Making creatives and asset customization

CPA Sharky: Making creatives and asset customization

Hello! First of all, I want to say thank you for the audience! You supported my previous article with likes and reposts! It was amazing!

Hope, you take some useful information from my text. There were so many questions after the last article, but the most popular question about creatives. TOP questions:

  • What will be the best solution: make creative by yourself or buy it?
  • What I need to do to pass the moderation successfully?
  • How to achieve good indexes like CTR and cheap clicks with creative?
  • If I want to make creative by myself where I can find the template?
  • Which service I need to use for processing creative?

And etc. I decided to write the basics of creatives. Let’s start!

Simply, but important moments of making video creative

If you don’t want to make big efforts for creatives you can buy it. If you will find a good designer you can do a really amazing promotion. It’s a comfortable way. But if you don’t want to spend money and do it by yourself, you need to follow simple rules. Otherwise, your campaign will be failed.

You can’t forget about the quality, content, and duration of the video. Because the price of leads, clicks etc. will not make you happy)

Our brain is really lazy. So try to do a short video with a duration 10-30 seconds for FB and 10-15 seconds for Instagram.

Problem – Your offer as a solution to the problem – Offer in action – The result

Follow this chain in your videos. Example.

Video must be unique and high-quality. You can download it from spy service but it’s not a really good solution. Such creative can’t pass the moderation or you can take a ban of account.

If you download creatives from spy services, try to add something unique. For example, music without copyright. You can find such music here. Also, you can add some effects if needed.

Creative also need text to be more efficient. It’s best to place it at the bottom of the video. Don’t stretch the text and don’t write it too small. This way it will be more readable. Use for text the following fonts:

Intro, Bender, Obelix pro.

Make a background for text. Excellent base colors (white, black) for the background and font, and a few other bright colors. There is a comparison table for you:



If the background of the video or image is light, for example, apply red for the background under the text, and yellow or white for the text itself or black background, white or yellow text)


“Miracle Glow Video”

A very important point is not to be missed is permission. Follow the resolution of the creative. Follow Facebook recommendations. Especially if you advertise on different placements in the same advertisement group. Also, use customization. It’s will give you the quality of creatives and the traffic in general.

Simple rules

Follow these rules and FB will be loyal to your video^

Video sources

The most basic sources of video search are various spy services such as Publer, the search engine Google, YouTube, social networks Facebook, Instagram. In my opinion, Facebook and Instagram can easily replace spy-services. You can find a lot of high-quality creatives that can be used as templates for free. The main thing is to enter the requests correctly.


You need to make a preview. If the users don’t set to auto-play video in the settings, they see the screensaver at first. So you need to create a good preview.

It’s easier than work with the video because there are many pictures for every taste. But the only question is to correctly enter a request in a search engine or search for sites with suitable pictures. I can advise from my experience to use the association. Here are some examples:

make a preview

I also ask you to pay attention to trolling, which is considered the most effective method for creatives. People like something interesting, funny, or something close to reality, something like the examples above. Such creatives work and show quite good results. And in the case of trolling, it should be such relevant. Because FB can block your account.

The main sources of images are Google, FB, and Instagram. In addition to these sources, I can advise the site.

You can find many images for every taste. Just enter a keyword and start Photoshop. I think you will not have problems with the choice of a preview. Also, don’t forget about the correct placement of the text in the picture. Here is an example of how FB moderation checks the coverage of the text and how many percents of the image the text takes.


You can check the coverage of text here.



Also, use more bright colors on dark backgrounds and dark and basic colors on bright backgrounds. As shown in the screenshot above, a yellow background and a dark text are applied. Such creative will bring your attention anyway.

I believe that you will not have difficulty with choosing and working with creatives according to such recommendations. So go to the next item.

What is “Asset Customization”?

Customizing creatives for placements allows you to assign specific audio and video creatives for each placement (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger).

I will try to explain. This tool allows you to adopt creatives in one ad group to each selected placement. It will save your time, effort and resources. What was before? The advertiser made a new ad setting with a separate creative and placement, time and budget were spent on optimizing each group of ads. But no matter how hard they tried, the results didn’t reach the ideal. After all, each placement has its own requirements, for example, in the resolution of video or images. You can see it in the following image.

Following image.

At this time, customization isn’t available for following types of placement: Right Columns on Facebook and Sponsored Messages in Messenger

Sponsored Messages

Also, customization is not available for the following formats:

following formats

How to use this tool?

To use this tool, you should either choose the placements you are interested in, or click on the line “Select all placements that support asset customization”

choose the placements

So Facebook will already know that you are going to use different creatives for chosen placements. Facebook will provide you with an individual setting for each placement in the “Advertising” section.

Next, click on “Use a different image in certain placements”. Use the drop-down menu to download a separate creative for a particular placement. Under each place will be written the minimum recommended resolution for creatives.

particular placement

After doing all these steps, make sure that everything is set up correctly and the advertisement is ready for placement.

Requirements and restrictions

Never ignore the aspect ratio for images and video for each placement, otherwise, you will not achieve the desired results.

Here are the current aspect ratios:

  • For Facebook and Instagram feeds: we recommend a 4: 5 format, but you can also use a 1: 1 format.
  • For Facebook and Instagram Stories: Most people hold the phone vertically, so we recommend a 9:16 format to fill the entire screen. You can also use a 4: 5 format.
  • For video advertising with a carousel: we recommend using a 1: 1 format. All videos in the carousel should have the same aspect ratio.
  • For In-Stream video ads on Facebook and Audience Network: we recommend a 16: 9 format.

This way it looks graphically:

looks graphically

Services for editing and making creatives

I would like to give my recommendations, especially for those who don’t like to spend a long time to understand how services work.

Wondershare Filmora9 Video Editor

Video Editor

Why do I recommend it? This video editor is quite easy to use, even for a newbie who has no previous experience. It has a lot of cool and useful special effects, overlays, types of text, melodies for a movie, and much more. Import and export media in almost any format. BUT the editor isn’t free. It’s not a problem. You can find how to hack Filmora on YouTube.

Online photo editor Fotor


I recommend it for the same reason as Filmora. A simple and convenient interface, absolutely everyone can work with it. There are all the effects, stickers and other features necessary for the creative. The only negative thing – not all effects are available in the free version, but even the free version will be enough for good promotion.

Movavi Photo Editor for PC


It has significantly more functions than the previous one. You will need to spend a little more time to understand it. But nevertheless, it is really good. You will be satisfied with the quality and convenience of processing your pictures. I advise you to do the text and the background for it on the picture through this editor)


Well, the last photo editor What benefits can it bring? There are different types of effects: correction of images, JPEG file compression, multi-converter of images, changing images in pixels, but one of the most important tools for you is the EXIF Editor. As for me, it is simply brilliant – to place all the necessary tools in one service. You can do all procedures with a picture, without switching to another editor.

Choice the editor which will be convenient for you!

Thanks to everybody!

Well, it’s time to say goodbye, I think, not for a long time. Thank you for your attention, thanks to the Leadbit team! I hope this article will be useful to you. And now you can make good creatives and show a really excellent performance)

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