best weight loss affiliate programs

Best weight loss affiliate programs

Almost all countries in the world have built a cult around the idea of needing to have a healthy, slender body. People are willing to pay however much is necessary to get rid of those extra pounds and acquire the forms they so cherish. Because of this all kinds of dietary supplements that help to lose weight have taken a leading position among the offers of multilingual affiliate programs.

The high demand has influenced the number of offers, the quality of which varies significantly. In 2019-2020 it has become obvious that webmasters do not always choose the optimal weight loss affiliate programs. That’s why we decided to share our experience and create a detailed guide that ensures maximum profit.

In this article we will share the intricacies of the way the Nutra vertical works. We will also tell you about 11 weight loss affiliate programs, to which more than 85% of our affiliates and webmasters successfully drive traffic.

Such offers sell themselves as they solve a burning issue. Since excess weight fills people’s lives with stress, and they seek to eliminate it by any means necessary.

Why the vertical is profitable

In this niche, the main thing is to find the best offer and choose the options from which it is most profitable to drive traffic. You should base your approach on figuring out how much you want to earn and how quickly you want to earn it. For those new to arbitration who don’t want to bother too much, the beauty and health niche is the simplest, most profitable area.

Nutra (Health & Beauty) is a profitable vertical. You can easily verify that statement with the help of Google Trends and Yandex Wordstat. Just enter any phrase relating to weight loss and the system will show you a lot of search queries.

In 2019, the reputable organization Global Wellness Institute conducted a large-scale market study. Statistics claim that $575 billion worth of dietary supplements are sold every year. You could even just ask your friends whether they want to purchase a product that burns fat. It immediately becomes clear that the demand is huge. And high demand promises high income.

Global Wellness Institute statistics
Global Wellness Institute statistics

Video About the Popularity of the Health Niche and Types of Affiliate Programs in it

Features of weight loss offers traffic

Weight loss products traffic has many features you should keep in mind. Despite it being an extremely profitable area, without proper preparation it will be profitable only in theory. So, what is the most important to understand to ensure the desired ROI? The answer – the target audience, seasonality and GEO.

Target audience

The target audience for weight loss affiliate programs is comprised 90% of women aged 25+. We have seen from our own experience that it is the most convertible. Women act on emotions, are easily manipulated and more readily buy without giving it much thought. If a skilled manager guides them through it, the sale is made almost instantly.

When making creatives, you need to take into account the characteristic traits of a specific age category. Women aged 25-30 are interested in self-perfection. They want to look better than they do because it’s healthy and fashionable. Women aged 30-45 care about the opposite sex paying attention to them. They respond well to pictures with couples and families. Women over 45 focus on preserving their youth. Proper triggers can multiply sales.


There is always demand for weight loss offers, which is their main advantage. But there is still a certain factor of seasonality present. For example, before beach seasons when girls are trying to make their body flawless. This is the time to make the biggest profit. During the rest of the year you’ll need to test out offers, bundles, and creatives.


Each country has its own peculiar mentality. It’s not worth directing weight loss offers traffic into Arab countries, since the women there don’t really control the purse strings, so to speak, and don’t pay as much attention to their appearance (though there are exceptions to this rule). In Northern countries it’s important to time your offers correctly or else you risk missing the beach season and hitting rock bottom. Warm TIER1 countries, especially Italy, Spain and France, are an almost literal goldmine.

TIER2 countries are also suitable, among which attention should be paid to Vietnam or Romania. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are also not a bad choice. Just don’t forget to bear in mind the country’s residents’ purchasing power. While, for example, people in TIER1 countries are willing to pay $50 for weight loss wonder-pills, for Russian-speaking audiences that price is a bit too steep.

Top 10+ weight loss affiliate programs

We value our reputation, so we carefully select only high-quality affiliate programs. We understand that we are accountable to our partners.Among the variety of LeadBit offers, we have selected the best weight loss offers according to the data for 2020.

Ideal (Slim)

Ideal (Slim)
Ideal (Slim)

Ideal (Slim) drops are notable for their large number of landing and pre-landing pages for an adaptive and mobile version. The product is designed for residents of Singapore, it is priced at 49 SGD, which corresponds to $36. The conversion rate is high, with each confirmed application you’ll receive $26.

Keto Diet

Keto Diet
Keto Diet

Keto Diet is a well-known product. The offer contains many versions of landing pages and layouts adapted for different countries. The payout varies from $10 to $30 depending on the country. Leads from Kosovo and Albania are the cheapest, and the most expensive are from Switzerland.

It is important to target an audience over 35 years of age, otherwise the advertiser will impose sanctions.



Dietonus has many adapted versions for most of the TIER1 countries. Payouts are made after the user’s application is confirmed, it is $15-30, depending on the country from which the traffic flows. The most profitable option is Switzerland. Dietonus is a well established brand and is considered one of the leaders in the area.



The dietary supplement Chocofit is incredibly popular in Vietnam due to its unique properties and pleasant taste. The price is also acceptable by the standards of the eastern market – 590,000 ₫, which is almost $26. Each confirmed order earns $12-14. Thanks to well-done landing pages and pre-landing pages, the conversion rate is quite high.

One-Two Slim

One-Two Slim
One-Two Slim

The world famous slimming product One-Two Slim is sold for 49 EUR. The offer has several landing pages and pre-landing pages adapted for various European countries. With a confirmed application, you can earn from $13 to $25, depending on the country. It is better to drive traffic from teaser networks – they increase the payout.

Chocolate Slim

Chocolate Slim
Chocolate Slim

Chocolate Slim is a customer favorite. It has perfectly designed landing pages, adapted for each country. The conversion rate is unusually high. You can work with it in Estonia, Croatia, Portugal, Cyprus and many other European countries. A confirmed application brings in from $10 to $25.



Fitospray has a wide geography of distribution. It is sold in both TIER1 and TIER2 countries. The disadvantage of the second option lies in the low payout rates. If for a confirmed application from a TIER1 country you can earn $14-22, with TIER2 countries it’s only $6. But the market is new and fresh and there’s barely any competition.

The audience in all cases has to be people over 35 years old.



The Slim4Vit slimming product was created for the Italian, Austrian, German and Spanish markets. Each confirmed application brings in from $30 to $34. The range of landing pages and layouts is small, but tried-and-true. Slim4Vit is already an established brand, which is why it is sold without any problems and quickly pays off.

Candy Diet

Candy Diet
Candy Diet

The Candy Diet candies are designed for the Italian market. The healthy sweet is made all-natural and costs 39 EUR, which explains its popularity. The offer includes two responsive landing pages and three pre-landing pages. For a confirmed application, they pay $16.



The older generation prefers Reduslim capsules. The offer is adapted for Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy. For each confirmed application, you can get from $ 16 to $ 25.



Idealis capsules are adapted for Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany. There is almost no choice of landing pages and pre-landing pages, so you have to be creative. But for each confirmed application, they pay from $30 to $34.

  • Website/Landing page:
  • Pre-landing pages:
  • Payout model/payment size: CPA, 30-34 $
  • Allowed traffic sources: mobile ads, ad networks, email ads, social media, contextual ads, PopUp/ClickUnder, doorways, apps, adult трафик, SEO, banners, branded traffic, push-notifications, teaser networks, Youtube
  • Prohibited traffic sources: fraud and scams, motivated traffic, incorrect GEO and the target audience’s age, broker traffic, Cashback, Toolbar
  • Hold: 7-10 days
  • Cookie lifetime: 30 days

Best keto affiliate programs here.

Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs 2020

Offer GEO Payout model Minimum payout
Ideal (Slim) Singapore CPA 26 $
Keto Diet TIER1/TIER2 CPA 10-30 $
Dietonus TIER1 CPA 15-30 $
Candy Diet Italy CPA 16 $
Reduslim TIER1 CPA 16-25 $
Idealis Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy CPA 30-34 $
Slim4Vit Germany, Austria, Spain, Italyя CPA 30-34 $
Chocofit Vietnam CPA 12-14 $
One-Two Slim TIER1 CPA 13-25 $
Fitospray TIER1/TIER2 CPA 6-25 $
Chocolate Slim TIER1 CPA 10-25 $

How to make money in the health and beauty niche

Once you pick an offer you need to decide on the best way to advertise it. In other words, how to get the maximum number of applications and spend the least amount of money. You need to find the optimal traffic source, create a creative link, set up a tracker. Only after all these steps can you launch an offer and track the results.

Best traffic sources for weight loss offers

The best sources of traffic for weight loss affiliates are push notifications, native ads, and Facebook. Push notifications work great with German and Austrian audiences. For these countries, most grids have high CPC and CPM. Native advertising is closer to the residents of the CIS, and Facebook to Europeans and Americans. Although we encourage you to experiment. Sometimes unusual and bold decisions can lead to unparalleled results.

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Best creatives/bundles for weight loss affiliate programs

Without pre-landing pages, advertising for weight loss products does not work. When potential buyers are poured directly onto a landing page the results turn out poor. People, influenced by their emotions might leave the application, sure, but are unlikely to actually come back and buy the product. But if before that they are “buttered up” with the help of pre-landing pages, sales rates grow rapidly.

In native advertising, screaming intriguing headlines always stand out, like “How to lose 13 kg without a heavy diet”, “I got rid of 17 kg in 2 months”, “In order to lose 10 kg, all you need to do is…”. The target audience quickly becomes involved in this game and follows the link with interest.

Native advertising
Native advertising

Advertising on Facebook is a bit more difficult. Its users react equally positively or equally negatively to pictures and videos. Therefore, one wrong move and the whole ad campaign goes down hill. You need to be careful, experiment, and fine-tune your targeting.

People respond well to “Before” and “After” photos, with the “Before” being a hideous fat woman and the “After” being her slender cute counterpart. Or cups of tea and capsules scattered around. You can also use pictures of nature, family, citrus fruits. Many people associate a juicy fresh orange or lemon with a healthy lifestyle.

Before and after
Before and after

When using push-notifications you’re forced to combine different options. Buyers are interested in bellies which change from unpleasant fat layers to strong abs. Or in women drinking water. Water symbolizes transformation, health, therefore, subconsciously, users perceive a glass of clean liquid in a positive light.

Video on How to Make Money in the Health Niche and What Strategies You Can Use to do So

The headlines should put emphasis on words related to weight loss, as well as numbers. The number of kilograms, time limits, how many years the woman lived in stress etc. Each number affects the conversion rate. But don’t forget to sprinkle some words in there too. It’s useful to put famous people into the ads as well.

Before and after-2
Multiple creatives can be combined

How much can you earn: real cases

Here are three case studies that will help you understand what you need to do in order to succeed as fast as possible.

Case №1

  • GEO: Romania
  • Period of traffic flow: 9 days
  • Traffic source: Facebook (target)
  • Expenses: $1328
  • Revenue: $3473
  • Profit: $2145

Initially, two accounts were created through which the traffic flowed into layouts and landing pages taken from the affiliate program. In each ad account one campaign with a daily budget of $250 was set up. The target audience were women over the age of 28. The first leads cost about $0.7, but each day their price increased.

When it reached almost $9 per lead the accounts had to be closed. In 9 days we managed to raise the approval rate to 67%, which gave an excellent ROI. The net benefit was twice the amount spent on advertising. Despite the fact that the creatives were not applied, there was no need to bother too much.

Case №2

  • Offer: Dietonus
  • GEO: Spain
  • Period of traffic flow: 13 days
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • Expenses: $1797
  • Revenue: $4579
  • Profit: $2782

For this case one of the best international weight loss offers was chosen — Dietonus. We started by opening and filling out two accounts. Then, when the ground was ready, an ad campaign was created. It was aimed at women aged 30-47.

Placement and the price were left untouched, only the clicks were paid for, each one worth $0.1. The CTR was up 4-5%. Leads appeared almost immediately. They cost $ 1.4 each. We were satisfied with the ROI of 155%.

Case №3

  • Offers: FitoSpray, Dietonus, REDUSLIM
  • GEO: Europe, CIS countries
  • Period of traffic flow: 20 days
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • Expenses: ~ $120,000
  • Revenue: $200,000
  • Profit: ~ $80,000

We created three accounts for each offer in different languages. Traffic was tuned to:

  • Moldova;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Belarus;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Germany;
  • Italy.

For each offer, a different audience was selected. The Belarusian proposal was aimed at women aged 45-66. In Germany, the age was slightly lowered.

Traffic flowed using the CPM model with an unlimited budget for maximum exposure. The price of exposure to 1000 people did not exceed $1. New creatives were constantly being created. Pre-landing pages were adapted to specific countries: reviews, prices and shipping info details were changed. The result pleased everyone who took part in the endeavour.


1. Are there weight loss affiliate programs for TIER3 countries?
Not really. The reason is that affiliates don’t want to get involved with the region. Perhaps these particular countries will turn out to be quite profitable. We can provide individual offers upon request. We can even experiment along with you and pioneer into the great unknown.
2. Can you make money off such products during the pandemic?
Oddly enough, yes. Although people don’t go outside, they continue to keep their bodies in shape. During a pandemic, we recommend only swapping triggers. Sales, as practice shows, remain the same.
3. Is it possible to profit off such affiliate programs without a website about sports, healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition etc.?
Yes, of course. There’s a colossal number of traffic sources. Among our partners there are many who work with the help of contextual advertising, email newsletters and targeting to social media accounts. Having a popular blog or promoted group will help you earn faster and more. But all the options are worth trying.
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