SEO target audience analysis

SEO: target audience analysis

SEO isn’t just about keywords, backlinks, traffic, etc. The correct audience and SEO campaign based on this information are the important aspects of SEO.

It is not a secret: when SEO is worked on the right audience, target traffic increases, which leads to more conversions.

Want to maximize profit with SEO? Let’s take a look at ways of analyzing the target audience.

Keywords for collecting demographic data

One of the tasks of SEO is the analysis of keywords. The main thing is that they should be relevant to your offer. Once you collect a big list of keywords, select the best positions, and analyze the demographic data associated with them.

What you can use?

Free tool

Statistic on

By the way, you don’t need to go far, the Google Trends tool can also give you this info tied to a location

The Google Trends tool

Google Trends
The Google Trends tool

How to use this data?

You can search for local link features in geographic areas with relevant queries. Using the information about age and gender, you can highlight the interests and the list of topics related to such groups.

Who visits your site

You need to understand the audience from your website. Because you can understand if that is the correct audience.

What can help?

Google Analytics. Don’t forget to enable Demographics and Interests reports.

Google Analytics

Use social insights

This is one of the fastest ways to get information about the audience. For example, you can view demographic data on Instagram and Facebook.

Try polls

It is important to make the survey short and interesting to motivate the user to answer.

Ask questions about demographics, interests, pain points, and needs.

Use the received information to optimize the content for SEO, photo/video, keywords, etc.

Highlight Questions

To increase the chances of attracting the target audience, you need to know about user questions. You can optimize the site for long-tail requests to respond to the needs of the audience.

What else can help




Create the content around the long-tail questions to increase your chances of showing up as a direct answer on Google.

Big research

Once you already know the basic demographics of your target audience, look for studies regarding one of the key aspects of your audience.

For example, after collecting data, you determined that your audience is from a generation of bloggers, go to Google Scholar, and find information about this group.

Little conclusion

It isn’t easy to create a portrait of the target audience. In fact, your profit depends on this aspect much. So if you want to get a big profit, the main point is to spend time on research about the target audience!

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