SEO the ultimate guide

SEO: the ultimate guide

What should you do if your favorite traffic source is always acting out?

Try to find new possible options to promote your successful ad campaigns. It’s important to be ready to work and to earn in different circumstances. SEO traffic has this kind of opportunities, it’s possible to earn enough with its help but you should check all the proven ways of monetization.

Here’s the ultimate guide for those who is going to work with SEO traffic and its features.

Let’s discuss it together!

How to bring your website to the top?

In the beginning, you need to decide what kind of the website is more convenient for you: one-page site or the big resource with pages with helpful information, professional articles, offers links and special landing pages.

Option 1. One-page site

  • Work with one-page site doesn’t take a lot of time.
  • You don’t need to spend a lot of money.
  • One-page sites don’t live a lot.
  • High competition for the place in the search results.

Option 2. Online resource

  • Work with online resource takes a lot of time.
  • You need more money to start working with it (articles, translations etc.)
  • This kind of site will live enough but to be successful a website should be useful for users.
  • There’s a great potential to become a leader of the search results.

So, starting working with SEO, begin with things which are possible for you. If you have enough power to make a nice online resource, you could do your best now and do not do anything later. Then spends an extra time and money for building the amounts of traffic. If you’re not a SEO guru it’s better to make a one-page website. Be ready that search engines will find it soon that’s why you need to work fast and high-quality since the beginning.

How to monetize SEO-traffic?

  • Keywords – this is the basis. You need to be very attentive to working with that. This phase is important that’s why use special programs and resources which usually can gather top 10 of keywords. Using every logic option, don’t forget to use some non-obvious ideas.
  • Content should be simple and clear. Making a website just to earn money, you have fewer options to achieve your goals. The site should be helpful for users. If the user can get enough information, his level of the confidence will be bigger that can help you to go to the top easier.
  • Domain and hosting. Sometimes there’s some information about free hosting testing periods on the forums that will let you park your website for some time. But it can become the truth only if you’re lucky! Usually testing period longs for 14 days as the moderation longs.
  • Banners, adverts, links. Then the most interesting things begin – the users go to your website, you generate more traffic quite a big flow of traffic. Making the resource don’t forget to promote it actively. The clickable banners and some recommendations on the resources which are higher than your site in the search results are making your site more trusted for the users. The budget depends on you and your capacities.
  • Continuing the discussion of the promotion, don’t forget about the links. It lets the search engine to make sure that you’re trusted. The links on the professional forums are free link array which you can use to become the real top.
  • Social network promotion. Now if you’re active in the social networks, you’re more successful in the search results. If the users share with friends the link on your website, that means that they need your content. It’s kind of a sign for the search engines to let you become the first in the search. Buy the posts in the popular groups, filling one of the most important informational channels yourself.

To save the site on top you need to maintain the current level of activity:

  • Update the content with new articles and ads regularly.
  • Always control keywords and change them if it’s necessary.
  • Banners, sites, and ads should be updated too.

World search engines features

The main principle of the successful promotion is useful content with the high level of attendance. If the search engines understand that your resource is authoritative and the users like it then the task of promotion is quite easier.

The unconditional international leader is Google. More than 68% of search traffic depends on Google.

  • Google is the fastest and the most reliable search engine in the world.
  • Google has its own system of ranking PageRank which is based on the link popularity that means that the number of links means.
  • Google has the best voice search.
  • Mobile first.

Baidu – the Chinese giant which work with 18% of world traffic.

  • This engine quality mixes organic results and Pay for performance.
  • Like Google, Baidu pays a big attention to the links.

Coccoc – the Vietnamese search engine which Russian guys have made. It conquered the world as soon as it’s possible. Beginning as the search engine, Coccoc became the browser.

The main feature of Coccoc is the sensitive attitude towards the Vietnamese language. Google doesn’t pay the attention to the tones and other language characteristics that’s why it often makes the mistakes in the search results. Coccoc is more responsible and last years the success of the internet search became more obvious.

  • The high speed of work.
  • The search line is in the browser.

Bing – it takes the second place after Google among the search engines. And it’s one of the biggest competitors.

  • It often suggests automatical filling.
  • The media search is modernized.
  • Google alike but its own ranking system.

Now Bing has the highest chances to surpass Google.

The work with SEO traffic is the long-term investment of the money and affords. In this case you won’t get the results immediately. But you’ll get the results which will become stable in days. Moreover, some skills which you’ll get working with search engines will help you in the future if you have decided to earn this way.

The affiliate marketing has a lot of opportunities to get profit. To be successful you need to be able to work with different types of traffic. In this case, SEO can become the real rebound for you.

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