Case study Erogan GR

Case study Erogan GR – ROI 276%

ATTENTION! The case study just right from the source without any editing. Don’t miss the opportunity, take and test!

Choice of offer

Details: GEO Greece, we had a payment 19$ (yes, thanks to Alina for the bumps for the cool team), we didn’t have guarantors, because the approve was almost cosmic: 61%!

We managed to keep the average price of the lead within $ 3 (to be exact, $ 2.56) and the ROI was almost 300%.

Choice of source

We already had the deal with the increase of the instrument, we thought about potency and decided to move in this way:

Choice of source


After the first received and approved leads, we realized that we were moving in the right direction and decided to continue.

Ad campaign settings

Perhaps, I will open a new scheme for someone, and someone will say: “Nothing new!”, but I just share my work experience

We used are absolutely identical creatives, both for an increase of instrument (with an audience of 20+) and for a potency (with an audience of 40+)

Make conclusions yourself

And of course proofs:

And of course proofs

We show that the case was written on October 17, 2018, so it’s new!

Screenshots from Leadbit:

Screenshots from Leadbit

Our creos

We not going to show all creos, just the most converting variants and funny jellyfish in pants

funny jellyfish in pants-2 funny jellyfish in pants-1 funny jellyfish in pants

To sum up

We agree, there is a lot of specific content, but even this didn’t prevent us from making money and spending time on the MAC in Kiev)

P.S. For haters, who will write that “as always a drawing case” we will say: “Not your case, that’s why you are jealous”

Make profit, love your managers and they will bring you happiness)

sum up

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