TOP 5 VPN-services with bonuses

TOP 5 VPN-services with bonuses

Under the mysterious VPN is a Virtual Private Network – a virtual private network. Sometimes its name is “tunnel” because it is not accessible to outsiders. And this is a great tool in the webmaster’s recruitment: you can forget about closed access and GEO and test your advertising campaigns anywhere, without any problems.


Of course, we know, Adplexity is not a VPN service, but they have exclusive discounts that we couldn’t share.

Adplexity is one of the best tools for tracking competitor performance analysis and finding successful solutions on the market. There are about a hundred teasers from all over the world and more than 75 GEO in its arsenal. The platform collects and provides information about advertising in pop-up grids and applications.

This is the first and only service that collects information from 120 operators, which gives superpowers for working with mobile offers. The service supports search by keywords, by offer networks, by domains and individual sites.

Use this cool spy tools service with exclusive bonuses for Leadbit’s partners:

  • 35% lifetime discount on the solution for Desktop, Mobile, or Edalt traffic: $ 129 per month (instead of $ 199)
  • 40% lifetime discount on the solution for native traffic – $ 149 per month (instead of $ 249)
  • 10% lifetime discount for solutions for carriers traffic – $ 129 per month (instead of $ 149)

Magic link with bonuses

Monitor the coolest chips of competitors and test them on your campaigns!


Service designed as an all-in-one service. It helps users not to look for additional types of VPN for the necessary parameters.

A few words about the cool stuff service:

  • optimized P2P file sharing servers in many countries, including the USA, UK and Canada
  • unlimited bandwidth
  •  256-bit encryption
  • connects 5 devices at the same time
  • different types of protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP, Stealth or IKEv
  • unlimited speed connection with any of the 450+ servers
  • optimized servers in more than 100 regions in 50 countries
  • Kill Switch function – instant disconnection from the Internet in case of a disconnected VPN connection

Exclusive bonus for the Leadbit’s webmasters: you can get 85% discount for a 5-year subscription or almost 55% discount for a 2-year plan.

Attention, the bonus is valid until 10/15/2019

Take the bonus via the referral link


500+ high-speed servers around the world 50 countries and 4 continents. Server locations are selected as efficiently as possible. The service covers all key countries from Iceland to Australia and from the USA to Japan. You’ll also get CleanWeb™, a cool tracker and malware blocker.

Want to get instant access to any content? Use this service with exclusive conditions for Leadbit’s partners! You’ll get a 64% discount on a 12-month plan or a 39% discount on a 6-month subscription after registration.

Discount is already waiting for you via the referral link


VPN service, thanks to which you can easily test your campaigns in different countries. Your online activity is encrypted to protect your private data from hackers. High-speed connection and secure access to streaming sites. What else is needed for the happiness of the webmaster?

Bonuses for Leadbit’s partners: follow the ref link and get a 77% discount on the tariff plan for 3 years. You can forget about closed access and GEO!

Take a discount here


One of the leaders among VPN services. This huge network has 2000+ servers around the world. Some facts about the service:

  • optimized for high-speed connection
  • absolute security
  • easy to use
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • lack of speed control
  • 256-bit AES encryption, DNS / IPv6 leak protection, switch kill and split tunneling

We have an exclusive bonus for the Leadbit’s webmasters – you can use the service for 30 days for free via a referral link

Hurry up and test

Grab mega bonuses and use the best VPN services and our offers! Stay tuned!

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