Nutra. New methods of promotion

Hello, today we will discuss the current methods of promotions on TikTok, teasers and Facebook. Let’s see it in detail!


The main point is to make the most unique creatives. You can make creatives with an exaggeration of the result: it will be especially noticeable in weight loss products promo. Keep in mind that the target audience of TikTok is young most of all. According to Inclient, 50% of the entire TikTok audience is 18-24 years old. Based on this, be careful with the offer’s selection. The topic of hypertension or joint pain may not be in demand.

What to use in creatives?

Most likely, these are already known rules for you, but nevertheless, we remember it once again:

  1. Be sure to follow the trends (masks, music, effects). It will increase the chances of getting in recommends.
  2. When editing a video, be sure that the video should be no longer than 15 seconds. The short videos have a much higher conversion rate.
  3. Mandatory vertical positioning of the video sequence
  4. Be sure to adapt offers and landing pages for mobile traffic, and before starting the promo, test the ads through the third-party account.

Teaser ads

Teaser ads are still full of creatives with celebrities and discounts. The main methods include:

  1. Unfinished Headlines
  2. Celebrities in creatives
  3. Clickbaits
  4. The exaggeration of the result. Teaser ads have soft moderation, so this method is good for weight loss offers.

A big plus in teaser ads is the ability to use aggressive advertising methods. However, do not forget that not all advertisers accept such traffic.


Bans are a classic situation, which is very annoying and costly in terms of time and money. The most important thing is to clearly know what FB prohibits in ads and makes them unrecognized on the banner.

Actual methods for FB

  1. Avoid harsh wording. No need to write: ‘Can’t lose weight? Sign up for a workout!’ 
  2. Remember about stop words. For example: heal quickly, lose weight, no pain, remove, get rid of, increase. Don’t write the direct names of the problem.
  3. Don’t use aggressive creatives. What converts in teaser ads is definitely not suitable for Facebook.
  4. Remove the adult content. Use photos that partially resemble the essence of the client’s problem.
  5. Drawn pictures depicting the organs your product is directed to (heart, skin, joints) are well suited.
  6. You can try to test the video format. The video should be short (15 seconds), as in TikTok.

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