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Best dating affiliate programs

Best dating affiliate programs

Trying to pick a dating affiliate program? Dozens of case studies from successful affiliate marketers in the online dating area have been published online. Popular affiliate networks put forward hundreds of offers with attractive terms. In practice however, there is a lot of competition hiding behind those pretty numbers. Newbies and their attempts to make money are blown away by the harsh rules of ad networks.

Even if you manage to somewhow catch a break, your ads dissolve in the thousands of your compertitors ads. What can you do to avoid pouring your traffic into the void? Is there any point in even trying out this area?

“Dating worked 20 years ago and it’ll still be working 20 years from now ”. Experienced affiliate marketers, webmasters, and search engine analysts all agree with this statement. We in the LeadBit partner network have repeatedly been witness to errors and difficulties our partners were having and have carefully studied their actions. We have tested this niche out and know in which GEOwhich affiliate programs work better.

We compiled a list of the most effective creatives and channels. We hope our experience will help you earn a profit.

Dating most often refers to dating sites, though sometimes it also includes one night stand sites or videochat sites with naked girls

In this article, we’ll also tell you about the top 15 most popular affiliate programs, with excellent conversion rates, ROI data for 2020. Well tell you what strategies to use. But first things first.

Dating affiliate programs

When people hear the word dating, most imagine a normal dating site, which people use to meet other people that works like a social network. In reality it’s a much broader niche. The Dating segment includes:

  • White-hat dating sites (or Mainstream), where people really get to know each other, find friends or even a life partner;
  • Sites for finding brides from Tier 2 or Tier 3 countries for wealthy grooms from the USA, Germany or other countries from the Tier1 list. Formally, they are also considered white-hat. But often such services boil down to men and girls talking in the format of adult chats (where girls undress and fulfill different desires of clients on camera for a certain reward);
  • Sites for sex – finding a one night stand, though, some of these sites also operate under a shady scheme;
  • Adult webcams – sites where you can chat with girls and watch them undress and fulfill the wishes of clients on camera in exchange for donations (which can be made in the service’s own currency).

Dating affiliate programs use different payout models, such as cost-per-acquisition (CPA) (for example, for registering or making a deposit) or RevShare where the payout is part of the companies revenue. The most popular are Singl Opt In or Double Opt In (payout for each registration or each registration and subsequent confirmation For most webmasters, this is the most convenient and profitable option, especially if you are working with Tier 2 countries, where the audience does not usually spend large sums of money.

But if the target audience is that of developed countries (Western Europe, North America, Australia), where people are willing to spend even hundreds of dollars, higher income can be obtained with platform offers that payout for each deposit or a percentage of the profits.

Video on How to Choose and Promote a Dating Offers

Prospects for working with Dating affiliate programs

Dating sites, including sex sites, are an evergreen niche where the upper earning limit is virtually nonexistant. It can be $500, $5,000, or $50,000. It all depends on the effort and money that the webmaster is willing to invest.

Although affiliate programs in the Dating sector also include white-hat offers where people meet and communicate (for innocent reasons), most often these are gray-hat adult webcam sites or one night stand search services. They are gradually replacing porn, which has become difficult to work with (many ad networks reject such traffic, resources get blocked by providers). The interests of the potential target audience have also evolved.

For many it’s no longer enough to just watch, they want interactive communication, for example, to watch a beauty online or meet her in person. Moreover, many countries have established administrative liability for advertising porn websites. Adult dating entails no such consequences.

But why are dating affiliate programs profitable? Here are a couple of reasons:

  • according to studies, about 25-30% of the world’s population are people who are not engaged in a steady relationships (just single or deliberate singletons);
  • in developed countries, where career prospects are higher, the number of singletons is also For example, according to Eurostat, out of all EU countries Sweden has the highest number of singletons (around 52%), followed by Denmark, Finland and Germany (more than 40%). According to The Economist, most singletons are in Western Europe (31%), North America, Eastern Europe (around 28%). Least of all in the poor countries of Latin America, Africa and Oceania;
  • According to the findings of the Russian Public Opinion Center, in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe the majority of singletons are people who prioritized their career and self-development. These are educated people with high incomes, businessmen, IT specialists, senior executives. A similar trend can be found in other countries, where singletons earn $6,000 per month and higher.

Singletons are people who abandoned stable relationships for the sake of a career, self-development or simply postponed marriage for later. But sexual needs can’t just be put on the back burner so easily. These people increasingly opt for one night stands to satisfy their immediate sexual needs instead of committing to a stable relationship. The evolution of the Internet and the blanket distribution of personal gadgets have made it that special websites are increasingly used to find a partner.

Worldwide statistics
Singletons, worldwide statistics

Interpretting the numbers, that’s 70 million single people in the EU alone. Single people, who earn good money (in the rich EU countries more than 3000-4000 euros, in the USA from 5-6 thousand dollars) and spend almost all their money on themselves, rather than on their families or households. As a result, people allocate from one third to one half of the budget for entertainment purposes.

Singles statistics in EU countries
Singles statistics in EU countries

To the singletons we’ll also add married men from the patriarchal countries of South and South-East Asia. For example, India with its 1.35 billion people, where many married men openly visit adult-themed websites.

After countries imposed quarantine measures the popularity of online dating services and adult-theme sites increased from 5 to 15%. But this indicator did not greatly affect the market as a whole. It was already growing even before the pandemic. Sex is a topic that is always relevant, because man can never completely ignore his instincts. Society spends more and more time within its four walls and the Internet is increasingly becoming the only place to satisfy one’s desire or find a partner. Therefore, you can expect a high conversion rate even after the COVID-19 epidemic is over.

TOP 15 Dating affiliate programs according to LeadBit

There’s no universally accepted way to judge dating affiliate programs and determine the best one. Each affiliate has their own preferences, different factors come into play: preferred channels, creatives used, GEO. What is convenient for them is not always convenient for webmasters and bloggers who redirect natural traffic from their website to for a profit. To make it easier to choose, we have divided the rating of offers into four categories.

Dating affiliate programs with the highest payouts

White-hat dating sites (where single men and women meet) offer the highest payouts.


An international dating website. Pays for customers who fill out the form and spend at least $3 on the site. This is a white-hat platform that buys high-quality traffic well. According to the website, it will help you find someone from anywhere in the world. Currently the website has several offers for TIER1 English-speaking countries (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand).

Landing page for
Landing page for

Almost any tool can be used here. Though, excluding gray-hat and black-hat promotion methods. Simply redirecting the user of fraudulently encouraging him to register won’t cut it here. You’ll need to find real clients that are looking for a long-term relationship and are willing to pay for it.

General information:

  • landing;
  • payout model – CPA, payout per customer who spent more than $2.99;
  • GEO – TIER1 (only English-speaking countries);
  • payment size – $168 per lead;
  • hold – 30 days;
  • allowed traffic sources: mobile ads, ad networks, email marketing, SEO, banners, broker traffic, push, teaser networks, native traffic;
  • prohibited traffic sources: adult traffic, doorways, SMS, incentive, popunder/clickunder, toolbar, co-regs, viral, smm, social networks, search with keywords, e-mail.


A dating site that helps to find a partner for long-term relationships (most of the times a bride as the main target audience is men) for wealthy grooms in poor countries, for example, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Eastern Europe, Russia, etc. The affiliate program covers more than 10 sites belonging to one company. The site is aimed at clients from TIER1 countries, offering the highest payouts for them. But it accepts traffic from any GEO.

Landing page for ANASTASIADATE
Landing page for ANASTASIADATE

ANASTASIADATE is a white-hat dating affiliate program. Therefore, there are high payouts, but also stricter requirements for traffic quality.

General information:


Adult-webcams. Has a high conversion rate in almost any GEO, has several offers for different regions. Though the affiliate program is considered gray-hat, ImLive ads easily pass moderation in many ad networks, including Facebook, that has a harsh stance on 18+ ads. Поэтому востребован среди арбитражников. Therefore, it is in demand among affiliates. But the competition is quite stiff here, which means you’ll need to show a lot of creativity when launching campaigns.

ImLive promo screenshot
ImLive promo screenshot

General information:

  • payout model – CPA, payouts for deposits larger than $25;
  • payment size – $130;
  • GEO – most of the world’s countries;
  • hold – 30 days;
  • prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic for a minimum deposit, spam, bots, cashback traffic, branded traffic.

Best Dating affiliate programs with cost-per-lead (CPL)

Payouts per registration are significantly lower than per deposit. For example, for India it’s only 4 cents (0,04 usd), for TIER1 countries – $2-4. But such a lead is much easier to acquire. Usually, register on a website without much hesitation, but think over whether they should link their credit card to it.

Therefore, it’s easier to get leads, the requirements for creatives are lower and the choice of tools with which to attract users is broader. As a result, profit is the same, and more often even higher than when the model pays for each deposit.


Another popular adult webcam site with a horde of clients from different countries. It offers webmasters and affiliates a large selection of promotional materials. Has an attractively easy registration (it is not necessary to immediately attach a credit card, you can enter for free), large array of chatrooms (= girls) and a low minimum deposit level– you can deposit a mere couple of dollars if you want to.

Landing page for Masterbeauty
Landing page for Masterbeauty

Masterbeauty is a gray-hat dating affiliate program. Although it works legally and is not banned in most countries, many affiliate networks have a negative attitude towards promoting 18+ topics. That’s why, when launching campaigns, creatives are often rejected or banned. You’ll have to show a lot of imagination and make an effort to get a good return.

General information:

  • payout model – SOI, payout for registration;
  • GEO – any;
  • payment size – from $0.005 to $3.825 (in TIER1 countries);
  • hold – 15 days;
  • prohibited traffic sources: email ads, social media, brokered traffic, motivated traffic, cashback, bots, proxy, VPN, spam, branded traffic.


Adult dating site for straight people. Though it’s formally a white-hat site, many ad networks are suspicious of such websites (besides actual honest dating sites there are many scammers who promise “stunning babes in your area” and it all comes down to obtaining card data and pumping out money for any action on the site).

Landing page for ZOOM HOOKUPS
Landing page for ZOOM HOOKUPS

The main target audience is men over 24 years old, but you can try to attract girls too. Though the potential audience is significantly smaller, there is zero competition.

General information:

  • payout model – DOI payment for registration with a verified email address;
  • GEO – USA, Australia, Canada;
  • payment size – $2.8;
  • hold – 35 days;
  • only mobile and email ads.


Adult dating website. So far, it operates only in India, so it does not pay for traffic from other countries. Despite the relatively modest payouts when compared with the TIER1 countries (among offers for India, it pays well), it allows you to get a good income.

Landing page for
Landing page for

The thing is that casual dating and one night stands are not taboo topics in India, it doesn’t contradict moral norms and isn’t looked down upon by society. Following the country’s urbanization such websites have become incredibly popular, though there aren’t as many of them as in TIER 1 countries. The second reason is the loyalty of ad networks to dating and adult topics in India, in contrast to the countries of North America and Europe. Such creatives work well and are not blocked by moderators.

General information:

  • payout model – SOI, payment per registration;
  • GEO – India;
  • payment size – $0.068 desktop, $0.03 mobile registration;
  • hold – 30 days;
  • allowed traffic sources: all except


Adult webcams site. The website has been actively advertized, many countries already have a stable audience for it. Has a high conversion rate, suitable for both experienced affiliate marketers and beginners. Offers several thousand chatrooms, there are both free and VIP. The user can choose a topic (foot fetish, skinny, busty, toys, students, lesbians, etc.), the nationality of the girls.

Promo for
Promo for

General information:

  • payout model – SOI;
  • GEO – any;
  • payment size – from $0.04 to $3.82;
  • hold – 15 days;
  • prohibited traffic sources: chats, email, spam, bots, proxy, VPN, branded traffic, motivated traffic.

Video About Why it is Profitable to Work With Webcam

Best dating affiliate programs for TIER1 countries

The TIER1 list includes countries with the highest paying capacity. If we draw an analogy with politics, then the list is almost entirely made up of first world countries. These are most of the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. Different affiliate networks work slightly differently.

But in general, they can be characterized as follows: there are many leads and profitable orders, high payments from affiliate programs, but everyone wants to get a piece, so there is a lot of competition, strict requirements for creatives.


A one night stand website. While technically white-hat, such websites have a dubious reputation, and UGETLAID is no exception. Therefore, when launching advertising campaigns, you should prepare for the fact that ad network moderators may reject the campaign. However, there are no porn materials of this site. If you give your creatives much thought, they will pass moderation even on platforms like Facebook Ads and the like.

Landing page for
Landing page for a white-hat dating site

General information:

  • payout model – SOI, payment per registration;
  • GEO – UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand;
  • payment size – $4;
  • hold – 15 дней;
  • prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, cashback, fraud and scams.


The site is promoted as a white-hat dating site, where you can find a friend to just talk or a mate for life. But the websites main area is still adult dating. The website passes moderation on ad platforms well which makes promoting it easier.

Landing page for INDIGOMATCHES
Landing page for INDIGOMATCHES

General information:

  • Payout model – SOI, payment per registration;
  • GEO – English-speaking TIER1 countries;
  • payment size – $3.2;
  • hold – 30 days;
  • prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, brand traffic, cashback, toolbar.


This is a whole anime-style sex game. Against a background of other worn-out dating platforms this game really stands out. Often, users register out of curiosity, which ensures high conversion rates, sometimes the number of leads reaches 80-90%.

MANGA.GAME registration page
MANGA.GAME registration page

General information:

  • websiteMANGA.GAME;
  • payout model – SOI, payment per registration, but in reality it’s DOI, the user must link a bank card to get free access for two days;
  • GEO – the affiliate program accepts traffic from all over the world but prioritizes the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand;
  • payment size – $20;
  • hold – 15 days;
  • prohibited traffic sources: motivated traffic, cashback, fraud and scams.


A dating portal for chatting and one night stands. You can set the search area and the service promises to find profiles in the nearest availability. Such sites have great conversion rates since they offer not random phantom prospects but the ability to quickly find a profile you’re looking for and meet up in person only a couple hours later.

Landing page for snaplocalz
Landing page for snaplocalz

General information:

  • payout model – SOI;
  • GEO – English-speaking TIER1 countries;
  • payment size: $2.4 for desktop, $1.52 for mobile devices;
  • hold – 35 days;
  • allowed traffic sources: email and mobile ads.

Best dating affiliate programs for TIER 2 countries

These are relatively developed countries (the majority of the population has access to the Internet) but less solvent. This includes Eastern Europe, Latin America, most of the CIS countries and Southeast Asia. Here the competition between affiliates is less stiff, simpler requirements for promos, but also lower payouts. Though the audience is quite large – India alone has 1.35 billion people.

Read about the best affiliate programs for India in this article.


This dating site has about 50 million members. Although it appeared in Russia and neighboring countries back in 2012, it began to gain popularity only in the last couple of years. Now the website is conducting a campaign to attract users from the CIS countries. registration page registration page

The website is a white-hat one and is only starting to gain popularity in the region. Now is the perfect moment: many users who have already heard about the portal are looking for it, all that remains is to motivate the client to register.

General information:

  • payout model: SOI if the user registers on a mobile device, DOI if from a desktop;
  • GEO: Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan;
  • payment size: from $0.32 to $1.6 (the Baltic states);
  • hold – 30 days;
  • allowed traffic sources: mobile ads, ad networks, social media (except Vkontakte), contextual ads, apps, SEO, banners, brokered traffic, push-notifications, teaser ads, Youtube;
  • prohibited traffic sources: email ads, PopUp, ClickUnder, doorways, adult traffic, motivated traffic, brand traffic, Cashbac,, Toolbar.


A one night stand site aimed at Latin America, Portugal and Spain. Considering the culture of the region and the popularity of commitment-free relationships, this affiliate program is quite a hit. What is more important -advertising campaigns pass moderation here much easier than in Europe or the United States, since the topic of sex still dominates the Latin American Internet segment.

Landing page for AMIGAS LINDAS
Landing page for AMIGAS LINDAS

General information:

  • payout mode – SOI;
  • GEO – America, Portugal and Spain;
  • payment size – $0.72 per registration;
  • hold – 14 days;
  • prohibited traffic sources – cashback, brand traffic, motivated traffic.


An adult webcam website. Has millions of registered users from different regions. Is really popular in TIER2 countries, though has the resources to pour traffic into TIER1 countries as well. Clicks well, most customers register without hesitation (creating an account is free). A great option for any affiliate marketer, where the payout is up to $2.55 per registration and up to $130 per deposit.

General information:

  • payout model – CPA, DOI;
  • GEO – TIER1 and TIER2 countries;
  • payment size: $130 per deposit, up to $0,85 per registration from TIER2 countries;
  • hold – 35 days;
  • prohibited traffic source – brand and motivated traffic, cashback.


An adult webcam website. Covers a lot of countries, pays for traffic from different sources. This affiliate program isn’t as popular as its competitors but pays well. There aren’t that many registered users yet, so there is a higher chance of finding new ones. In other words, it’s a new platform with little competition and a relatively loud response from the target audience.

Стрипчат - адалт-вебкамер
Стрипчат – адалт-вебкамер

General information:

  • payout model – SOI, payment per registration;
  • GEO – Australia and Oceania, Latin America (including the Carribean), North America, the EU, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central and East Asia;
  • payment size – from $0.225 to $4 (USA, Bermuda, Canada, Puerto Rico).
  • prohibited traffic source: motivated traffic with a free registration.

How to make money off the online Dating sector?

To properly plan an advertising campaign, it is important to thouroughly study the target audience. If you choose a white-hat dating site offer, then the target audience is split nearly evenly between men and women. In fact, women will be the majority (60-70%).

When working with white-hat affiliate programs you have a much wider choice of tools. You can use contextual search engine ads or ad networks. But despite the large payouts, it is more difficult to attract clients, and the requirements for the quality of ads are higher. Advisors can use more complex payment models, for example, Trial or Qualification, apply a multi-level confirmation system, cutting off most of the hard-won traffic.

Most webmasters go the easy way and work with gray-hat dating affiliate programs: webcams and adult dating. Here 95% of the users are men. Most potential clients are already looking for such websites on their own, so they won’t hesitate to click the link. But, it is important to correctly identify the necessary channels so as not to waste traffic elsewhere.

Sources of traffic

It’s impossible to say for sure which channel is the best. It all depends on the country and the type of affiliate program – white-hat or gray-hat. There are several efficient traffic sources that work just about everywhere.

Social media

Perhaps the #1 source for almost any segment. Everything from shoes to smartphones and auto parts is sold through Facebook or Instagram. Vkontakte serves a similar role in the Russian segment of the Internet.

The main target audience is men, you can look for them in communities dedicated to sports, online games, gambling and betting. Even social media networks having a negative attitude towards advertising 18+ sites doesn’t prevent you from arbitrating several thousand dollars a month on dating offers with a ROI rate of 200-300%.

Thematic forums

These can be chat rooms in instant messengers, dating forums or discussions of frivolous topics. These are much better suited for finding female clients.

Online cinema ads

You can work through teaser networks. But in recent years, their returns have been getting worse. This is largely due to ad blockers that 70-80% of users have. But in mobile advertising, where ad blockers are rare, this channel is still relevant. Better to leave ads on the pages of action movies ot erotic media.

PopUnder, Clickunder

Popunder is a pop-up ad that appears in the background or in a pop-up tab. Popunder is both an inexpensive traffic source and it works great for promoting 18+ offers.

Sticker ads

These are small banners that usually fit perfectly into the surrounding text (that often share the theme of the banner). Almost always pass moderation and aren’t stopped by Adblockers. Such ads inspire confidence among users and are quite clickable. For many affiliates these ads have become one of their main traffic sources.

Contextual ads

This is a traffic source that is relevant to a variety of topics. Though it’s a bit more complicated with adult content as compared to other types. But if you set up your campaign correctly, you can get a high conversion rate. You can run it through Google Ads, Amazon, Facebook Ads (it also allows you to buy ads on Instagram). For Russia or Belarus use Yandex.Direct.

Free channels

If you have your own blog themed around relationships or a website dedicated to men’s topics (for example, sports, men’s health, fitness, crossfit), you can place banners or carefully insert referral links to an affiliate site. Native advertising, as a rule, provides high conversion rates, some webmasters manage to earn five-figure dollar amounts every month without any investments.

If this option is not for you, and you prefer a more aggressive and fast earning strategy, you can get a lot of leads with high conversion rates on dating sites. This takes time and experience, but if you learn how to attract users correctly (for example, find a girl’s profile from a fake account and offer to transfer your chat with her to the website you promote), you will have a high income.

Best creatives

While the adult dating segment is profitable it also takes effort to operate in. Major ad networks usually don’t prefer publishing such ads. When adult images are detected, they are quickly blocked. This applies to both Google and Facebook. For creatives to pass, you need to show a lot of imagination, sometimes look for workarounds.

Landing and pre-landing pages

A landing page is a one-page funnel site with bright graphics and catchy titles. A pre-landing page is a one-page layout site that riles up the audience. . It’soften presented as newspaper article about a big score at a casino or a innocent date that evolved into a wedding. Sometimes, showcases are also created in the format of a website, for example, with a selection of profiles of stunning girls “in your area”.

Examples of pre-landing pages
Examples of pre-landing pages

Well-designed landing pages might provide higher conversion rates than just pouring traffic directly to the promoted website. They are usually used in conjunction with other traffic sources, as a spacer before redirecting the user to the main site. They are also used to collect customer contacts (email addresses, phone numbers).

ClickUnder and PopUp ads

For many years, webmasters have been bringing high ROI on dating affiliates. If you prefer to use pop-ups (clickunder, popunder), see to updating the original content. Often, promotional materials from an adviser are already worn-out and do not catch the users’ attention or interest.


When working with banners, make sure your creative is unique. Choose pretty, catchy pictures. They must be unique. No need to draw them yourself or necessarily order artists to make them But adding some borders and resizing it a little is not enough. You can add blur, text, apply color filters, flip, clean up metadata.

The best countries for Dating offers

With countries, as well as with channels – to each their own. Someone commits wholly and exclusively to Tier 1 countries. Yes, there is more money to be earned here, but the competition is also stiffer, the audience – more demanding, and you have to put much more effort into creatives. The most popular countries are the most solvent ones – the USA and Canada. Dating is also quite popular in Australia, Italy, the UK, Belgium, Denmark and some Middle Eastern countries like the UAE.

Affiliates pay for traffic from Tier 2 countries 5-10 times less. But conversely, the audience in these countries is as many times larger. Just look at India with her 1.5 billion people, hundreds of millions of whom are sex-hungry males. With the right approach (and don’t forget that the audience here clicks almost anything that pops up), you can get tens of thousands of leads from one offer, and, accordingly, high returns with minimal investment. ROI здесь может доходить до 1500%. ROI here can go up to 1500%. Indonesia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Romania, Colombia also have high conversion rates.

How much can you earn?

Before you dive into Dating offers, you need to ask yourself: am I good at making creatives? Can you count on getting high-quality traffic? This means users who don’t just register and continue to use the service for free, but actually spend money. The better the traffic you’re selling, the more benefits you get, including even an increase in the size of payments. Conversely, if a large percentage of the users you attracted don’t purchase anything, your reputation might take a hit and your traffic flow can be paused. Almost all sites forbid you from pouring motivated traffic for a free registration or a minimum deposit.

If you can get the most out of your visitors, even beginners in arbitrage can get a ROI of 70% or more. Experienced publishers who know dating inside out have ROI rates up to 300%.

Here is a case with earnings through MegaPush. One of the webmasters of the PS LeadBit directed traffic exclusively on dating adult offers. Several offers were selected (ImLive, Bongacams, indiansinles). The simplest settings were used – push notifications popped up for desktop users.


  • pictures of girls “in your area”, for example, within a kilometer radius from a potential client;
  • messages that girls want to meet the user.

The campaign was launched simultaneously in several regions: Western and Northern Europe (Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, France), Canada, Mexico, India and the Maldives. India, Belgium and Mexico had the best conversion rates. The creatives were changed every 10-14 days, when the conversion rate for them began to fall. In total, they managed to earn $2,565 in 35 days with $1,045 invested. Net profit – $1,520, ROI – 145.5%.

Overview of offers with the best conversion according to LeadBit.


1. Which Dating affiliate programs have the best conversion rates?
Adult webcams have the best conversion rate, since not ony singletons use them, but many married men as well. Masterbeauty, ImLive and Bongacams are the most popular. has a good conversion rate. Similar games, although they’ve been around for over ten years, are still trying to find their ground.
2. Which Dating affiliate programs are best for India?
In India, adult webcams are the most popular, but one night stand sites are also in high demand, for example Indiansingles.
3. What are Dating affiliate programs?
Adult dating are gray-hat websites – one night stands, that sometimes actually advertise prostitutes (LeadBit doesn’t include offers like that), or adult webcams, where girls undress on camera for money.
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