Sweepstakes tips for work

Sweepstakes: tips for work

What are the sweepstakes and how to cook them? – one of the most popular questions which rookies often ask. Some details about this vertical.

Sweepstake – an offer which you can often meet on the international market, suggests to take part at the online giveaway of the expensive or fancy gift. To win the user has to leave personal information: first and last names and e-mail.

One request for participation is the real jackpot for 3 possible sides: a user gets the chance to win the prize, an advertiser gets the access to the contacts, a publisher gets profit. CPL (cost per lead) model is often used by the advertisers. In this case everybody is happy!

Sweepstakes are popular among the experienced publishers and rookies too. The giveaway of the Iphones and other smart gadgets really mean.

Test the hot sweepstake for Russia: Iphone X – https://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1822.

We bet that the country of media influencers couldn’t refuse a new model of Iphone 😉

Some important points which will help you to work with sweepstakes:

  • It’s quite risky to start working with sweepstakes on FB. It tries to get rid of sweepstakes that’s why is never neglected with bans of the accounts. The safer for your accounts combination is popunder. Sometimes you don’t even need any banners. Popunder doesn’t require big money and easy adapts to any devices. It’s one of the most important advantages of this vertical.
  • Pay your attention to the Eastern Europe. It’s the great GEO to start: traffic is cheap and there is a lot of it and there isn’t any serious prohibitions of online giveaways. You can test Eastern Europe GEO, we have 2 good adult offers for the Czech Republic:

Bikini Hot – https://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1844

Newvideos Mainstream – https://leadbit.com/offer/wm/1846. Adult offers are good for the target audience of any ages but remember about age requirement if you have the conscience. ))

  • Working with the international traffic remember that you have more chances to conquer the audience talking with them in the same languages. That’s why it’s better to translate the landing pages.
  • Working with the sweepstakes you get the profit for every lead. You should be absolutely sure that the user will stay on page by clicking and will finish the registration form. Complete the form by yourself to understand what questions and actions don’t work. Try different, test different. A/B testings save the world from feeding money that’s why test the sources, GEOs, landing pages and creatives. Also you can read again our article about it here – http://blog.leadbit.com/split-testing-from-a-to-b
  • Remember that the audience 25+ is more active online and always follows the trends. You’ll have enough options to catch the fans of Apple and Steve Jobs 😉

Sweepstake is a comfortable vertical which gives us the opportunities to earn in different GEOs, your experience and the size of investments don’t matter.

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