888Stars casino
  • The minimum deposit is merely $1. GEO – rich countries. Here people are ready to pay. Moreover, these are the holders of cryptocurrencies, who came to this website for a reason. Therefore, for them, it is but a small amount.
  • New players receive a 7 BTC bonus.
  • Prohibited traffic sources: adult traffic and motivated traffic. Therefore, it is much easier to work with specifically the target audience through the most convenient channels for them.

To summarize – a small minimum deposit, GEO for countries with wealthy citizens, a bonus, these are obvious advantages of the affiliate program. The downside is that it does not have its own landing pages. Therefore, you yourself will have to create a landing page showing all the benefits, which will lead the client to the website itself. If you redirect the player directly to the website, he will miss these advantages.


A casino created in Ukraine and aimed specifically at the CIS market. Yes, these aren’t the most solvent players, but there’s a lot of them and the flow never stops. Considering that among the accepted countries there are several states where gambling is legalized, the difficulties are even less noticeable. Plus Ukraine itself is planning on legalizing gambling. So you can look for potential clients right there.

Landing page for the Play Fortuna casino
Landing page for the Play Fortuna casino
  • There are different offers with different allowed traffic sources. It can be push-notifications, text messages, Telegram or Facebook+Instagram+Youtube, SEO+contextual ads. Many options means many possibilities to finding paying clients.
  • A small minimum deposit – around $5. It is quite an attractive offer for people with money.
  • Traffic is evaluated by two criteria – activity and repeated deposits, passing anti-fraud checks.


MostBet Casino was founded in 2009. Operates both in Russia and the CIS, and in foreign markets. Accepts 10 different types of payments. Therefore, it is interesting precisely because of the possibility of attracting traffic from various TIER2 countries.

Landing page for MostBet
Landing page for MostBet
  • Not only offers for CIS countries deserve your attention. There are interesting offers for India, an enormous fast growing market with many potential clients. Minimum deposit – Rc 300. The salary (minimum wage) in the country varies from 4450 to 17498 per month. Then again, minimum wagers don’t visit casinos often.
  • If you’re interested in traffic from Europe, there are affiliate programs for Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. These countries are guaranteed to have solvent clients.
  • The casino offers first deposit bonuses. You can find this information on the landing page.
  • Fast registration via phone. As already mentioned, the simpler the better.

ТOP 3 adult affiliate programs with the best conversion rates

Dating, webcams and other areas of the adult industry have developed well during the quarantine. While people stay at home, the number of registrations and visits is growing. Here are a few examples of such вating, webcams affiliate programs with good conversion rates.


Landing page for Dates
Landing page for Dates (a prerequisite for registering on the Sexpartners website)

A site where adults look for partners for adult things. For some these meet-ups end on a passionate note and for some they evolve into serious long-term relationships. European traffic. We’ll use the Norwegian offer as an example. Norwegians are rich and there is a wide range of options for promoting the offer.

  • Mobile/desktop request. Social media traffic. Contextual ads. PopUps and ClickUnders.
  • Payout per filled out application – email, name, username and password. Considering, that people visit these websites with a specific goal in mind, it’s pretty easy to persuade him to leave this info.
  • GEO – countries with a high standard of living.


The absolute leader in terms of traffic flow, gradually buying up other webcam websites. There are offers for TIER 1 and for the Russian market. The site is well-known, people trust it and register without any second thoughts.

Landing page for Bongacams
Landing page for Bongacams
  • Has different offers for tens of countries. Finding clients will be easy. Including those from countries with a high standard of living.
  • Payout per filled out application. Therefore, you don’t need for new members to leave a deposit in order to get your cut.


One of the most popular webcam resources with a convenient affiliate program and payouts per filled out forms. It operates in different regions and allows traffic flow from social media, contextual ads and email ads.

Landing page for Porncamsonline
Landing page for Porncamsonline
  • Approval of leads is made once a week.
  • Payout model – payment per registration.
  • Many countries with rich audiences including Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France and Israel.

ТOP 3 cryptocurrency affiliate programs with high conversion rates

Currently, cryptocurrencies and block chains are rapidly developing in some countries, while other states are trying to strangle this are through judicial means. Regardless, there’s no denying that the number of affiliate programs in this sector is growing. The sooner you enter the market, the higher your chances of earning a profit. We direct your attention only to those projects whose offers are safe and have been verified by us personally.


A popular cryptocurrency platform with automated software for traders. It’s intuitive simple, which allows even beginners to trade bitcoin. Uses market analysis algorithms. The developers are a team of experienced engineers.

Landing page for Bitcoin Evolution
Landing page for Bitcoin Evolution
  • GEO – rich countries,including Sweden, Finland, Norway and the UK.
  • Payment for the first deposit is at least $250. But considering the average entry threshold for cryptocurrency projects, this is a modest amount.
  • Prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, fraud, bots, cashback.


A platform for remote cryptocurrency mining. Created in Armenia’s free trade zone. Offers cloud mining contracts, acquisition of ASIC miners, hardware maintenance, and many more.

Landing page for ECOS offers
Landing page for ECOS offers
  • Payout model – CPL (payment per registered user). Payment size – $4 per registration.
  • The affiliate is paid when the KPI reaches 25% of the sales volume of registered users brought in by the former.
  • If the KPI is not met during the reporting period, then the affiliate gets paid 25% of the sales * $4.


A platform for beginners who want to make money off cryptocurrencies while the hype around this topic persists. There are interesting offers for Poland, Spain and several other countries.

Bitcoin era account creation page
Bitcoin era account creation page
  • Minimum deposit – $250. A modest amount for such projects.
  • Statistics in the format “total registrations + pending deposits + paid by the advertiser”.
  • When working with a target audience over 35 that is interested in MLM and similar projects and using original and well-designed creatives, the conversion rate is high.

ТOP 3 gaming affiliate programs with the highest conversion rates

When dealing with online gaming traffic, the greatest challenge are creatives. But if you manage to get the audience hooked, there hardly be any problems with the conversion rate.

Raid Shadow Legends

A formally free game. Originally an app, but has now been brought to PC.

RAID Shadow Legends registration page
RAID Shadow Legends registration page
  • TIER1 countries.
  • Register from a computer on the website. Extremely simple payout conditions.
  • Allowed traffic sources: email ads, PopUps, ClickUnder, ads in mobile apps.

Has been popular since its inception. You can make creatives offering all kinds of in-game bonuses and perks after registering by using your link.

Blade and Soul

A fantasy-themed MMORPG created in 2012.

Landing page for Blade and Soul
Landing page for Blade and Soul
  • GEO – TIER2 countries.
  • Payout per download.
  • Desktop only.
  • Allowed traffic sources: social media, contextual ads, PopUps, ClickUnder.

The game has been out for a while and is well-known. Payout per download – a good conversion rate.


Landing page for RIFT
Landing page for RIFT
  • GEO – great offers for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  • Desktop users.
  • Payout per registration with confirmed email.
  • Allowed traffic sources: social media, contextual ads, PopUps, ClickUnder.
  • KPI – 10% retention for 7 days.

ТOP 3 weight loss affiliate programs with the best conversion rates

Nutrition affiliate networks are equally interesting in terms of conversion rates. Here are some examples weight loss affiliate programs.


A popular dietary supplement for the joints. Sold through the manufacturer’s official website. The target audience are middle-aged people and the elderly.

Landing page for Optimove
Landing page for Optimove

General information:

  • GEO – Eastern Europe, the Balkan States, Italy, Greece. Has several interesting offers for TIER1 countries.
  • Target audience – elderly EU citizens. Quite solvent.
  • Almost all traffic sources are accepted.

You can make some interesting creatives. Both in the form of landing pages with embedded video, and in the format of advertising in social networks.


Naturally based capsules against alcohol dependence.

Landing page for Alcozeron
Landing page for Alcozeron
  • GEO – TIER1, TIER2 countries.
  • Payout per confirmed application.
  • Prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, brokered traffic, cashback, toolbar.

Currently, the in thing is leading a healthy lifestyle, not drinking, so, many people are already motivated. They don’t want to go to a psychologist or get coded. They need a fast and easy solution. Landing pages, email ads, videos and ads in social media work well.


Landing page for NICOZERO
Landing page for NICOZERO

A product to combat nicotine addiction.

  • Has offers for Eastern Europe and TIER1 countries.
  • A huge audience due to the popularization of healthy lifestyles in the region.
  • Prohibited sources of traffic: motivated traffic, cashback, toolbar, brokered traffic.

TOP 3 men’s products affiliate programs with the best conversion rate

An always relevant niche with a high conversion rate.


A product (cream) for enlarging the male genital organ.

Landing page for Gigant
Landing page for Gigant
  • Different GEO, from North Macedonia to Switzerland.
  • The audience is huge, as the product supposedly solves a widespread male problem. The target audience is over 35.
  • Payment per confirmed order.
  • Interesting creatives, including on Youtube, combined with the low withdrawal limit, it is convenient to make money.


A remedy for combating erectile dysfunction. According to the developer, it has a positive effect on libido, erection, improves the quality of intimate life.

Landing page for Erosept
Landing page for Erosept
  • Payout – a percentage of sales (confirmed orders).
  • Most traffic sources are allowed, including doorways, Youtube, contextual ads and social media. Both desktop and mobile traffic.
  • A lot of people are already motivated, you just need to find them.


Another product, the creators of which promise penis enlargement without surgery. Make sure the audience is 18+ to avoid sanctions!

Лендинг BLanding page for Bigboy with the product’s benefits
Landing page for Bigboy with the product’s benefits
  • GEO – depends on the offer, there are separate for TIER1 and TIER2 countries.
  • Payout per confirmed order.
  • Prohibited traffic sources: cashback, toolbar, motivated traffic, brokered traffic.

Although goods for men generate profit from sales only, this is a demanded product that, if the target audience is chosen correctly, provides an excellent conversion rate.

How to improve an affiliate program’s conversion rate

There are several simple tips:

  • Focus only on the target traffic.
  • Come up with interesting and original ads and creatives.
  • Optimize your ad.
  • Don’t forget about approval.

In many cases, actual traffic matters less than revenue. Revenue should exceed the expenses, taking into account also your time expenses.

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Looking for additional channels to promote your goods or services? Read “Best traffic sources for affiliate marketing“.


1. What programs and online services are used to check conversion rates in affiliate marketing?
There are several convenient services that are suitable for determining the effectiveness of affiliate programs. For example, the Salematics administration platform provides tools for administering and tracking the conversion parameters of affiliate programs. Also, interesting opportunities are provided by the system, which uses machine learning technology. This is a great tracker for affiliate marketers and webmasters. Another powerful tracker with extensive functionality –
2. Is it possible to check the actual conversion rate of the affiliate program?
Definitely yes. The simplest and most obvious solution is to contact your manager and check with them. If you want to do it yourself, just do a test of advertising channels. Just with a time and budget limit. The limits depend on the affiliate program itself, the chosen niche and the level of creativity of the approach.
3. Does GEO influence conversion rates?
Newbies regularly fall into the trap of overlooking regional specifics. What works well in TIER1 countries may result in losses in some TIER2 countries. Somewhere too high a minimum deposit or the mentality of the population does not allow promoting a specific type of product, for example, an adult affiliate program.
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