Monday , 26 September 2022
Successful tests from DatsPush

Successful tests from DatsPush

  • Offer: PushWW
  • Link: there is no name of landings
  • Network: Leadbit
  • Traffic source:
  • Period: 31.10.18 – 08.11.18
  • GEO: WW
  • Revenue: 4382 RUB
  • Cost: 2695 RUB
  • Profit: 1687 RUB
  • ROI: 63%
  • Offer: Datspush
  • Link: I’m not a robot
  • Network: Datspush
  • Traffic source:
  • Period: 10.11.18 – 21.11.18
  • GEO: WW
  • Revenue: 3923 RUB
  • Cost: 2061 RUB
  • Profit: 1862 RUB
  • ROI: 90%

Choice of offer

I chose offers with help of Leadbit manager

Choice of source

I tried different clickunders like exoclick, clickadu, etc. during a little period of time. Finally, I chose for promotion not so popular

Ad settings

  • GEO: I tested WW at first then deleted non-profitable GEO
  • Platform: mobile
  • Browser: Chrome

There is not so big bid on offer, so I set a minimum price for a click (0,03 RUB). I have collected white-list of sites for a week and removed unnecessary countries. After that, I finished ad settings.

Cost on offer from

Cost on offer

Cost on offer from

Cost on offer-1

Result on


Result on


Sum up

Cost and profit are low because of little bids. I think this promotion for new Datspush offers is really good as a test. So dear haters, find another place for comments))

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