TOP 14 trackers

TOP 14 trackers with bonuses

Which publisher can earn money without a good tracker? No one! All webmasters need a tool to control their activities. The tracker is a super effective solution to this issue.

So we prepared TOP-14 TRACKERS with exclusive bonuses from our partners!


Super cloud-hosted tracking software that provides you with strategic analytics insights and AI-powered optimization tools.

Benefits of Voluum:

  • fast statistics upload
  • A / B testing capability
  • antifraud filtration
  • whitelisting
  • personal support from Voluum team
  • free quick start guide

Track, manage and optimize all advertising campaigns in one place.

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One of the leading tracking solutions for affiliate marketing. Ideal for mobile vertical.

Binom will help you with tracking campaign. Also, it will show you statistics through various metrics. Just imagine how many advantages:

  • fast speed
  • maximum usability
  • price doesn’t depend on traffic volumes
  • no limits domains, users, data storage time
  • include landing pages and LP Pixel
  • powerful API for all types of tracking
  • great support
  • free installation of the tracker and server setup
  • mega-detailed instructions for setting the tracker to Leadbit’s offer

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Universal tracker for traffic and CPA marketing. It’s good for beginners as well as for experienced webmasters. The increase of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is guaranteed with Keitaro.


  • traffic targeting
  • bot protection
  • flexible reports

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AdsBridge is a good tool for analyzing traffic with an inner constructor of landings for arbitration. The cost of scaling and reversing services is reduced to zero – the soft is cloud-hosted.

The main advantages of the software:

  • quick redirects
  • automatic optimization of campaigns by EPV, EPC
  • the ability to customize the statistics
  • opportunity to use your domains
  • landing designer
  • tracking of conversion status (good for nutra)
  • bot filter

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It’s a cool software to optimize advertising campaigns! Don’t miss the chance to take maximum from every click!


Peerclick – it’s a 2-in-1 tracker with traffic distribution system for evaluating and analyzing advertising campaigns. You will be able to efficiently process any amount of data with the SmartFlow technology and a wide range of universal tools.

Few cool things in the tracker:

  • clo@king
  • multicurrency
  • fast speed of creating any reports
  • no limits with traffic volume
  • instant redirects around the world
  • no additional purchases (server, geo-bases, bot bases, etc.)

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Cloud-based tracker for effective management and distribution of traffic. It will be perfect for all webmasters! You can use more than 15 parameters to distribute traffic and search for its profitable sources.

Bemob will help you with the analysis of your advertising campaigns and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the landings.


  • analyze and improve campaigns in real time
  • one-click tests of landing pages
  • data security
  • cloud-based service with maximum speed
  • great support
  • fast speed generation of reports

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Octotracker is a professional functional tracking platform for arbitration. Two TDS systems will help you maximize traffic control. Push the tempo and get access to the most innovative technologies on the market right now!


  • impressive set of flexible filters
  • moderation without redirect
  • Postback duplication
  • powerful analytics at 20+ items
  • a high speed of click processing
  • fast report generation
  • integration with most popular traffic sources and affiliate programs in the CIS and abroad

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Redtrack is a functional SaaS tracker for webmasters. The software tracks web and mobile traffic and generates automated integrated reports in real time. The tracker uses technologies based on machine learning for optimization of advertising campaigns.

Catch the advantages of the tracker:

  • convenient interface
  • a high speed of work
  • geo-balancing
  • auto-scaling ensures uninterrupted campaigns

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Take a look at this cool digital marketing solution. Authorize, verify and monitor your content worldwide.


  • more than 130 locations worldwide of premium proxy servers, including more than 30 direct access points in the US
  • simple and clear API
  • safety, reliability and speed
  • GeoSurf ™ browser extension
  • mobile application

Users can get static and resident IP addresses with GeoSurf ™, switch between them and rotate directly in Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as on iOS and Android devices.

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You should try this excellent cloud tracking platform. Everflow is a cool and versatile tool for webmasters because of excellent interface and a wide range of additional functions in one place:

  • reports with indicators which you need
  • support 24/7
  • anti-fraud
  • super fast processing speed

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Amazing cool software Improvely checks every application for low-quality traffic, whether this application is from the campaign as a whole, or from a simple stream.

Total control: the control system checks every click for suspicious activity. A system of notifications of potential sources of fraud is available for you, which is lightning fast, giving you the opportunity to quickly fix the problem.

Few cool things in this software:

  • an account for the team
  • the ability to upload various types of reports
  • fast support 24/7

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FunnelFlux offers an individually configured system for each user with cool features:

  • You can forget about the technical part and plunge into marketing: you don’t need to create a lot of companies for the same landing, the software will do the work for you and share everything itself.
  • There is no additional charge for a large influx of clicks.
  • You have your information limit and you can dispose of it as you wish.

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Clickmagic is a specially developed software for tracking any responses of advertisements, including PPC, banners, email templates, teasers and so on.

There is a great advantage of this software for you! You can observe the entire conversion funnel from viewing an ad to a call to CC.

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Thrive Tracker is a universal tracking system for all types of performance marketing. The best solution for tracking mobile and web campaigns.

A little about the advantages of software:

  • supports 50 traffic sources
  • quick redirects
  • custom domain
  • built-in LP Pixel
  • comprehensive reports

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You know where to click

Use trackers, pour traffic, earn money!

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