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Mobile offers: How to promote?

Strike while the iron is hot!

It’s about new sources, smart offers and also it’s about verticals which everybody thinks are dying slowly. While those, who will never risk and try to get “almost” last money from it, the bravest of you may get more than everything.

It seems that mobile offers are dead, but it’s not exactly. While the competition for mobile offers is low and everybody works with nutra, the “gold” mine of pin-submits and sweepstakes is waiting for its hero.

Before we have already started acquaintance with the vertical in this article, now let’s go deeper and discuss what you really need for working with mobile offers: sources, money, what?

Let’s go!


The most important thing, which you need to begin working with mobile offers (not only mobile, by the way) is money. You need money for the tests and your first campaigns. You can’t work without them. Remember, you always need to give something to get something 😉 How much money do you need to start? It depends on you. Some people spend from $1000 daily, some guys are afraid to spend extra $100.

If you plan to stop with $200 of outcome, it’s not logic to start to work on the mobile market. Firstly, you need to have about $500 of free money.We advice to be ready to spend about $1000 for your first tests and first successful campaign. It can be less but it’s better to be ready for it.

Dedicated server or VPS

It’s the real need for all publishers. If you can’t afford it, you may start working with VPS (it’s cheaper). The monthly access may cost from $10 to $20. Attention! Don’t mix it up with VPN!

VPN helps you to create safe anonymous connections that means that anybody will see you on the Internet.

VPS lets you use the possibilities of the real powerful server, which can install and download any program, app etc. It gives you the super-power.

Why VPS is important for work with mobile offers?

Of course, you’ll work with heavy landing pages with a lot of media-files. It’s your business to make it as fast as you can. Especially, we’re talking about mobile versions of landing pages. If your pages work slowly, you can lose your money. Probably you’ll have limited bandwidth on the common hosting, it’ll lead to slow downloading of the pages and will reduce your profit. It’s a pity.


If you want to earn via mobile offers, then the CDN is the necessary thing for your success. What is CDN? In a few words, it’s content delivery network. CDN is the network of servers, which are located on the different continents. Your files are placed in the cloud and are serviced via the closest nodes, which are available for any country. It increases the speed of page opening and justifies the money you’ve spent. By the way, CDN records more clicks and views as you could have without it.

The situation: your landing page is placed somewhere in India but you try to promote a campaign for the USA. The Indian page will download slowly in the USA because of the distance between countries: if it usually downloads fast, in this case, it’ll take more time. It can kill your money and you’ll lose them or won’t earn enough. Obviously, any case will be unpleasant.

Tracking system

Control and monitoring of the campaigns is one of the main moments in CPA-marketing. Almost every network and source offer their own statistics but try to imagine the situation that you work with 10 networks and 10 sources at the same time – then you need to gather the statistics from every network and source to get correct data for analytics. The tracking system gathers them and help you to understand how profitable and wise your investments were.

The advantages of using the tracking system:

  • The control of the statistics of all affiliate networks and traffic sources that you use.
  • The data access that can be useful for ad campaign optimization.
  • The economy of time.
  • The possibility to work with clo.

In the “Bonus” section you always can find the discounts from our partners, for example, now we have an exclusive bonus from Binom – top international tracking system which provides 30 days free access and 40% discount for any plan. Go to, use the link and free tracking system is yours.

The mobile traffic source

It’s important to choose the most profitable traffic source. There are a lot of traffic sources which work with mobile traffic: but some of them are good for one vertical, some of them are ok for other. That’s why your choice of traffic source depends on offers which you choose.

Adsterra – one of the biggest affiliate networks, which is specializing on the different types of traffic, it can afford the work with the classic set of promotion – banner ads, pop-under traffic, besides these sources, team always tests new ad formats. Now they work with popular push-traffic and do it well!

Now we have a cool bonus from Adsterra team – promotional codes for $100 to every signed publisher at the beginning. Ask your Leadbit manager for the promotional codes and spend free $100 for the tests. The number of codes is limited.

Go2Mobi – an advertising network which works with mobile traffic. Guys from Go2Mobi know exactly how to optimize your traffic, how to increase ROI and how to spend money wisely, working with mobile traffic.

Now we have super collaboration with Go2Mobi – get 20% cashback for your first deposit. If you replenish your balance with $300 and more, write Go2Mobi manager and get 20% back.

The link in the “Bonus” section is already waiting for lucky you!


PopCash – the popular affiliate network which specializes on pop-under traffic and banner ads.

For all Leadbit partners we have a hot bonus:

  • If your first deposit is $100 or more – you get $25.
  • If your first deposit is $500 or more – you’ll have a personal manager.

Now let’s sum up:

  • Choose 2-3 offers from the same vertical.
  • Fix them in the tracking system.
  • Set up your account in VPS.
  • Replenish the balance and start working.

When you see the cautionary tale, it doesn’t mean that the danger I really there. More often everything is fine. The mobile traffic will live forever. Now it works for the “last time”, you have an opportunity to stand under the waterfall, prepare your pockets and get the profit, which will be enough for the real golden gate and gift crystal coffin for the mobile traffic. But for this you need to work. But not a lot.

Have big mobile results!

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