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Some details about finance in Leadbit

The financial vertical is one of the highest gross margins in CPA. Usually, to be successful in it you need to have big amounts of the money at the beginning and the rich experience at work with financial traffic. Leadbit ruins the borders and lets in everybody who is ready to work and to earn a lot.

The financial vertical is gaining momentum and is doing first but very confident steps on the highly competitive market. It means that we challenge all the tops of the generation of leads and plan to measure your…CTR!

Firstly, we’d like to tell you some details about finance in CPA, what offers are more profitable and how to work with them.

Let’s go!

What is the financial vertical in CPA

Money rules the world. The banks, credit systems need the ads on the internet too. Except for the huge billboards with trusted faces of celebrities. They can afford it.

At this time, they promote not only the brand, the banks and credit systems suggest the users order the credit cards online or credits without percent. Here the superpower of the financial vertical goes.

The affiliate program with the publishers is the perfect facilitator between the user and the financial system. In most the cases, publishers get money per every approved request.

What are the types of financial offers

It’s difficult to find something new in the financial vertical. All the offers comply with possible services. The rates can be different because of the final action of user – the completed form is cheaper than the approved request.

  • Credits
  • Cards
  • MFI
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Brokering services
  • Trading

The market for financial offers is diverse that let you choose a more interesting job for you. More difficult task done – more payouts get. MFI is the nice balance between the high rate and simple work.

Fast money with 3 letters or MFI

The MFI offers continue to work successfully. It’s easier for a user to take a short-term than to take the huge credit till the death that’s why these offers are more popular. The level of the payouts is worthy.

By the way, to work with MFI is simpler. But there are some limits in special terms of the financial ad, you can find them in the law about the ad. Try to know more about special conditions before you start working. More often MFI works with contextual advertising or SEO.

The contextual advertising is quite expensive, but you’ll get the results soon. Avoid the prohibited type of traffic, for example, contextual advertising for the brand. Target on the different audience, such as the students or elder people, you won’t have any problems to find the hot audience.

SEO is extremely cheap and gives a stable amount of leads but this source is quite inert and you won’t get the super huge number of leads. E-mailing and social networks have great potential for MFI promotion. The most profitable option for work is a display case, here you can reset the counters and realize remarketing and retargeting.

Talking about traffic sources for MFI, promotion of financial offers is usually long-term work, it’s difficult to get the fast result here. In the future, your qualitative ad campaigns will bring you some profit.

What difficulties can you meet working with financial traffic

The financial ad is quite specific. Sometimes it requires the special attitude. For example:

  • The advertising of financial, insurance and banking services mustn’t contain any safeguards.
  • If the advertising of services contains even one condition which can affect its price, this ad should contain other conditions with the real price of the credit.
  • The financial ad should include the name of the company.

The ads should be trusted, short and solving users’ problem. Don’t use mislead, it reduces CR – the users don’t like being deceived. Announce just clear information and get juicy profit.

Finance is profitable and quite free vertical which you can use as the main profit source. Extremely high profit from financial offers is the main feature of this vertical.

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