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Dating how to promote

Dating: how to promote

Leadbit dating. What makes this niche special?

Leadbit datingLeadbit dating-1

Let’s look at the numbers

Moreover, online dating is an international trend. This is the key to your success as a dating affiliate.

Leadbit Dating: how to start

  1. Adult: adult dating, webcam and adult games (18+)
  2. Mainstream and casual dating (whitehat offers)
Traffic sources
Good creative
How to make good creative

Also, you can search for good creatives using spy tools, for example, or We have discounts on these tools in Leadbit Bonus Page.

Let’s summarize

Why is the dating vertical is so popular now?

  • The competition is less
  • high bids
  • SOI payments (without confirmation of mail) or DOI (with confirmation) + pps / ppl / ppt
  • division of offers on Adult and Mainstream (the ability to choose the right one for you)
  • interesting offers, with the help of which you can receive conversions (just play a game at least 10 minutes)
  • Wide and solvent targeting audience
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