Chatbots: yes/no?

What will be the new trend of the industry in the technical aspect?

As an option, chatbots will be the way for optimization.

Automation is our weapon of success, so you should pay attention to chatbots.

Why chatbots?

Firstly, this is an inevitable trend: if you don’t use it, someone else will.

According to researchers, the global chatbots market will be more than 994 million dollars in 2024. It shows the annual growth of 27%.

We checked the request “chatbot” in Google Trends, you can do it yourself. The request is very popular, and there is an increased interest in the future:

Google Trends
Chatbot in Google Trends

Secondly, the speed of the response that the bot can provide is important for the audience, because it doesn’t require the involvement of a person in the dialogue.

Types of chatbots

  1. Scripting. This chatbot uses a pre-set list of questions/answers to respond to customer requests. The script is based on the performance of certain actions from the user.
  2. Based on AI. It uses natural language processing and analyzes user requests, providing an answer on this basis. The technology is similar to voice recognition systems, for example, Siri.
  3. Customer service. Chatbots receive information from the user and perform certain actions based on this information. For example, you can book a hotel room or order a pizza.
  4. Voice and contextual. The best type, which includes AI, Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Now.

Why are chatbots useful?

They help to respond to customer requests, make purchases, provide information, etc.

The big advantage is that you don’t have to wait until a person sees the message from the client and responds. , The response from the chatbot is almost instant.

Example: more than two billion messages (in the subject of business) are sent via Messenger monthly. There are 100,000+ bots in the app.

How to use in the industry

For example, there is almost no moderation, so you can adapt even the most black offers for this tool. There is the same story regarding chatbots! If you can adopt the promotion (you can use even native ads), then you don’t need to be afraid of moderation.

Perhaps the main thing that we would like to mention for chatbots is the careful prescription of the response strategy, as with ill-considered answers, it may be that the answer from the bot seems to the client to be utter nonsense.

Let’s sum up

In short, if you want to be the TOP, you HAVE to check the trends, because the first always will be the winner with money))

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