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CPA-digest: Poland

Witam, friends!

Poland is one of the most convertible countries in Europe, despite the fact that there is quite low competition in Poland. It’s time to discuss and tell you some useful details about Poland and mentality features of the locals.

Let’s begin!

Poland is the state in Central Europe which has the borders with Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany, on the north Poland is washed by the Baltic Sea. Poland is the agro-industrial country, the most profitable industries are engineering, metallurgy, textile and chemical industries.

General facts

  • 38, 6 mil – the population
  • 28 mil – active internet-users
  • 12 mil – active users of the mobile internet

Poland is quite developed country which always follow the last tendencies, popular gadgets and new opportunities of the communications with the big world. Today’s life is impossible without the internet and the Polish guys use it actively. The annual growth of the internet-audience in Poland is 9% – it’s about 2 mil users.

82% of Polish users use the internet daily. What do they do online?

The average time of being online for Polish people is about 5 hours daily. Despite the fact that smartphones are very popular in Poland, people there more often use laptops for the internet.

  • Check the e-mail – 36%
  • Listen to music – 18%
  • Use social networks – 32%
  • Use search engines – 45%
  • Look for the info about products/goods – 23%
  • Watch videos online – 31%

According to Alexa, the most popular website is Google. But if we are talking about popular media-resources the first place goes to YouTube with 69% of active users.

Also, these sites are in top-10 too:

  • – online platform for purchases
  • – the biggest news resource
  • – news resource
  • – the resource where you can buy some
  • – web resource, news portal

A lot of news resources sell their platforms for special projects, native ads etc. You can try to post your articles and advertising texts with the health and beauty offer links. But you need to control the situation totally, especially promoting them via the most popular resources in the country.

Traffic sources

Talking about promoting opportunities, the most popular traffic sources in Poland are ad and social networks. Remember that offers for health and beauty work better in this GEO, that means that their way will be more successful with ad networks.

Age of the audience

As we have already said, the users in Poland are quite active on the internet. You can find some more useful information below.

Age of the audience

Among the most active audience until 34 years old the women are more active. They look like target audience for the most of Leadbit offers.

The Polish women are super beautiful women in the whole world. But there are no limits for the perfection. For those who are older rejuvenating masks like Bioretin PL and Collamask PL are the best products! For younger women audience the eternal problems are the problems with their weight that’s why 25+ women will be happy with Dietonus PL and Fitospray PL.

Talking about the men, they’re not extremely successful in bed that’s why all offers for the men’s power, starting with Revomuscle PL and finishing Erogan PL, will exactly work. The Polish usually like kidding on the Finns who obviously have the problems with alcohol, but they are good too, that’s why don’t forget about Alcobarier PL.

For old men and women you need to test working with varicose vain offers, arthritis and other retirement things. By the way, we have a lot offers which are perfect for different ages:

It’s easy and profitable to work for Poland!

Let’s figure out with social networks fast and begin working as soon as possible!

The unconditional leader among social networks is Facebook. It would be quite strange if the other network could become a leader, 62% of active users have the accounts on FB. About 30% of users use Instagram regularly, but it defers from successful results in other countries.

Finally, Poland is the perfect GEO for newbies and old-timers: cheap traffic, more options for work and earnings. You can test offers of different types without any damage for your pocket and it’ll become the nice experience for start in Europe. If you’ve never worked with Europe, it’s the best option.

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