Case study Maxisize DE

Case study Maxisize DE – ROI 42%

  • Offer: Maxisize DE – penis enlargement cream
  • Network: Leadbit
  • Traffic source: Traffic Stars
  • Format: Banner 300*250, Banner 300*100, Native
  • GEO: DE
  • Period: 19.07.18 – 12.09.18
  • Revenue: $4000.00
  • Cost: $2812
  • Profit: $1148
  • ROI: 42%

Choice of offer

In July, I was waiting for checking my traffic in one of the affiliate programs. I decided to clone campaigns and test the Maxisize on similar target settings. Everything was good and worked in the semi-passive mode. Moreover, the scheme is working at this moment. ROI is not so big, but I used only 8 banners all the time. It took a couple of hours and I earned for that more than $1k.

Choice of source

I tested campaigns for adult nutra on 3 sources in Germany. Only TrafficStars was good for promotion. At the first time, I used 300*250 banners, then connected a native adds and 300*100 banners. Some promotion campaigns were unsuccessful because of the amount of traffic was small, but everything came to the successful final in perspective.

Ad settings

300*250, 300*100 banners, native adds have the most significant amount of mobile traffic, which is why I chose them. At the start, there was a standard optimization for pubs, OS, languages (there are a lot of immigrants in Germany and they don’t even know German). In addition, I picked up a bid at which I will receive traffic and make profitable promotion campaign. The first test takes $ 200 and after that, it was possible to do nothing and to add banners once in a couple of months.

Statistics from Leadbit

Statistics from Leadbit

Statistics from traffic source

Statistics from traffic source

To sum up

Even the most complex and competitive geo can have a good conversion rate. The main thing is not to be afraid and to do optimization of promotion campaigns with responsibility and consistency.

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