The Philippines CPA digest

The Philippines: CPA digest

The Philippines – it’s the island state in South-East Asia, it’s the industrial country with dynamically developing economic, which is gradually move from agricultural sector to service sector. Despite that fact, the main source of income is export of agriculture: fruit, vegetables, nuts etc. Agriculture is on top.

Here are some statistics of the internet usage in the Philippines. Now you know with what target audience you’re going to work in this GEO 😉

Let’s begin!

General facts

  • 103,3 mil – population
  • 60 mil – active internet audience
  • 60 mil – active users of the mobile internet

Annual growth of the internet audience in the Philippines is 27%, it’s about 13 mils of users.

By the way, more than 93% of users have the high level of literacy. There are 2 state languages – local Pilipino and English. Pay your attention to this information when you’ll make your perfect creatives 😉 As usual, people trust in the ads which are made in the local languages more. In the case of the Philippines, English will be ok too.

56% of the audience in the Philippines use the internet daily. What do they usually do?

  • Check the e-mail – 15%
  • Use search engines – 28%
  • Use messengers – 50%
  • Listen to music online – 11%
  • Watch videos online – 57%
  • Use the maps online – 39%
  • Play online games – 47%
  • Use the bank apps – 30%
  • Check social networks – 96%

It is noteworthy that more than 2/3 of users take a decision to buy something with a help of social networks, where they read “real” reviews and recommendations if you know what we mean 😉

Social networks

The social networks are extremely popular in the Philippines, the networks are reliable sources of information. This fact lets you plan your ad campaigns on FB. By the way, it’s the most popular social network in the Philippines.

To make the successful ad campaign for Philippian FB, pay your attention to these tips:

  • Show the price. At least make it clear to the users.
  • Call to action should be more obvious than you thought.
  • Less text in your ads. In the affiliate marketing, nice images work better.
  • If you didn’t use carousel on FB since that moment, it’s the time to begin.

The second place – YouTube. It conquered all video content in the world. Working with the Philippines remember that they trust in the plausible reviews, that’s why make video reviews of the goods made by celebrities or something like this. Don’t forget about subtitles 😉

Then Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Instagram has a special destiny, it is becoming more popular. This social network has a great potential in the Philippines. Catch the piece of advice – promote only pre-landing page in Instagram.

Firstly, the user should understand that he has checked all possible info about this product, then he will buy it. We have minimum 3 trusted links for each offer – landing page + laying. It’s necessary to use them, test different options, make promo materials by yourself – blogger’s websites, celebrities’ pages, experts’ or doctors’ opinion. Google the most popular people in this GEO to earn using their good name 😉

Age of the audience

60 mil of users in the Philippines – active users of social networks. By the way, all these people are your target audience. There are a lot of people of all ages in the Philippian internet. But the main leader is the audience of 18-24 years.

Age of the audience

It’s possible to get a lot of money only for health and beauty offers in this GEO. That’s why pay your attention to women, moreover, women in the Philippines use the internet more often than men.

Even though the users 18-24 are the most numerous internet audience in the Philippines, pay your special attention to the users 25+. Because “the students” can never pay the bills 😉 Moreover, they are too young to appreciate all health offers.

Spending more than 9 hours on the Internet, the Philippian users check social nets regularly.


The Philippines is one of the most rapidly growing markets of smartphones in Asia. The leadership of the mobiles as the most usable devices to surf the internet in the Philippines isn’t strange. 88% of users prefer using the internet via mobile phone. The most popular models are the local phones which work on the Android OS. Don’t forget about this fact planning your campaigns.

  • 39% of users surf the internet via laptops and PCs
  • 25% of users surf the internet via tablets

We have to tell that age audience is able to use computers, they show quite a high level of technical skills.

Popular resources

The Philippians have the leading position among the people who spend a lot of time using social networks As we said, the most popular resource is FB. But there are some popular websites in the Philippines except FB. Then you can find YouTube and Google there in the list. It’s quite surprising that on the top list you can find even 2 adult websites! Such as и

Also, Philippians are interested in buying something! The most popular site for it is

The most popular search engine obviously is Google, then and The local search engines aren’t so popular.

Philippians features

It’s time to talk about the Philippians and their problems, what they worry about. Their mentality differs from the mentality of the Indonesians, the Vietnamese and the Malaysians. At first glance, they seem quite calm or phlegmatic but it’s not true.

For example, Philippians women are miniature and they don’t have any chances to have outstanding shapes. But they are women! Of course, they’d like to have something more 😉 That’s why some of them use plastic surgery. By the way, medicine is qualitative and available in the Philippines. But not more available than the breast enhancement cream!

Bust Size PH

Most the Philippians women can’t afford the plastic surgery that’s why this group of offers is the most popular in this GEO.

Some facts about women’s salary, they usually work in the service sector (waitresses, cleaners etc.) but they don’t get a lot of money there. That’s why most the women begin working in escort service. Of course, in this case, outstanding shapes can become a very pleasant bonus for clients.

The Philippians women as all Asian women do, try to avoid rays of the sun and they never sunbathe to save paleness. Hope, you understand that it’s almost impossible in the Philippines that’s why we offer our popular skin whitening product:

Welltox PH

Except for the problems with the shape and with the skin, the Philippians women have some usual questions:

It’s not the secret that there are some problems with cleanliness in the Philippines as in the other Asian countries. Problems with dirty water, parasites in the fruit and nuts – it’s ok for the Philippines. Poisoning is one of the most popular diseasesthere. And we don’t know exactly how they live without our anti-parasite offers 😉

Papaya Capsule PH

The Philippines is the country with huge perspectives, it’s possible to earn a profit. The market isn’t full of offers, but the demand is quite high.

Nobody can solve the problems and pains of the Philippians, except you!

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