Case studt for fuel free PL

Case studt for fuel free PL

with 103% ROI

  • Offer: Fuel Free – a fuel saving device
  • Network:
  • Traffic source: Revcontent
  • GEO: Poland
  • Period: December’17 – March’18
  • Income: $2492
  • Outcome: $1222

Choice of offer

I was choosing an offer for a long time. I was quite fed up of working with weight loss treatments and adult offers that’s why I focused on the offer for car lovers – Fuel Free, special fuel saving device. Petrol is expensive everywhere in Europe, the main question is “How to cut the cost of fuel?”. It’s really urgent for all European drivers. I decided to play around and tried to find a quite available GEO with stable CTR – Poland was perfect for me.

Choice of source

Some publishers think that there isn’t more convertible traffic source than FB on the market. Working with advertising networks you’ll find out that Revcontent is the great source with excellent average cost-per-click. You may see a little difference between Revcontent and Leadbit metrics. First, Revcontent usually takes into account only unique traffic without any bots. Secondly, some traffic is lost in redirects if you use a tracking system.

Traffic source statistics (Revcontent)

Traffic source statistics

Affiliate network statistics (Leadbit)

Affiliate network statistics

Ad campaigns settings

I preferred mobile traffic because I thought that the advanced users usually browse webpages via smartphones. After I got 3000 clicks, I made Black and White lists, the black one was quite long because there were the bots on some sites. The white list has only 3 big sites.


The assets were quite simple with the main claim: “Does your car use a lot of fuel? We know how to solve your problem” etc.


The assets led the users to miraculous stories of super savings of fuel. It’s based on personal blogs of experienced drivers:

Then the landing page created by Leadbit –, that’s all. Your profit is already in your pocket!

To sum up

I spent $1222 (stats above) and have got 125 395 clicks on affiliate network. Revcontent recognized only 122 052 of it because of bots. Then I earned enough with more than 100% ROI. I’d like to remind you that it was not the most popular offer neither the hottest GEO.

The conclusion – you may work with any offer, with any GEO.

Solve audience problem and people will give you all money they have!

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