Macedonia - Some features of the target audience

Macedonia – Some features of the target audience

Macedonia is the state on the South-East of Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, the country is landlocked. Because Macedonia is bordered by Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, and Bulgaria. Macedonia is the member of the United Nations. The Macedonians didn’t form part of the EU because of historically strained relations with Greece. Macedonia has just been a candidate for entry into the EU since 2005.

Talking about the economy of Macedonia, we need to tell that the worst time has gone. Nowadays the country recovers from the difficult economic plight: the leading power of the Macedonian economy is a private sector growth and some foreign investments, and also the exploitation of mineral wealth.

The Internet-society is developing rapidly as it’s possible for the sparsely populated country. To figure out some more details about Macedonia you can read this digest and conclude that it’s one of the profitable GEOs.

Let’s check it out now!

Some general facts

  • 2 mil –population;
  • 1,7 млн – internet-users;
  • 1,6 млн – mobile internet users.

Macedonia is a small country without any technological progress in it but people can’t live without the internet even there. Because of difficult relations with Greece 63% of Macedonian people use the internet daily. They follow the news in their country and in the whole world but internet-issues of the newspapers and magazines have the biggest popularity and the reputation of the reliable source of information. To know more about the target audience of Macedonia, about their interests and features we have prepared some lists of the most popular sites there.

The most popular news aggregators in Macedonia:

These are TOP news sources for 30+ people but younger users choose

The most visited site is, of course, Google. Every user in Macedonia visits this site about 9 times a day. You can find YouTube in the list as the second the most visited site. The ubiquitous tendency of the developing popularity of visual content is in Macedonia too. The average time of visiting YouTube is 8:19 minutes a day. And about 16% of all Macedonian traffic come from this site.

This is a great reason to think of qualitative photo- and video-content because you won’t have any success without videos. Make unique videos, different manuals and show the goods and it would be easy to use them once and then to adapt for different GEOs just adding subtitles.

The Macedonians are very active users of purchase online-platforms and spend there about 11 minutes a day. The most popular is It’s the third place after Google and YouTube.

Macedonia is the best GEO for those who just start working with international audience or for those who have extremely high level of professional skills and can choose target audience precisely picking up all the stars without big investments. The traffic in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula is very cheap. And if you identified the target audience correctly chose profitable traffic sources you won’t have any problems and it’ll mean that everything’s in the bag. Keep calm!

By the way, here’s the TOP of traffic sources for Macedonia:

  • Teaser networks;
  • Banner and popunders

You can try everything you want but these are the tested sources which work well in these GEOs like Macedonia. The leader of the internet promotion is certainly social networks. Except the fact that there aren’t many citizens in Macedonia, they use the internet quite actively. Especially news portals and social networks are the most popular and necessary to be always in touch. It’s difficult to say that the usual Macedonians always use social networks, this fact is about the youth more.

The important fact: the Macedonians use Cyrillic. They are quite lazy that’s why often use transliteration to communicate with each other in social networks, messengers and so on. But sometimes they use it even in the business letters. Remember this fact making some promo-materials. Maybe it’ll help you to be on the wave and to communicate with the target audience in the same language.

The popularity of the social networks:

  • Facebook – 96%
  • Twitter – 3%
  • Pinterest – 1%

The leadership of Facebook is quite obvious. It’s the biggest network in the world. But, for example, Instagram is a unique channel of the internet-promotion and you can use it directly. Because of the success of the visual content Instagram is the “kind of weapon of mass destruction”. Every second people post about 1000 photos or videos around the world. This is Instagram usage in Macedonia:

Instagram usage in Macedonia

More active Instagram audience is the youth – people around 18-34 years old. There are more men than women in Macedonia but Instagram is more popular among the women. Don’t be afraid to promote women’s offers there. Make qualitative visual content and all the Macedonian women are yours – every woman loves good photos 😉 Adults do not use Instagram a lot, they prefer teaser networks or news aggregators – that’s an easy way “to catch” them.

The age of the people don’t influence on the device usage in the country. The Macedonians often use PC to surf the internet.

What devices do people use in Macedonia

What devices do people use in Macedonia

This situation with the technological progress is quite predictable because of the bad economic plight in the past. People in Macedonia are relaxed, they enjoy their lives here and now, don’t follow enormous ambitious and extremely high profit – they just smoke a lot, drink coffee and relax.

Talking about the Macedonian women, they aren’t beautiful. Every day they rest in the cafes in the sun, drink coffee and dicsuss the neighbors, relatives and friends. It’s the known fact, that Macedonia has a very pleasant climate for life – about 300 sunny days a year. But a great deal of time in the sun can damage the skin and become a real problem of the skin diseases. For those who might have problems with their skin we have Psorimilk MK – anti-psoriasis product.

The goal is to conquer “women’s territory 35+”. Making the promo pay your attention to the sun, dry air and skin diseases and it’ll exactly work.

Men in Macedonia are quite handsome and can be great lovers and overbearing husbands. That’s why women from all over the world choose the Macedonians. In the summer the one-night stands are normal as for men as for women, they enjoy themselves and forget about safety and health. The picking up strangers can become a big problem and “present” each other some viruses such as papilloma. But we have Pappilux MK and it’s going to become the rescue for them.

Macedonia is a special country with interesting geography and mentality. The Macedonians are unique nation, you should be very gentle in your promo but don’t miss the opportunity to get more profit on the new GEOs with new offers.

The high profit is the award for the brave people!

Start working with the cheap traffic and tomorrow you’ll understand that it’s worth the effort. Go to Macedonia and conquer – easy-peasy!

Be brave and get heroic profit!

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