Anticase study

Anticase study for Electricity saving box

Choice of offer

The Leadbit manager suggested me to test some popular offers. I saw the search results, also what offers the colleagues chose and decided to start with Electricity Saving box. Then I made some new campaigns for Vietnam.

I have been working with MGID for a long time and most of you should know that there are some problems with fast moderation but in that case I didn’t wait for an approve and began working soon.

The work

When the first leads came and the amounts of traffic became bigger I got the first bump – +$2 to my payout (it was a quite pleasant moment). When I begin to work with a new offer, I always start with 2 the most successful pre-landing pages which an affiliate network recommends and 2 layings from the search results. Finally, I work with those layings which pass the moderation of MGID.

When I started to work with this offer, there were only 2 layings in the affiliate network and there weren’t any nice options for Vietnam in the search results. By the way, both of pre-landing pages were working well but this one had the highest conversion rate.

Making the teasers I have used the header of the article and some sentences which were ok for an ad as the subtitles and that was enough. Also, I found some pictures in the search engine and Advancets.

The real photos are often better than gloss pictures. The same ads were already working for other GEOs that’s why I have just chosen the best ideas. Here are some nice and not nice creatives.

These are top creatives

top creatives top creatives-1

These are top tests

top tests-1

top tests

In general, the work with this offer was quite successful. I was working with different creatives, was working with different networks, was optimizing pre-landings but I didn’t have any options to make my balance positive and I’ve decided to stop working with this offer.

Daily statistics Daily statistics-1

ROI: -9%, the result is negative but this campaign obviously has the great potential. I have just decided to stop because I had enough of other work. In a week I came back and began to deal with it.

MGID statistics is connected with PST time zone that’s why analyzing that it’s difficult to control the number of unique users every day. It seems that my pre-landing didn’t even get about 11% of users.

MGID statistics

I was working with European offers before, my tracking system is working for Holland and have never had the same lack of traffic before, about 2-3%. Firstly, I’ve asked MGID managers, I’ve showed them information and they told me that loosing 10-15% is okay. But we both know that it’s not the truth.)

After discussing this point with Binom guys, I recognized that the real reason of the problem was my server. I have to use special server for Asia then the losses were reduced by 3-4%. Then I started getting the leads and the manager increased my rates more.

Of course, I knew about the different servers for different GEOs, but I didn’t think that the losses would be so big.

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