Successful pre-landing for Nutra

Pre-landing is an essential part of an affiliate advertising campaign, which helps to filter out bots and effectively “warm up the audience.” 

The most popular website promotion ideas

  1. Personal blogs

Not new for those in the know – but still worth reminding – but will be handy for beginners. The advice is to post impactful material on behalf of media personalities (subject experts, bloggers, and other well-known persons). Such a presentation will inspire credibility among visitors. Be sure to attach certificates of product quality and various regalia of a high-level specialist. European countries’ audience especially appreciates certificates of quality standards and “eco” labels. However, before creating a pre-landing, contact the manager and clarify which media personalities better not be used on it.  

  1. Public pages

Most people scroll through a huge number of news pages each day and often perceive the information as truthful: at the very least, a good part of the audience trusts news sources. According to Statista, in a 2021 survey, 50% of respondents from 27 countries around the world said they trust the media as a source of reliable information. Thus, we can conclude that the news public is a fair choice to promote a product. 

  1. Successful case

Using the approach before/after is always lively and actionable, but it is important to look carefully at the sources to pass moderation successfully. Naturally, no one will share their successes for real, so invent a hero and, on their behalf, create a story of successfully achieving the goal, thanks to a miraculous remedy. 

Case review

Let’s take a look at successful examples of nutra pre-landing. 

1. Let’s take the KETO DIET weight loss offer as an example. The first thing you need to do is to hook the user with a catchy headline. After all, you have only a couple of seconds to catch the user’s attention. For example, the headline could be Catherine Diggie Achieved Incredible Results in 24 Weeks with a before and after photo of a young girl. This beautiful story will immediately press on the audience’s pain points, and it will be quite easy for you to use this to the best effect with the help of the offer. 

2. Then show the user the next pre-landing. Use as many as possible of those photos on which the result will be visible and, most importantly, hit the pain points. For example, a picture where a girl struggles to fasten her dress or trousers, or where she looks at the food she can’t eat, etc. And then show the result of using the offer – a body transformed into a beautifully fit, in a short dress or any other tight-fitting clothes, so that the user understands the product’s benefits and gets the desire to purchase it. 

3. Next, you need to increase the desire to buy the product. For example, to use other buyers’ reviews of the product to strengthen its credibility.  

As for the offer selection, we recommend paying attention to the KETO DIET CZ offer (weight loss), with 52% approval, and the Hondrostrong IT offer (joints), with 52% approval.

In conclusion  

Of course, the most important thing is to remember and take into account the pains and needs of your audience. If you find it difficult to adapt the pre-landing to the desired offer, contact our managers: Ksenia and Tatiana – they will help with the selection.

Author: Liza I

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