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Mobile offers: how to start?

When it comes to mobile marketing, you always hear the talks about CPL and CPM-models of interaction. There are a lot of networks which work with these formats, but we are gurus of CPA-marketing that’s why we’re ready to discuss this vertical for details.

Traditional CPA-marketing, which is based on nutra, differs from any work with mobile offers: different models, different principles of promotion etc. As you know, learning is the light, that’s why let’s begin the short overview right now.

  1. What is mobile marketing?
  2. Types of mobile offers.
  3. Where can you choose mobile offers for work?
  4. How to choose a mobile offer?

What is mobile marketing?

CPA-marketing of mobile offers – this is CPA-marketing where the main product and the main channel is mobile phone and different services which work only in mobile formats (games, apps, mobile video-content etc.). In this case a publisher get money for a realized action (subscription, install, filled form – mobile phone, e-mail etc.)

The types of mobile offers

There are a lot of mobile offers on the market and any publisher can find the offer for him, can choose the niche and category. How not to get lost? That’s why you need to know what mobile offers there are.

Mobile subscription and pin-submit

The most of subscriptions are connected with the operator directly. But some pin-submits never connect with the network and work via wi-fi. It depends on the type of billing confirmation.

Direct billing flow

Some subscriptions connect with the user’s phone number automatically. In this case the payment for subscription is written off automatically.

Direct billing flow

SOI (Single Opt-in) – the user clicks the ad, then goes to landing page, where the button for subscription is waiting for him. 1 button click and the user is already subscribed for service/content etc. The payment will be written off instantly or in the end of the month. This kind of pin-submits usually convert well, but the rates are usually small because the process is quite easy.

These offers are often being promoted on 18+ ad platforms or with a help of pop-up traffic.

DOI (Double Opt-in) – the user clicks the ad, then goes to landing page, where the button for subscription is. Clicking this button, the user gets a sms with the link for subscription. After that the subscription is realized. The money are being written off automatically or in the end of the month, as in the previous case. These offers convert well too, although they require more actions and efforts.

These offers work better via pop-up traffic and banner ad.

SMS billing flow

In this case the user gives his phone number on the landing page, it doesn’t happen automatically. In some cases the operators ask to send SMS to their partners or any command, after that the user is subscribed for the services.

SMS billing flow

Sometimes they change the phone number into special pin-code and ask to send it. Then the scheme is: ad – landing page – SMS with code – pin-code – subscription.

SMS billing flow-2

Subscription categories:

  • Adult. Obviously, it’s the most popular category of subscription which converts better than others. The offers here are based on adult content (videos, chats, photos etc.)
  • Games. The second category after adult, which works well, is online-games. The users of all ages like it: from curious children to bored adults.
  • Content. It can be the subscription for music, films, video, ring-tones, wallpaper for the desktop etc. Any entertaining things for mobiles are here.
  • Utilities. This is the subscription for useful services, spy tools, anti-viruses etc.
  • Dating. Also, the popular category of subscriptions which is based on dating services, chats.
  • Sweepstakes. You can compare this category of offers with adult offers because of high conversions. Sweepstakes are extremely popular among the users. This is the precious gift contest. It’s nice to start working with this offers, because they don’t ask for special settings.


Where can you choose mobile offers?

A lot of networks and affiliate programs suggest you to join the work with mobile offers but it’s easy to be mistaken. What should you pay attention to?

Firstly, choose offers category with which you’re going to work to. Certainly, there are more convertible offers such as adult offers. But in this case you always rick to be banned. If we’re talking about offers with mobile content, create nice creatives and get high conversions.

Secondly, pay attention to GEOs which affiliate network work with. You can earn more with tier1 countries – Great Britain, New Zeeland, the USA etc., where the level of living is higher. You can get less profit with tier2 countries – it’s almost whole Europe, a little piece of Asia and some countries from Latin America. But we need to tell you that the profit from Latin America sometimes is higher than the profit from tier1 countries, it depends on offers.

We suggest you to work with different types and categories of mobile offers, but we prefer adult offers and sweepstakes because they are more profitable. If you pay attention to GEO, we work with, you’ll find only right GEOs there:

Let’s sum up.

  • The work with mobile offers can be really profitable. It’s important to know what offers and what GEOs you need to work.
  • Start your way in the mobile marketing with sweepstakes because it’s easy.
  • There are a lot of cool sweepatakes with cool GEOs in Leadbit.
  • If you’re an experienced publisher, it’s time to work with adult offers.
  • There are a lot of adult-subscriptions 😉

So, get the new tops and begin getting mobile profit!

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