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AdPlexity tool

AdPlexity – is a legendary suite of ad intelligence tools that grants a complete picture of the digital world. With AdPlexity tools in your pocket, you can easily discover winning strategies and trends, learn which ads perform best, build more profitable campaigns, and much more.

AdPlexity offers HUGE Discounts of up to 50% both for monthly and annual subscriptions plus FREE INCREDIBLE Bonuses for Black Friday!


STM Forum

We all need a helping hand at times. Skilled marketers or fresh affiliate newbies, everyone can benefit from the right advice! And that’s what STM Forum is all about. Founded in 2011, STM has helped 1000s of affiliates to reach their financial freedom.

Newbie guides, advanced case studies, success stories and even the failures of those who gave up… we have it all. Don’t waste $$$ on mistakes you can easily avoid, let us help you become a better affiliate:

Promo code for 20% OFF first month: LBSTM2020


FunnelFlux Pro is a cloud-based tracking platform that lets you flexibly track any marketing campaign you can dream of.
It’s perfect for performance marketers and product owners, especially those using real funnels rather than basic direct linking.

Visually draw what you want to happen then track it using our industry-leading javascript tracking or our blazing-fast redirection links.

Use promo-code “thrive-with-leadbit” and get 50% OFF your first month! Moreover, after signing up with an exclusive promo code you get 14 days free trial, PLUS in case of active usage of FunnelFlux Pro you get an extra 14 days.
Start a free trial today and explore the next-generation of trackers.


What if we told you there’s a solution that will allow you to pay ZERO taxes?

Digitas Finance is the only tax consultancy firm in the world that exclusively serves digital marketers. They can set up a tax-free corporate structure for your business in an affiliate tax-friendly jurisdiction, set up bank accounts and bank cards for you, so that you can enjoy tax-free business profits!.

For Black Friday, Digitas Finance is offering 10% discount on the Diamond Package and 20% on the VIP Platinum package.  Contact Digitas Finance today for a free, no-obligation consultation!


PeerClick is a free ad tracking platform which provides you with profound data analytics and wide range of optimization tools to maximize your revenue and monetize your traffic efficiently.

🔥 Use promo LEADBIT100 and get:

  1. $100 (50$+50$) on your balance.
    This sum can be used as two 50$ discounts for the first 2 paid plans subscriptions
  2. Free Cloaking campaign
    which is available for 1 month after subscribing to Free Plan

Gambling bonus

Gambling Team give Leadbit partners +10% to the payment for gambling offers promotion. The one-time deal is available for the first 20 users.

Use the coupon code ‘black‘ to get the bonus.


BeMob helps to manage your ad campaigns, identify the most profitable traffic sources, measure your landing pages performance and provide highly detailed real-time reports.

Get 3 months with 25% off with coupon code LEADBIT25



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