Tips for landing pages

Tips for landing pages

The main rule is to hit the target audience when you create a landing page. It requires knowledge and experience. We want to share a few tips that will help you to make landing pages more effective.

Look at the landing page from the user’s point of view, go through all steps of registration by yourself, ask questions that may arise at each step. Of course, you can’t predict all variants, but you can guess the maximum.

Examples of questions:

  • Are users able to navigate around the landing page easily?
  • Can users find everything they need within a few seconds?
  • Are they being distracted by confusing design features?

Don’t add everything that you want on the landing pages. The most important thing is usability. Otherwise, what’s the point if the user doesn’t know how to interact with the landing?

According to researches, 75% of people estimate the credibility by the look and feel of the landing page: 59% expect it to be beautiful, and more than half will leave landing because of a long load. 86% of users visit the landing page to find product information, 44% leave if they can’t find contacts. Look at videos on YouTube about how to determine the false/true site and add to the landing page all signs of the real site.

Let’s summarize these statistics: if you have a bad landing page, it will take from half to three-quarters of potential leads.

The main causes of poor user experience are:

  • Poor adaptability on different devices
  • Slow download speed (more than three seconds)
  • Failure/unavailability of information
  • Old design (94% don’t trust these sites)
  • Aggressive popunders, etc.

How to decide: you should understand your target audience and their needs. Also, you should represent how the user will move along your landing page.

What you need to do:

  • Create a portrait of the target audience (age, location, gender, interests, motivation, etc.)
  • Develop a system of user movements (where the user will go first, his next step, how easy he will find information, etc.)
  • Use call-to-action and other psychological tricks
  • Make a simple and modern design, the user determines in less than a second whether he likes your landing page or not
  • Add video content, it appears 53 times more often on the first page of Google
  • Use bulleted lists (more than 70% of users pay attention to lists because it is more convenient and more understandable than the merged text).

Let’s sum up

You need to work hard with the usability of landing pages at the beginning. And of course, don’t forget to make tests!

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