Case study with ROI 151%

Case study with ROI 151%

  • Offer: Dietonus LT
  • GEO: Lithuania
  • Period: 10.08.2018 – 2.09.2018
  • Outcome: $1142
  • Income: $2871
  • Profit: $1729
  • ROI: 151%

Choice of offer and traffic source

As usual, we began with the regular question from our AMs Kristina and Ksenia “Do you wanna try our offers for Baltic countries?” Before answer it, I checked the audience possibilities with Audience Insights tool at FB.

Audience Insights

Generally, the audience of Lithuania is certainly not so strong comparing with Italy or Spain. But, due to “small GEO” format, the competition there isn’t neither so tight. Accordingly, you can gain money with less ads budget. Moreover, offer Dietonus is relatively fresh and other GEOs on it gave us a really cool conversion rate through FB.

Ads settings

I took the basic prelanders that Leadbit provides to all affiliates, and split it out. As a result of this split test, I use this one prelander and its mobile version

As for creatives, there aren’t any new ideas. Usually, I use the same claims as at DSP or native ads networks. Here are some examples:

Ads settings Ads settings-1 Ads settings-2

The lead’s cost was less than $4, which was quite comparable to the rates that the leadbit girls gave me.

Overall results

Leadbit’s statistics

Leadbit’s statistics

FB’s metrics

FB’s metrics

To sum up

Take the proposals of managers not as an ordinary thing, but as an opportunity, and you will be happy with the profit. Many many respects to Kris and Ksu, work on! 🙂

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