Case study Maxisize SG

Case study Maxisize SG – ROI 106%

Choice of offer

When I started to work with Leadbit in November 2017, Singapore was at the top. I wanted to test it, but something went in another way. After six months, I decided to test campaigns on interesting Asian GEOs, choosing what wasn’t tested from adult and nutra, and again chose to work with Singapore in Leadbit.

Singapore has 4 official languages: English, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin) and Tamil. Segmentation into all languages ​​would be a crazy decision and the most logical one would be to run RON with creatives in English.

Choice of source

After the first tests, I chose to run the campaign with Trafficstars using banner format 300 * 250. After 2 weeks, when the campaign gave a big plus, I connected Exoclick with successful banners.

Ad campaign settings

With help of the manager and the spying, I chose the pre-lander and landing pages

There were no initial campaign settings, only RON. I optimized the campaign as traffic arrived. During the promotion, the platforms were turned off, the bids were raised and lowered, and the targets were switched off. For the period of promotion, I used 8 banners. Here are two top banners:

top banners-1

top banners

Statistics from BINOM

Statistics from BINOM

Statistics from LEADBIT

Statistics from LEADBIT

Statistics from traffic sources

Statistics from traffic sources Statistics from traffic sources-2

To sum up

Ad campaign worked for more than a month. After this period audience tired of creatives and bids increased. So I decided to stop active promotion. Now the ad campaign is promoting on the narrow audience with low bids.

Thanks to Leadbit’s team for the cool offers and exclusive GEO, let’s work on!


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