Case study for Tinedol PT

Case study for Tinedol PT

  • Offer: Tinedol PT
  • Network: Leadbit
  • Traffic source: Revcontent
  • GEO: Portugal
  • Period: 01.02.2018 – 31.05.2018
  • Income: $2278
  • Outcome: $1104
  • Profit: $1274
  • ROI: 106%

Choice of offer

It was one of the first experiences when I was earning a profit. I have just started working with Leadbit. I wouldn’t like to work with adult offers, although I knew that this kind of offers was always more profitable than others. I’d like to begin with health offers because they are quite better in promotion and there are more chances to make simple and working creatives for them.

I knew exactly that I need the European GEO. I was pretty sure that it isn’t necessary to begin working with Asia. The manager advised me top health offer – Tinedol for Portugal. I didn’t think for a long time and began working at once. My first thoughts were: Portugal – there is the ocean, high humidity, it seems that a fungus should be out there too.)

The manager promptly shared the most popular link: +

I would like just to test the offer and my personal skills in affiliate marketing.

Choice of source

I didn’t miscalculate in this question. While I was choosing the traffic source, I decided not to use FB – just because of some stories of the experienced colleagues about difficulties with this source. I thought that ad networks are safer for my money. In the spring FB began its pitiless banning campaigns and I made sure that my choice was absolutely right!

During the work I didn’t change anything and my campaigns were in order.

Among all possible ad networks I have chosen Revcontent because it’s the eternal traffic source with a nice price of click and big amounts of traffic.

Revcontent statistics

Revcontent statistics

Leadbit statistics

Leadbit statistics

There is a little difference between the number of clicks in Leadbit and Revcontent. A little part of traffic left because of bots, Leadbit counts only unique visitors. The error of 800 clicks isn’t a big problem in this case.

Ad campaign settings

I wasn’t limited to only desktop or only mobile versions of landing pages. My target audience obviously used both of them. It’s nice that Leadbit make landing pages of both types too and I didn’t spend a lot of time to prepare them.

During a work, the manager gave me an exclusive bonus from the spy tools service. Now I know, what a cool thing it is! Since that moment, I always use the spy tools service because it’s super helpful! You can find top creative ideas there, get inspired or even take a complete idea and start working with it. It’s the nice chance to make such creatives that will work extremely well.

In this campaign I had different creatives but some of them worked better than others. These are the best creatives without nasty photos of parasites, bacterias etc. not to shock the people.

Ad campaign settings

I optimized the campaigns with a help of black list and got the price of click – $0,01.

To sum up

I think that I had the perfect campaigns with a stable profit from one offer and one GEO. If we consider the fact that it was one of my first beneficial campaigns, I have enough reasons to be happy and proud of myself. But I’m not going to stop there. After this work with Portugal I have more skills and it’s time to work on myself.

Sometimes all these stories of super success really motivate, but I am absolutely sure that you need to try yourself just to feel it. You should get your first money and understand how cool it is.

Stop procrastinating! Just do it!

Good like dudes!

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