How to set up your first Google AdWords campaign

How to set up your first Google AdWords campaign in 15 minutes

Step-by-step we’ll discuss the setting up of ad campaign in Google AdWords and will make sure that nobody has any questions. We need to know that you have all the necessary instruments and you know what to do with them.

Step 1. Create your Google AdWords account

Just a couple of clicks and you can set up your financial campaigns. For attentive and stubborn guys – the promotional code from Google AdWords. Just start working with your crazy creatives –

Step 2. Choose your target audience

We often tell you about the potential users of MFI offers and their features. There are no special features.)

The need for money may catch up with everybody, as with the students, as with the adults. That’s why test the audience of different ages.

Step 3. Plan ad campaign budget

Everything depends on you and your possibilities. If you’re sure that you can spend a lot of money and they will work – spend them. If you’re not sure in your forces – spend enough.

Step 4. Make the group of the ads

It’ll let you combine some ads which work for one MFI. The ads are being published randomly that will help you to find the most popular and choose the most effective.

In the beginning, it’s important to identify the most profitable texts, creatives, ideas, landing pages. You exactly won’t have any problems with landing pages because we have gathered all the most effective landing pages in the same place –

Step 5. Create an ad

Step 6. Choose the keywords

It’s the most critical moment in the work with Google AdWords. Choose keywords correctly, it’s your secret of success of your ad campaigns. Except for your monitorings and obvious ideas of the keywords, try to find non-obvious options. You can use special services which generate the ideas according to the most popular requests.

Here’s the service which can help you to find keywords –

Step 7. Create extra ads

Step 8. Payment

Everything works, you need just pay and then relax. Please, analyze your ad campaign:

  • Are the links correct?
  • Did the final source get the clicks?
  • If your CTR is low – change the creative part of the campaign, if the CTR is ok – just chill.

Here are some services for analytics:

Then your ad campaign is profitable, everybody is happy, you earn the money via financial offers and everything is cool!

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