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Mobile offers: the ultimate guide

The whole month we’re discussing the mobile offers and how good they are with you. We have decided to gather all useful things in one place to make your work with mobile offers more joyful!

One more time we’re going to fix the main points about the mobile offers, which you should pay your attention to. And then begin to work!

What mobile offers are there?

There is only one really important thing in the mobile marketing – mobile! It’s the main channel and the main good. The mobile marketing sells only things which can work via mobile phones. The mobile subscriptions can be different:

Direct billing

The user pushes the button, subscribes and the money are written-off automatically. It’s easy to earn here, you need just to make the user subscribe.

Direct billing

SMS Billing

The user leaves his phone number here, completing the form to subscribe or the user gets the code and then subscribes.

SMS Billing-1 SMS Billing

What are the categories of mobile subscriptions?

  • Adult
  • Games
  • Content
  • Useful content (tools, services etc.)
  • Dating
  • Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are the most profitable category of the mobile subscriptions, because in this case people react to the idea to get a valuable gift. These offers work better than others.

What is necessary to start working with mobile offers?

There are some useful and necessary tools for successful work with mobile offers. Let’s begin with money. It’s important to begin working with a nice balance. If you’re ready to start working with the mobile offers, but you don’t want to spend more than $100 for the tests, then this vertical isn’t for you. For the successful start you need to be ready to spend about $500. This is an average price for the first investments.

Also, you’ll need a good tracking system. Working with mobile offers, you may use different services to gather the statistics but it’s better to choose only one special service.

Don’t forget about VPS – you need this service to make the downloading of the landing pages faster. Also, you’ll need CDN to download the media-files. Of course, the landing pages should be more qualitative. Don’t be stingy planning your ad campaigns, pay for good translations, but if you won’t pay for the landing pages, we always give you our options.

Of course, one of the most important thing is the source of traffic. When you find the best one, you can work with different people, different ages and different interests.

What traffic is more convenient for work with mobile offers?

The most popular kind of traffic for mobile offers is pop-up or pop-under traffic. The main principle of work is very simple – the user goes to the website to watch a movie, for example, and then he sees your ad with the sweepstakes – it’s difficult to resist.

Pop-traffic is cheap, it’s easy to begin with it. If we compare different kinds of traffic, such as FB, native ad etc., pop-traffic is extremely loyal. Before banning your campaigns, you’ll get some warnings. But pop-traffic is ok with aggressive ad campaigns. You need to make something really awful to be banned.

The bid is cheap as the minimal starting balance, but you should be patient and confident to get your right place. Pop-traffic is available but it’s really competitive. It’s difficult to scale your campaigns. That’s why be more patient and creative to make different creatives for different GEOs.

What do you need to do to become successful working with mobile offers?

You need the same tools to start working with pop-traffic as to start working with mobile marketing at all:

  • Powerful tracking system.
  • Qualitative and fast landing pages.
  • Extra services improving your ad campaigns (spy tools, hostings, VPS, CDN etc.).
  • Proven traffic sources.

To make your work with mobile offers more pleasant and profitable we have gathered all useful bonuses here:

In the “Bonus” section you can find an exclusive bonus from Binom – top international tracking system which provides 30 days free access and 40% discount for any plan. Go to, use the link and free tracking system is yours.

Adsterra – one of the biggest affiliate networks, which is specializing on the different types of traffic, it can afford the work with the classic set of promotion – banner ads, pop-under traffic, besides these sources, team always tests new ad formats. Now they work with popular push-traffic and do it well!

Now we have a cool bonus from Adsterra team – promotional codes for $100 to every signed publisher at the beginning. Ask your Leadbit manager for the promotional codes and spend free $100 for the tests. The number of codes is limited.

Go2Mobi – an advertising network which works with mobile traffic. Guys from Go2Mobi know exactly how to optimize your traffic, how to increase ROI and how to spend money wisely, working with mobile traffic.

Now we have super collaboration with Go2Mobi – get 20% cashback for your first deposit. If you replenish your balance with $300 and more, write Go2Mobi manager and get 20% back.

PopCash – the popular affiliate network which specializes on pop-under traffic and banner ads.

In the “Bonus” department on our website you can find a lot of useful bonuses, here are some of them:

Nord VPN – VPN-service which helps you to test ad campaigns for different countries. Only for Leadbit partners Nord VPN gives 77% discount for 3 years plan. You may forget about VPN for more than 1000 days. – these are anonymous proxy-services for any taste with a big uptime and high speed. Only our partners get 25% discount for any plan.

Adplexity – the most popular spy tools service for the work with creatives and competitors from all over the world. Get 40% discount for any service plan.

To begin earning on the mobile marketing you need just to start now:

  • Choose a couple of super offers from our mobile top.
  • Set up any VPS.
  • Recharge the balance of any traffic source.
  • Start working.

Don’t doubt! The mobile marketing is the future way of earnings!

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