keto affiliate programs

Keto affiliate programs

Any properly organized affiliate program will provide good results, regardless of the vertical. And yet there are certain categories that work flawlessly, and you probably already know about this.

For example, the niche of weight loss products. It does not lose its relevance and is always in demand. But if green coffee or Goji berries with weight loss properties aren’t enough to attract clients anymore, then Keto offers are a new trend in the slimming niche. But is it possible to make a profit off these affiliate programs? What ROI can you squeeze out and is it worth working with Keto offers at all? It’s hard to get answers to these questions without trying the offers out. We have carried out serious analytical work, thanks to which we can share useful information with you.

In this article, we will tell you what Keto affiliate programs are, and give examples of their most popular offers. You will also find out why Keto is so popular today and how to make money off it (we’ll tell you about the target audience, creatives, best traffic sources best traffic sources and landing pages).

A general description of Keto affiliate programs

So what do Keto programs offer the end consumer? Consumers receive a unique product at a favorable price, which allows them to solve their excess weight problems. Keto is also ahead of all other weight loss affiliate programs currently on the market.

There’s a second pandemic happening as we speak, the world has “Keto-fever”. People buy this product, believe in its effectiveness, and lose weight. In the end, they get what they were looking for. Then the “word of mouth effect” is triggered, the circle of stakeholders becomes wider.

Another advantage is that weight loss products are always in demand regardless of the time of year. And Keto offers are no exception. There are special peaks in popularity before and after the Holiday season and before the start of summer holidays.

TOP 5 Keto affiliate programs 2020

Here are some specific examples of Keto affiliate program offers.

Slim T-3 Keto

Slim T-3 Keto offer
Slim T-3 Keto offer

One of the most effective weight loss drugs. Due to its easy absorption and quick effect, consumer demand for this product is high.

The product contains natural ingredients and plant extracts. They not only break down fats, but also help prevent the return of those extra pounds. This fact further fuels the interest of potential buyers in Slim T-3 Keto capsules.

  • Landing page:
  • Payout model: СРА
  • Payment size: from $120
  • GEO: UK
  • Allowed traffic sources: websites, mobile ads, contextual ads, doorways, social media, ad networks, apps, SEO, banners, branded traffic, PopUp/ClickUnder, YouTube
  • Prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, brokered traffic, Toolbar, Cashback
  • Hold: no more than 90 days

Keto Garcinia

Landing page for Keto Garcinia
Landing page for Keto Garcinia

These are effective slimming capsules. The composition contains exclusively natural substances. Taking the drug allows you to restore metabolic processes in the body in a short time and quickly lose weight. This is achieved due to the fact that the active components affect the activation and release of a special substance in the liver. They help to normalize metabolism and get rid of those extra pounds.

This is what determines the popularity of this product among customers. They get quick results without diets and exercise. And the idea of one’s own fats being converted into energy, accelerating the process of losing weight, prompts people to purchase the product.

  • Landing page:
  • Payout model: СРА
  • Payment size: from $20
  • GEO: Romania
  • Allowed traffic sources: websites, mobile ads, contextual ads, doorways, social media, ad networks, apps, SEO, banners, branded traffic, PopUp/ClickUnder, YouTube
  • Prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, brokered traffic, Toolbar, Cashback
  • Hold: no more than 90 days

Ketony Slim

Landing page for Keto Diet
Landing page for Keto Diet

A unique remedy that is much more effective than the previous drug. Breaks down fats, dulls the feeling of hunger, normalizes the body’s processes. The result is visible after 1 week of taking it.

It is based on plant extracts that do an excellent job of burning fat. Moreover, some of the substances are quite rare. Thanks to the use of the drug, the person loses weight while at the same time not needing to resort to diets or to exhaust themself with training. This is what attracts potential buyers.

  • Website/Landing page:
  • Pre-landing page:
  • Payout model: СРА
  • Payment size: from $14
  • GEO: Indonesia
  • Allowed traffic sources: websites, mobile ads, contextual ads, doorways, social media, ad networks, apps, SEO, banners, branded traffic, PopUp/ClickUnder, YouTube
  • Prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, brokered traffic, Toolbar, Cashback.

Keto Diet

Landing page for Keto Diet
Landing page for Keto Diet

This is the most popular drug for fast and effective weight loss among consumers from various countries. The weight loss process is pretty quick. It is roughly divided into 4 stages.

The first is preparatory (the body is adjusting itself to convert energy from its own fat deposits). At the second stage, an active breakdown of fats occurs. The third stage involves enhanced lipid resorption. On the fourth – a silhouette is formed, the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic. Thanks to such a unique process, this tool is of interest among consumers.

  • Website/Landing page:
  • Pre-landing page:
  • Payout model: СРА
  • Payment size: up to $50
  • GEO: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Estonia, Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Italy, Macedonia, Vietnam, Portugal
  • Allowed traffic sources: websites, mobile ads, contextual ads, doorways, social media, ad networks, apps, SEO, banners, branded traffic, PopUp/ClickUnder, YouTube
  • Prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, brokered traffic, Toolbar, Cashback
  • Hold: no more than 90 days

Keto SS/Keto Bodytone

Keto SS/ Keto Bodytone affiliate program
Keto SS/ Keto Bodytone affiliate program

This is a premium-class weight loss drug. The composition includes beta-hydroxybutyric acid, which actively breaks down fats. Its main advantage is a targeted effect on the hips, buttocks, and abdomen.

A unique feature of this product is that the substances included in it protect the body from regaining the extra weight after the treatment. Note that it is this fact that prompts the consumer to make a purchase.

  • Website/Landing page:
  • Payout model: СРА
  • Payment size: from $90
  • GEO: USA
  • Allowed traffic sources: websites, mobile ads, contextual ads, doorways, social media, ad networks, apps, SEO, banners, branded traffic, PopUp/ClickUnder, YouTube
  • Prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, brokered traffic, Toolbar, Cashback
  • Hold: no more than 90 days

For an overview of other niches see here.

Keto’s popularity

To talk about the popularity of Keto offers, here are statistics from search queries.

Yandex browser query statistics
Yandex browser query statistics


  • 12 512 queries in just one month for the word Keto;
  • Queries for Keto and other key words also showed high results (3 157, 2 396 and so on);
  • The combination of keywords “Keto diet” deserves special attention – 156,119 requests per month.


Google Query Statistics
Google Query Statistics

In this case, as you can see, there are even more search queries. On average, from 100,000 to 1 million per month.

Let’s see what the statistics on social media mentions shows:

Social media mention statistics
Social media mention statistics

This is just one incomplete day. Moreover, the mentions were mainly recorded on Facebook:

Facebook mentions of Keto
Facebook mentions of Keto

Keto is also talked about on Twitter and Instagram:

Twitter mentions of Keto
Twitter mentions of Keto

Keto blogs are created all over the world. Look at their popularity:

Screenshot from SimilarWeb
Screenshot from SimilarWeb – traffic driven to a blog about Keto from different regions

Here we can evaluate the performance in relation to GEO. The main traffic is from the US, but there are also visitors from the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Screenshot from SimilarWeb-1
Screenshot from SimilarWeb – traffic driven to a blog about Keto from social. networks

And here you can evaluate the best traffic sources. Facebook is in the lead.

In the same way, we have monitored several dozen resources. There is only one conclusion – Keto’s offers work great. And now is the best time to start working with them. Moreover, the popularity of this product is noted all over the world.

Video Why Weight Loss Programs are Very Popular and How Much Money They Can Bring

How to make money off Keto affiliate programs

Weight loss offers have always been profitable, and they will bring you income if you learn how to correctly identify your target audience, choose the most suitable creatives and set up traffic sources and landing pages. Therefore, in order to understand how to make money off Keto affiliate programs, we will analyze each point in detail.

Target audience of Keto offers

Our observations have shown that women are mainly interested in such products. They account for over 80% of all customers. The age group is quite wide here. Therefore, you can safely tailor ads to the range from 18 to 60 years old.

It should not be ruled out that with age, the values and goals of the end consumer undergo changes.

Based on that, you should play around with the numbers by dividing the entire intended audience into certain categories:

  • 25-30 years old – about 5%;
  • 30-45 years old – about 45-46%;
  • 45-50 years old – 21%;
  • 51-60 years old – 26-28%.

And this includes both men and women (about 19 and 81%).

But let’s move on. Take into account the clients’ “sore spots”:

  • The fight against their “inner sloth”. This also includes self-pity. What does this mean? A simple unwilligness to task your poor and tired body with physical exercises after a long and difficult day at work.
  • Not enough time to take care of their bodies.
  • Lack of finances to spend on fitness clubs or a healthy lifestyle. All that’s pretty expensive (and the “inner sloth” doesn’t help here either).
  • Stress, depression, which have already become the norm and a kind of integral part of everyday life. Usually people drown their stress in food.
  • An uncontrolable love of junk food (they just can’t pass up that burger).

But there may be other key points here, which should not be overlooked either. For example, basic ignorance of the simplest weight loss processes. This means that the only correct solution in this case for a person is a complete refusal to eat, hunger strike, exhausting training

This also includes hormonal changes in the body (a sharp and seemingly random gain of excess weight), a predisposition or metabolic disorder. And improper treatment ordered by the docs and dieticians.

So, having determined the audience’s age and sex and having recognized the “sore spots” of the end consumer, it’s time to determine the motivation. This is an important point in making money off Keto offers.

What will force them to make a purchase

  • A complete external transformation. And here society’s stereotypes play a big role. According to them, overweight people don’t live up to the “accepted norms”. This makes them feel uncomfortable. Overweight people start getting thoughts like “I want to be like him/her”. As for the “elderly” category, it is concerned with preserving its physical capabilities (so that it is easier to walk, run, play with grandchildren, work, garden, and so on).
  • A healthy and renewed body. The focus here is on energy and youthfullness. Also keep in mind that overweight people usually suffer from joint pains, high blood pressure and shortness of breath. This motivation is aimed at defeating one’s “inner sloth”.
  • A new way of life, its radical change. Is each new day “Groundhog Day”? An exponentially increasing snowball of problems? Halt! It’s time to stop it and start living the life of your dreams. It is this message of motivation that most often works best. Emphasis should be placed on the fact that a person can prove to themself and to others that he is capable of more. The key goal is to obtain the desired results that will be reflected in other areas of life.

Be sure to check out the creatives that work best with Keto offers.


They are to some extent intertwined with motivational messages. The selection of visuals for creatives is one of the most important points when dealing with this problem.

Successful titles and descriptions

A guaranteed result is the thing you should focus on. Here, it is necessary to specifically mention that after some time of using the drug (the shortest period possible) the user will notice visible results. Such a move increases the credibility of the proposed product and increases the user’s interest in it. As a result, the CTR grows.

Headline formulas that sell

Keep in mind that all elements of striking content (titles and descriptions) should be as concise as possible, but still contain all the necessary info. The title should be 4-6 words and the description about 30-45 symbols.

Let’s take a look the formulas that work with Keto offers.

The first category of headings – time limits:

  • “Product” + “Time”. Example for an affiliate program: “Keto capsules: lose 5 kg in a week.”
  • “Time” + “Detail”. Example for an affiliate program: “In just a week lose 5 kg without diets.”
  • “Problem” + “Time”. Ask a rhetorical quesiton. Example for an affiliate program: “Want to lose weight in one week?”

Second category – mention the benefit:

  • “Benefit” + “Time”. Example for an affiliate program: “Lose weight in time for the Holidays in 7 days.”
  • “Verb” + “Product” + “Benefit”. Example for an affiliate program: “Lose 7 kg with Keto (or “without diets”).”
  • “Benefit” + “Product”. Ask a rhetorical quesiton. Example for an affiliate program: “How quickly do you lose weight with Keto?”
  • “Verb” + “Benefit”. Again, ask a rhetorical quesiton. Example for an affiliate program: “How to lose weight without grueling training?”
  • “Verb” + “Effort-free” + “Product”. Example for an affiliate program: “Lose weight effortlessly with Keto capsules.”

It is very important here to combine headlines with reinforcing descriptions. Something like:

  • “The drug stimulates …”;
  • “The extra kilos won’t reappear even …”
  • “Keto’s active ingredients convert fat into energy all thanks to …”.

When promoting Keto offers, it is important to make it clear to the end consumer that this product is not only effective, but also provides a certain benefit to the person.

Third category – speed:

  • “Product” + “Fast”. Example for an affiliate program: “Keto – the fastest possible loss of excess weight”.
  • “Important announcement” + “For who”. Example for an affiliate program: “An important announcement for men/women.”
  • “Fast results” + “Benefit”. Here we as a question. Example for an affiliate program: “Want to quickly get rid of 5 kg?”. In this case, add something like this in the description: “An innovative way to lose weight without training or diets.”

For this vertical, creatives are “classic”. The best option is a photo before and after, how it was and how it is now. How do you achieve this? With the help of Keto.

If in title slogans you urge the end consumer to forget about calories, then visual content containing fruits, vegetables, thematic pictures with the measurement of weight, volume or calories will be the ideal solution.

Attracting attention and proposals in the style of “no diets”, “no training”, “no effort” is also a good idea. Questions also interest the audience: “Are you ready for the summer?”

The only recommendation for promoting Keto offers is to not use shock content. Better to use unusual, creative and interesting visuals for push notifications.

And here it is worth using effective bundles:

  • story + famous character (actor, singer, blogger, participant in a reality show);
  • seasonality (we focus on this). That is, we talk about “the summer”, “New Year” and more.
  • deadline + unusual properties of simple products.
  • “Conspiracy theories”. For example: “doctors do not share this information … pharmacies are hiding … the method has been kept secret for several years …”
  • Doctor’s advice. The oppossite of the previous point: famous nutritionists and fitness trainers recommend our product.
  • “Sore spots” (we talked about this in detail above).
  • Before and after cases. A story about a girl “from the village” who was abandoned by her fiancé or nobody ever paid attention to her.

These headlines mix extremely well with Keto’s content.

Trafic sources

Great traffic comes from:

  • Search engines (SEO and contextual advertising). Considering the fact that Keto diets are already very popular today, anyone who intelligently sets up ads will be able to quickly get customers from search engines.
  • Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte. Odnoklassniki, YouTube) and forums. The thing is that the information published on social networks today inspires great trust among users. Therefore, you can actively drive traffic from there without any problems.
  • Mailing ads. This allows you to specifically target your, well, target audience. Among the advantages of the method, we would like to single out the unlimited amount of information that you can provide potential buyers with;
  • Banners. The main feature of this traffic source is the brightness and direct visual communication with prospective consumers.

Also, don’t exclude branded traffic and ads in apps. This is what consumers are especially actively choosing nowadays.

Landing pages

Technically, we’ve already touched upon this topic in the previous part of the article. Usually, you don’t need to create landing pages from scratch since your employer provides ready-made ones. But learning to distinguish good landing pages from bad ones is an absolute must. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at landing pages by looking at specific Keto offers.

Take Keto Diet, for example. Landing pages should be emphasized as follows.

Result speed

The consumer themself will notice after a short period of time how long it takes the main components of the product to do their thing, as well as the efficiency of burning the fat.

Keto landing page screenshot
Keto landing page screenshot

Before and after examples

Example of before and after Keto photos
Example of before and after Keto photos

It is imperative that the emphasis is placed on the fact that before Keto, various methods were used, but nothing helped. Only Keto did.

This is just one Keto offer. But, technically, other positions also contain similar points to build customer confidence.

Let’s summarize all of the above. So, in order to improve the landing page conversion rate, you need to:

  • experiment with headlines and special offers;
  • post reviews or refer to real life stories;
  • optimize the lead form;
  • isolate the landing page;
  • regularly test CTA elements. It is recommended to focus on the relevance and value of the offer to the consumer.

And the main advantage of Keto offers is that they provide ready-made solutions that you just need to implement in your work.

A Video on How to Make Money in Weight Loss Affiliate Programs Using Custom Keto Diet as an Example

Cases for making money off Keto affiliate networks

Social networks are the best solution when it comes to promoting Keto offers. In particular, Facebook works well with weight loss offers in general. Let’s look at the simplest example.

One of our partners agreed to share the following case study:

  • He decided to pour traffic on the exclusive Keto product. This gave him the opportunity to get higher odds and an approximate rate for Macedonia of about $10-15. This GEO was chosen only due to the fact that this traffic on Facebook is very cheap.
  • Target – women 30+, mobile devices.
  • Used the creatives that they were provided with..
  • Made the pre-landing page themselves.

As a result of all these actions, our partner managed to get a good CTR (4.5%) and an excellent CR. In the minimum period of time (no more than 1 month), more than 21,000 clicks were made, and the net profit on accepted payments was more than $3,700. And this is just one thread.


1. What are the best regions to promote Keto offers?
In fact, Keto products are worth being promoted accros different GEOs. Of course, Keto offers are currently especially popular in the CIS countries. There’s been an especially noticeable excitement over our products in Kazakhstan. But that doesn’t imply that we’re abandoning European and other Western countries. And if working witht the latter takes effort, optimizing the work process with Europe is fairly simple.
2. Is it possible to make money off Keto if I have a small website or a group in a social network?
Yes. And this is due to the fact that Keto offers provide a complete set of tools. The necessary traffic can be obtained even with a small number of audience in social networks, blog, website.
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