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AWE 2018 – how it was

We have just come home from Barcelona, where one of the most extensive CPA-events – AWE 2018 was held.

It was the real networking heat during 3 days. The whole CPA world gathered to discuss the last trends, to share the experience and to plan future partnership.

We met our old friends Atiila O’dree (iAmAtilla), Emanuel Cinca (WHAT THE AFF newsletter) and Josh Sebo (Offervault) and ask them some questions about AWE. If you’ve never been to STM conferences, it’s your chance to know more and to plan your winter trip to Thailand 😉

AWE 2018 was amazing and we’re ready to share the impressions.

What impressions do you have after AWE 2018, in general? Tell some epithets about the event, how was it?

  • Attila O’dree (iAmAtilla): AWE was the best conference yet I’ve been in Europe and I’ve attended many including The European Summit, which is 99% adult and full of employees of companies in the adult industry. The reason why AWE is the #1 for me is because real affiliates attend the show; so its not just employee of companies hanging out but real guys and girls that bring the traffic!
  • Emanuel Cinca (WHAT THE AFF newsletter): I thoroughly enjoyed the event, especially now that it has been moved to Barcelona. Don’t get me wrong, the conference was great in Berlin too but when comparing the cities, I think Barcelona is a much better fit.
  • Josh Sebo (Offervault): In general, AWE 2018 is a great show that continues to grow with more networks, advertisers and affiliates. As Offervault is always looking for new networks and advertisers that want to promote their affiliate programs on our site, it’s a really good show for us to attend to generate new business. The first thing I noticed when I arrived was how big the show has become. Each year it’s getting bigger and bigger with more exhibitors.

Did AWE 2018 meet your expectations? Did you achieve the goals which you set for yourself before the conference?

  • Attila O’dree (iAmAtilla): I don’t have goals set for these events; I attend because I am behind a computer screen all year so it’s nice to finally hang out with like minded people and meet them in person and have some fun.
  • Emanuel Cinca (WHAT THE AFF newsletter): Well, to be honest I didn’t achieve all my goals. The conference exceeded my expectations in terms of attendees, which usually is good.

My goal was to meet and discuss potential partnerships and sponsorship for our WHAT THE AFF newsletter with way more companies than I actually did. But I was the only one on the team attending, so lesson learned: bring more people!

There were just too many new and old friends in the industry that I ran into, that I enjoy spending time with, that I just did not have enough time in the 2 days to do everything I had planned.

I call that a luxury problem, and I’ve learned my lesson for Affiliate World Asia, haha.

Josh Sebo (Offervault): Yes, AWE 2018 met all of my expectations. My goal was to speak with as many networks and advertisers I could and I easily achieved that by coming home with a huge stack of business cards and new leads to follow up on.

What moment or thing at AWE was the most memorable and why? Was there something that amazed you? Any unusual booths, installations or parties etc.

Attila O’dree (iAmAtilla): The ClickDealer party by far was the coolest, at a truly bizzare place with actors, midgets and cool surprises like the chick with long purple hair handing out magical goodies 😉

I also enjoyed meeting Olga from Leadbit outside in the smoke area and she gave me a killer worldcup Leadbit scarf that made my son Armin super happy as he was following the Worldcup in Russia closely.

AWE 2018-1

Emanuel Cinca (WHAT THE AFF newsletter): Why, of course the donut wall at the Networking Gala! That was a very memorable (and tasty!) idea.

AWE 2018-2

Josh Sebo (Offervault): My most memorable moment during AWE was just taking a moment to realize how many friends I’ve created in this industry over the past couple years. When I started, I really didn’t know anybody and know it seems I have a lot of connections with different companies that have worked with Offervault in the past, or are currently advertising with us on the site right now. It’s just cool to see your professional and friendship circle grow with the more shows you attend.

Talking about speakers, content and other educational things at the conference, was it enough for you this year? Was AWE successful with the content?

  • Attila O’dree (iAmAtilla): I am not sure to be honest, I didn’t have time to sit and watch presentations. I was busy meeting new people and taking pictures with them.
  • Emanuel Cinca (WHAT THE AFF newsletter): There was a nice mix of affiliate marketing content with more mainstream marketing speakers.

From what I understood, some people would have wanted more affiliate marketing content, but for me, I like the fact that the conference provides everyone with ideas and case studies for how to use affiliate marketing skills to build bigger and more mainstream businesses too.

Josh Sebo (Offervault): Yes, the speakers and content was the best yet! This area seems to be one that AWE gives a lot of attention and it shows while attending the sessions. Very valuable information that all industry professionals alike can appreciate and learn from.

What is “AWE phenomenality” for you? Why all the people need to take part in STM events?

  • Attila O’dree (iAmAtilla): The reason why AWE is the best is because real affiliates attend. STM has a massive community of affiliate marketers thanks to their Premium Forum which is the #1 affiliate marketing community online. I’ve been to ASE/ASW and it has a different vibe, a lot of bullshit talkers who talk a big game, but never deliver.
  • Emanuel Cinca (WHAT THE AFF newsletter): This is subjective. My affiliate career was made within the STM community. They say home is about the people, not the place, and it that sense, STM is like a home for me and many other attendees.
  • Josh Sebo (Offervault): All around, AWE and STM events are always well thought out and provide a ton of value to those that attend. Whether you are an industry veteran or a newbie just getting started, these shows are a great way to make new connections and have a lot of fun while doing it. If you haven’t been to one of their shows or events yet, I highly recommend you check it out.
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