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Some points about affiliate conferences

An industry lives long life only when all its representatives don’t stop and continue developing their professional skills. When they don’t hide their great experience and don’t behave themselves like Gollum in “Lord of the ring” always telling “My precious!”. When they stay open, share the best experience keeping some secret tricks and making new trends independently. Then industry lives.

In the CPA world, an exchange of experience is a usual thing – long-awaited meetings with old friends and new partners on various continents are the main reasons why CPA has been developing greatly for years. Many conferences around the world, meet-ups, lounge discussions in the close arbitral clubs are the important parts of this industry.

You can meet Leadbit team on different familiar events but we’d like to focus your attention on some international conferences. We have quite extensive experience of visiting them all over the world. The 10 TOP international events in the affiliate world are below.

Here we go!

Affiliate Summit West

Affiliate Summit West

Las-Vegas, January 6-9 2018, 6000 participants.

  • Organizers: Affiliate Summit Inc. – ex-owners of the affiliate network, now they have some educational online-resources and organize some more professional events.
  • Main directions: SEO, Social, Mobile traffic.

The tight agenda, relevant topics – the perfect event to start a new working year with the news and useful acquaintances.

London Affiliate Conference

London Affiliate Conference

London, February 9-12 2018, 5000 participants.

  • Organizers: IGaming Business Limited – the affiliate network.
  • Main directions: gambling, online-games.

London Affiliate Conference organizers bet on open communication, some acquaintances, and searches of partners in the networking zones. Certainly, educational sessions with some analysis are important too on the conference but in this case, lively dialogue and exchange of useful information between colleagues are the priorities. It’s necessary to understand that the organizer is the affiliate network which the main direction is gambling, that’s why the most part of the event is always devoted to this vertical.

The European Summit

The European Summit

Cascais (Lisbon), March 2-5 2018, 2000 participants.

  • Organizers: ExoClick – advertising network.
  • Main directions: Native, banners, video-banners, popunders, Pre-roll in-stream video, In-video ads, Direct links.

Mostly this conference is devoted to adult-industry. But you can find different topics on the agenda, for example, ICO, the features of mobile traffic, SEO-trends etc. The European Summit gives the opportunities to make you really open-minded.



Some conferences during the year: New York, Delhi, London, Shanghai, Kansai, Tokyo, Sydney, Auckland, about 6500 participants.

  • Organizers: Ad:tech – digital-agency with the wide range of services.
  • Main directions: technical finesse of the internet advertising.

One of the biggest international digital-conferences, which have been conducted a few times a year in different locations around the world. This is the great opportunity to plump your business skills and to know more technical tricks of how to set up and optimize your ad campaigns. Some stated topics on the agenda let different people take part in the conference and get more interesting professional experience.

Afiliados Brasil

Afiliados Brasil

Sao Paulo, May 24-26 2018, 5000 participants.

  • Organizers: Afiliados Brasil – event-team.
  • Main directions: nutra, Social, Mobile traffic.

Kind of the specific conference with LatAm sparkle – the new perspective on CPA, new trends, SEO and FB from local partners. As a nice little bonus – appetizing kegs of delicious beer next to almost every booth. You can have some relaxing time to good use in Brazil. This bonus doesn’t disturb the movement of the conference at all, the participants document the information and find useful acquaintances.

The agenda consists of different topics connected with the internet marketing starting with SEO, FB etc. and finishing with ICO and cryptocurrency – the possibilities of their usage in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate World Europe

Affiliate World Europe

Berlin, June 2018, 3000 participants.

  • Organizers: STM Forum – well known affiliate forum.
  • Main directions: Nutra, adult.

No doubts that Affiliate World Europe is the most important conference on the international market. Some specialists from Google or Facebook present their reports, the most powerful companies of CPA, the best traffic resources and affiliate networks are here within walking distance. Nevertheless, it’s not the main idea.

Besides the reports, TOP Google or FB stay open and ready to share the experience not only from the stage. You need just catch them and ask 😉



Cologne, September 12-13 2018, 50 000 participants.

  • Organizers: BVDM (the organization that represents the interests of companies that operate digital business models) и OVK (association of the marketers).
  • Main directions: digital, SEO, ICO, nutra.

You’re in for 2 busy days with tight educational sessions and an endless number of speakers on the agenda of the hugest conference hall of the world. If you’re ready to start your personal SMB – there will be the part of sessions which will be devoted to startups and investments.

Nordic Affiliate Conference

Nordic Affiliate Conference

Stockholm, April 15 2018, 6000 participants.

  • Organizers: IGaming Business Limited – the affiliate network.
  • Main directions: gambling, online-games.

Here you can meet the partners from different European countries. Excepting gambling, speakers discuss the ways of the CPA-industry development.

Mobile world congress

Mobile world congress

Barcelona, February 26 – March 1, 108 000 participants.

  • Organizers: GSMA Association – represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide.
  • Main directions: mobile traffic.

The world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. It’s going to be interesting for those who chose the vertical of mobile subscriptions as the main one.

And, of course, we can’t miss the opportunity to tell you about the first and the last international conference in Russia, the best one Moscow Affiliate Conference!

Moscow Affiliate Conference

Moscow Affiliate Conference

Moscow, March 29 2018, 2500 participants.

  • Organizers: Leadbit & STM Forum – the affiliate network and forum
  • Main direction: Nutra, adult, SEO, social, mobile traffic.

TOP speakers, webmasters, marketers from all over the world meet each other in Moscow twice a year – in September and in March. Moscow has already caused a mighty furor. The participants of MAC were shocked by Russian extent of the event.

Moscow Affiliate Conference has connected two important parts of the successful professional event – powerful educational sessions and informal communication.

We chose only the short list of the most interesting events in the affiliate world. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no more special events. Don’t be shy and try to find useful acquaintances and opportunities to develop yourself. Most of the serious figures of CPA always notice that the best partner is the person or company who takes part in professional events and conferences, who has some personal growth and never stops studying.

To achieve the goal is to leave your comfort zone, to communicate with the colleagues from all over the world, to exchange the experience and always do your best. Then you can just try and get what you want, exceeding your own achievements. We are always the biggest rivals for ourselves 😉

Expand your frontiers – and your profit won’t make you wait for it.

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