Cash-on-Delivery model

Cash-on-Delivery model – how to pump your profit?

What is Cash on Delivery?

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Today we would like to discuss an interesting theme – Cash on Delivery. Why it’s important, how it works and what’s the pros of this method.

Most of our offers works on this scheme and our new affiliates always ask us to tell about it. So, that is the reason to write this article.

How it works?

Simple! 🙂

Cash on Delivery

To be short – customer pays when product is delivered. It means no online payments. So let’s take a closer look at the process.

  1. User clicks on banner or other ad.
  2. User is redirected to prelander page and then to landing page, where he leaves his name and phone number. Usually it’s a simple 2-field form.
  3. Call-center confirms the order by phone call.
  4. Publisher gets his payout
  5. PROFIT!

As you can see, it’s a quite simple CPL scheme. Notice that we pay for lead, not for sale. This is the key difference between our offers and usual CPS offers, that have their limitations.

One of the most important things when, you run Cash on Delivery offer is an Approve Rate.

What’s that?

Of course not all orders are 100% paid by customers. Some of them may change their mind and refuse to buy a product .Usually, the networks take care about all the orders that not paid, meaning the webmasters get save their money anyway. Another point is Approve Rate. It shows us percentage of paid orders and check traffic quality.

Pros of Cash on Delivery

Comparing with trial conversion type, Cash-On-Delivery has one big advantage – NO CC REQUIREMENT or any other fast payment by customer. No need to wait when the product is delivered and paid. Once the order is confirmed, you get profit. This way, a publisher can get the profit faster after that analyze and optimize his ad campaigns.

When we talk about tier-2 countries, we face a fact, that card payments is not highly popular there. Most of online purchases are served by local payment systems, and it can cause some difficulties. That’s why Cash on Delivery offers works better in these geos.

The second thing is security. Wherever you are, it’s always a risk that to be cheated or to lose your personal information. Unfortunately this problem is highly actual now and there is a part of customers, who don’t trust online payments.

The third important advantage is more geos and more conversions. You can try to work with a big number of tier-2 countries. It means cheaper traffic and less competition.

And of course you always can ask your personal manager or our support team for more information or leave a comment below .

We’re always ready to help you!

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